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Who's your favorite US-based ordering source for flavorings?


Yeah I know… but like others talking about shipping, I just hate paying for just 1 ingredient and getting hit for a shipping charge that costs as much as what I’m ordering lol… as it stands I’ll just pass on trying it till it gets to a location I order from. thx for the response in case I didn’t know about those locations though :vulcan_salute:


I wish I had that problem. My list is up to 50 items now. :cold_sweat: Have to get the weed wacker out. :wink:

I like giving other brands and flavors a fair chance, just can’t afford it all the time.


I just moved my mixing station to a smaller location… took 200 some ingredients/spare bottles/ cotton material that was hardly ever used down to the basement and just kept the 30 or so ingredients up here where I normally am…


looking at my shelf id say

#1 @Nicotine_River - customer service has improved greatly. since I first ordered from them.

#2 @LiquidBarn - great customer service from day one !

#3 @Walt_RealFlavors - tried their flavors when they had the sample sales. very disappointed that they have sorta thrown vapers to the curb. and have gone wholesale only. just when I was ready to order from them. :frowning: I blame the FDA :frowning:


Funny you say that :sunny:

I think smaller bottles are coming back :slight_smile:
There may be some added warnings but there is a plan in the works.

Change is coming to RealFlavors!

best news I’ve heard all year. even thou technically this year is less than 2 weeks old.


Great News!

I was nervous I would have to try and convince friends to split a 16oz bottle of some RF SC flavors that are tough to source at other vendors.


From Jun to Oct last year we had 11 “inspections” from different government groups that made our life a living hell. We we’re told one thing, then something different by the next person, then one asked for a customer list. Long story short, I got a lawyer haha.

50ml, and 120ml bottles will be back on the site in the next few weeks. It will be limited inventory to start. All wholesale orders are moving to level2.realflavors.com as well. Hip Syrups is going to it’s own site, and Real Spices is just One Drop rebranded.

Ps. I am going to try and be more active on here as well. Sorry for disappearing for a while.


Perfectly understandable my friend. Thanks for the heads up. Great to see you around.

Will wholesale accounts be migrated or will a sign up be required?


They should already be there but you may need to reset your password


Are the black label flavors still going away? That French toast was soooo good


Black Label French Toast replaced the normal one. It is on the site :slight_smile:


Yay :tada::tada::tada: I have been limiting how much I vape of it cause I got 3 10ml bottles and then I heard it was going away lol now I’m off to mix up some:)


Well that’s disturbing …

What ?? !!!


You made my day @Walt_RealFlavors !!!


8 days now and NR still haven’t shipped Jan. 12… Not Good!

@Nicotine_River… Where Are Yoooouuu!



they still catching up on holiday orders… they printed my shipping label yesterday and mailed it today … ordered on dec 31 roughly around 6pm est…… so they almost thru the holiday I think…

be patient, experiment do something you would never do, and above all have fun doing it !

me im waiting patiently ,going to try out nic salts when they get here. im running low on nic


edit: this doesn’t mean go dancing naked down main street. but if you do have fun doing it !


@CallMeTut and @Freddie3, maybe check out diy flavor shacks own webpage.

Back in the day all they would sell were 3.5 ml, 7.5 ml, 15 ml vials and then the oz bottles, at what I think/thought were ridiculous prices.

But after diy vapor supply picked up a couple of their flavors, it looks like dawn rearranged their products and prices. Pointed it out last year somewhere, but can’t find it, so I’m typing it again lol.

As of right now, if it’s not a printing error, they are selling the 1oz bottle at $5.50. Now I’m not sure, how much the shipping would be, but as I ordered 10 of their smaller vials a while back, shipping wasn’t bad.

Anyways, maybe worth checking out, here’s the link.

If you’re into tobaccos, maybe pick up holy grail too, at least then you would have 2 flavors too ship :wink:

I would have private msg you guys, too not derail this topic, but I’m either too blonde to use the messaging system or it’s a glitch. In both cases neither one of you had a msg button and using the send msg results in the error “sry this user doesn’t accept messages at this time”. Lol

sry again for the derail, just trying to help out.


Ty I have their site faved in my bookmarks.

I’ll look at my settings. I PM with other ppl fine so far. Will have to use PM’s more myself, I can sure type-up a fury. :blush:

Ok I found it! Fixed


Actually DIYFS didn’t have too bad of a shipping charge, tossed in an order with them… thx