Why does everything taste like a candle?

Hey folks!
I’ve been making juices for a few weeks now and I’ve come up with some pretty crappy flavored candles so far.
The strange thing is, the juice itself tastes amazing on the tongue, but when you vape it, you get a big fat candle-flavored mess, or a super muted, “I can sorta taste something” flavor.

What’s going on?

Here’s an example of my Orange Dream that’s amazing on the tongue, but vapes like crap even after a couple weeks’ steeping.

Vanilla Custard (CAP) 1%
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 1%
Orange Creamsicle (CAP) 7%
Sweet Cream (CAP) 3%

The rest is VG.
Am I not using enough flavoring?

Thanks in advance!


12% is a little low. Im wondering what kind of pg vg are you using ? I found a vape shop here in town has that same problem. It all has a funny candle like taste. I use my vg pg from nicotine labs or flavor envy. Same place. Just a thought

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I use between 20 and 26% flavor

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I would modify that recipe:
Vanilla Custard (CAP) 7%
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 2%
Orange Creamsicle (CAP) 3%
Sweet Cream (CAP) 5%

and let it steep for about a month to let the custard shine and the orange blend. Add more orange if needed after. It will mix and shouldn’t change the profile much if added after steeping. You could actually substitute a Mandarin orange flavor for the Orange Creamsicle or add some Mandarin in at 1 or 2% to bump the orange flavor up a little.

I seem to prefer mixes that hover around the 15-20% range. But some mixes are weird and only need like 7-12%.
Less is more and you can add more later.
Are you mixing by weight with a scale or by volume with syringes? By weight is much much more accurate and a lot less labor intensive.


I’m using Essential Depot from Amazon.com - Bad choice?

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I use drops for now because I’m mixing 12ml bottles as a test. My percentages are based on 35drops per ml (from this website).

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Just looking at highly rated recipes using these flavors - Vanilla Custard average mixing quantity is around 5%. Cream Cheese Icing looks to average around 2%-3%. Orange Creamsicle may be a tad high. Sweet Cream looks to be ok as far as percentage goes.

I am a noob. But using what I have learned here, I look for popular recipes using the flavors I want to try. I stick closely to what I find to be the norm and so far I am happy with my results.

I do know the Custards can take up to a month or more to steep. I have Unicorn Milk steeping since October 18th. I know it will turn a deep yellow color when it is ready. Right now I am vaping it. The flavors are there, but a bit muted.

All in all, your flavors look a little on the weak side to me., except for the creamsicle Given time for the custard to mature, I bet that will develop, but probably still a bit weak.

I am a noob though. So listen to others that will surely come in to correct me.


If they are plastic needle type tips, it may actually be closer to 40 drops / ml. Unless you know exactly the drop count, your mix ratios will be off.


Wow, responses while I was replying! Such a wonderful, helpful bunch here :wink:

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The syringes I’m using are these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DXPRTHG?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=od_aui_detailpages00

Im a noob as well. But i really would stay away from amazon for buying any liquids. Wizard lads. Flavor evet. Hartland vaper is all good places to buy your flavors.

I use a ultrasonic cleaner. Its steeps it really fast. You can do 2 weeks of steeping in one day. But like any juice. The longer you let it sit the better it will be.

Measuring by volume to me is better than drops, but remember account for the flavoring that is actually in the needle. We deal with such small quantities during flavor development that measuring any other than with weight or exactly known drop count is the most accurate.

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Not necessary. If you measured 2ml on the markings, you’ll get 2ml - what’s in the needle is “waste” - afterwards you can suck in some air and blow the rest in the flavor bottle again…

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True, that and reading the viscous line correctly, syringe can be fairly accurate, but weight…is undeniable given known specific gravity.


using the drop method will not get you the same results each time as the plastic droppers vary from one to the other. I would suggest you invest in a scale for superior accuracy. You can get a very decent model for under $20.00 and you’ll see how much easier and better your mixing will be. As for your recipe, I’m in agreement with everyone else in that your percentages seem too low. @lordvapor has good advice. Look at some of the other recipes and see what others are averaging in their mix. You can also use the flavor stash option to get the mixing percentage averages. I’ve used this numerous times and although I haven’t made an exceptional juice, some have come out pretty good.
Good luck!


I have a gram scale that is accurate to .001 - I assumed I’d lose liquid to the container if I were pouring liquids at a small scale.

Good thread about using a scale.

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Here’s a comment made about Orange Creamsicle (CAP) from a recipe here on ELR…

#1 by MysticRose, Oct 28, 05:33

Caps Orange Creamsicle really has a plastic, chemical
taste to me. Does anyone know if TFA Orange Cream is any better?

Perhaps your Candle Taste. Let me also say you did not mention steeping. It sounded as though this is a Max VG mix, the flavors mentioned, and VG. Let me say that first creams require a good steep to come out. Also, PG is a carrier of flavor. Higher VG blends will usually require more steep since there is little PG, the flavor carrier…


Essential Depot VG is fine…

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I second what’s been said here. Mix by weight and save yourself some heartache. I had the same thought before I started mixing by weight since I only did 10ml bottles, but even so it’s so much easier and more accurate. As long as I’m paying attention to what I’m doing, I can reproduce my results every time. There’s very little cleanup, I can do it sitting on my bed watching TV (which is where the paying attention thing sometimes starts to be a problem :wink: ) and it’s quick.

Try your VG by itself just to put your mind at ease that that’s not your problem. But, as @ringling said, Essential Depot has a good rep for their stuff. Do you use nicotine? If so, where is it from? Chemical/candle taste is not one I’ve heard used to describe nic before, typically it’s pepper, but you never know.

When there’s an issue with a weird taste, the advice is typically the same. Try your PG alone. Try your VG alone. Try an unflavored nic base (using PG/VG that you’ve already tested and decided is not the culprit). Then try each flavor by itself in your preferred PG/VG/Nic base. Similar to an elimination diet…cut down to the bare essentials and slowly add things in until you figure out the problem. Then toss whatever the problem is and try something else. :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!