Will nicotine steep and blend fully?

I am interested in making a bulk batch of 3 mg level nicotine. I just want to make sure it will fully mix, so after a week I do not go to separate into 15 ml bottles and nicotine is floating on the top and some bottles get more and some get less. Let me know your thoughts, thank you.

It depends. If you’re wanting your final solution to be 3mg, you’re going to have to make your mix a little higher or the addition of flavors, PG, and VG will lower the amount of nicotine. Probably not by enough to be noticeable, but something to keep in mind. It’s not going to steep or anything but it will oxidize over time. Also, it’s always a good idea to shake nicotine solutions as well as your juice before using, especially if you’re using high VG. VG is really thick and the nicotine can form hot spots.

You’re perfectly fine mixing up a nicotine base, just shake it before you use it. :wink:


I just want to make sure the nicotine will equally blend into the mix, (so a week later I don’t separate my mix into 10 bottles and they do not have equal parts nicotine)

You should be fine after a week. Just shake thoroughly.

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If you are talking FINISHED juice then after a weeks time it should be melded quite well, however, as the saying goes better safe than sorry! Even after my juice is bottled and wanting to fill my tank I always shake it before filling. I just feel it to be best to be absolutely sure…


Thanks for reply but I meant to ask, can I add nicotine prior to heat or after? I usually put in warm bath for hour or so, I heard it may be best to add nicotine after heating process.

Do you add nicotine before or after heating process? I usually put in warm water for few hours, I was told to add nicotine after steeping/heating

Personally I do not heat at all. I just let time steep for me. However I feel the temperature of the water would matter. I personally wouldn’t worry about blended nic being heated to the temperature of hot tap water but perhaps to the boiling point I would…

I add my nic to my recipes then place on the hotplate stirrer for 4 hours. It gradually heats to 120 degrees when my alarm goes off. Then I adjust the heat to keep it there. I stay between 120 and 125 degrees during the stirring process.

Like @ringling, I don’t use any kind of heat. There was talk of heat turning nic peppery, but I know plenty of people use heat (like @LordVapor) after they add their nic. I think it’s whatever works for you. It’s not going to hurt you either way, so it’s a matter of personal preference.

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I haven’t experienced this yet after a dozen mixes. If I do I will just put the flask back on the scale after it cools and add the nic and stir sans heat for a few.

Edit: I remember reading on here someone saying they put their juice in the crock pot at 140 degrees. I did that when I first started mixing and maybe that was why a couple of my mixes were a bit harsh. I don’t know. But staying below 125 per @bradslinux’s suggestion I haven’t noticed it yet.

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Guys, when you say ‘nicotine turns peppery’ how do you describe the feeling?I am new to diy and when I vape my juice- taste good during inhale, nice TH but while exhaling I feel a burning sensation. Is that the feeling of peppery NIC? I want to know because I am at a point that it feels like vaping is not cutting it fo me coz of this.

After making my juice I add the nicotine later. I let it steep for about 1 week and then add nicotine. I put in microwave for about 10 seconds and shake. I then put in fridge until cool and repeat 10 seconds in microwave and then shake for about 1 minute. Then I set on shelf for a few days. Usually turns out really good.