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Win Cigstar Greek Temple 230W, Enjoy Massive Clouds and Large Color Display--3/29


Tag 3 of your friends here.
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Post 5, the last post, …but but I want to post more and tag more!
Tag 3 of your friends here.
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Post 1
color screen ! awesome !

I think the dimensions on the web site are incorrect though.
Size: 82.5mm x 41.5mm x 40.5mm
What is the maximum size atty can you put on without overhang ?


Post 2
55 - 120


Post 3
done !


Post 4
@filledb, @jay210, @jayrell


Post 5
@JamsGrumpyGills, @Maureeenie, @Jooshwa


Only post 1

Looks cool! I vape mainly 60-70watts on average sometimes higher depending on build! Or lower for single coil build! Thx for the tag @fidalgo_vapes ! Join in @Lolly @KrisKing84 @Tony_the_tiger @Silhouette


Post #1

It looks like the offspring of a few different mod’s spawning together at a mod orgy.:crazy_face:
However, it is still good looking and looks comfortable to hold.


Post #2
13 - 99 watts


Post #3


Post #4

@cutlass @SessionDrummer @anon44944642


Post #5

Good luck everyone!


Post #1
Is a larger device but wonder if a 30mm atty would fit since 510 is not centered.


Post #2
I vape 25w to 180w


Post #3
@SessionDrummer @AlanS @Hobag @oldvaporuser @marsh855 @Zak2017 @robin @Blazer55 @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit @whosyourdaddy


Post #1
I usually vape 45-50 watts


Post # 1. It looks like someone finally figured out the right place for the fire button. Most of these type of mod’s either put the fire button on the wrong side or they put it on the face above the screen. I have the Cylon and the fire button is on the wrong side for how I like to use it. I have considered the V-boy but the fire button is also in the wrong place. It’s on the face above the screen. This device would be perfect if the 510 was centered but it seems all these devices have something wrong with them and not having a centered 510 is something I can live with.


Post # 2. I usually vape at 25 - 30 watts. I prefer saving my batteries and getting good flavor rather than blowing big clouds.


Post # 3. @SthrnMixer @TRW25 @JMac1 @worm1