Windows 10 upgrade

Anybody get the free Windows 10 upgrade? I just installed it on my laptop and I’m totally confused. I went from Win 7 straight to 10. I didn’t do Win 8 because I don’t have a touchscreen… I completely missed Win 9? They offered Win 10 for free… So why not. Hopefully there will be no issues.

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There was no Windows 9, just Windows 8 and 8.1 :smile: My tray says it’s ready to upgrade, but I haven’t had the time (or balls) to upgrade yet - I am on Windows 8.1… :smile: I hear it’s fairly stable and very few incompatibilities. This was what Windows 8 was inteded as, I believe :smile:

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I know the Xcube 2 software does not work on win10 :wink:

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I hope this hold true. I do my DIY and internet only on my laptop.

Windows 10 was actually developed by Microsoft with the assistance of big tobacco, big pharma and the FDA and actually blocks all ejuice calculators and redirects any google searches for ejuice products to Virginia tobacco farmer’s home page


I have done the windows 10 upgrade. I have found only 3 issues thus far…

1: I use Firefox Browser and for some reason it is crashing. Maybe it is crashing when the computer goes into screensaver mode. Never crashed while I’m using the computer, always when I’m away from it…

2: Not sure what the term is for this but hopefully you’ll know what I’m talking about. When you open a window the very top bar, I’m gonna call it the title bar, usually has color In all past windows versions. This is the area that has the title and also the minimize, close window, ect, buttons. Well now it’s always white. Have not found anything that will change this nor have I been able to find any information on why this is happening

3: Did have a issue with Internet Download Manager but their latest update fixed that problem

So Far all else appears to be stable and working

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The bed they all sleep in together gets bigger every day!


I did the upgrade last weekend. I use a SSD on my computer and knew it was having some issues (3 yrs old) but upgraded anyway. It went smoothly for a few days then the drive went out. I’m working on restoring my backup and will do again once that’s done.

I also upgraded my laptop. Working great and I’m very impressed with many of the new features. It seems to be a lot more efficient and organized. More things are within a couple mouse clicks away than prior versions (I skpped 8 as well). One thing I would say though. If you’re using a wireless or USB keyboard and or mouse, check with the manufacturer for any available driver for 10. Personally I haven’t had an issue - I’m running a Logitech wireless kb and mouse and it worked upon upgrade. I didn’t even have to get a new unifying driver. But depending on your kb and mouse, you may lose functionality until a new driver is installed. Outside of getting some new drivers I think most everyone would like it, save for the die hard Mac people and the Windows 95 fans.


I have the Logitech set up too. I didn’t have any issues either. :+1:

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I too use Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard. No issues here. Biggest Issue I have is Firefox crashes. I’m sure it won’t be long before they fix that though (Mozilla that is)

Have you tried this?

It could also be the JIT-compiler:

I really tried hard, ever since this thread started, to not jump in here…but…

You do know what action would solve all your “Windows” issues, right???


Isn’t Satan the CEO of Apple?

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I was actually shocked no one brought this up earlier! When I first saw he started this thread, I thought to myself…oh boy…only a matter of time before the MAC fan boys jump in here and start a OS war :wink:


Why yes, yes he is…and he makes his computers so easy to love…they just work! He’s so evil like that!


Actually I just finished updating to win 10 graphics driver from Radeon. Hopeing that will do the trick cause the problem does appear to be a graphics problem. We’'l see…

I did email Mozilla as well, no answer so far…

We have 3 apple laptops - I love mine! But I kinda like my Windows machine as well :smile:

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Yeah I know, Mac users are always gonna think Mac is the best. If it were only true. And besides, there’s something to be said about the hobby side of PCs when you build your own like many of us do these days. Hmmm, would love to do a face off with any Mac out there. Gentlemen, start your engines. Mac users…please toss your pulll cord safely to the side of the track. :laughing:

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The Dark Lord (CEO) of Apple commanded me to incite a riot, just to see how many villagers would come out screaming with torches, scythes and pitchforks! ; )

Well, in a moment of recklessness I pressed upgrade - everything seems to run fine… Uninstalled StartIsBack+ and Dexpot - Nice to have the start menu back (for real) - virtual desktops could use some working on, compared to dexpot :smile:

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