Wismec preheat firmware update released

The Wismec preheat firmware has been released for the RX200, RX200s, Rx2/3 & RX75



Nice! Ty for the update! All us rx200s owners would love to know this.

What’s this update supposed to fix? Or enhance?

Lemme think of rx200s owners.
@Anonymiss @BoDarc

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It is an enhancement that allows you to give more power to the coil for a set time , handy for temp control if you have a crazy build with lots of mass .

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Is there an advantage for using it in wattage mode? I normally vape @ 70 watts through 2 claptons @ .65. If so I’d want to use a higher wattage for preheating, right?

I have only used it for 2weeks or so since it came out on joyetech boards .The advantage is you can use it to eliminate ramp up .

at the moment I’m using a theorem RTA single coil alien 6wrap 3mm id 0.25 ohm ran at 35w 450-500f (depending on juice ) .
now I’m using 60w 1second preheat and it ramps up instantly and vaping lovely

I did try it in power mode and I think its ok but id advise you to
start off low and build up till you find your sweet spot.

Hopefully some DNA users can chime in on it as they have had this feature for some time now


Preheat Function
The following instruction is applicable to Reuleaux RX2/3, Reuleaux RX200S and
Reuleaux RX75.
The newly added preheat function allows the device to heat up the coil quickly at a
higher wattage, which is especially obvious when using with an RDA, RBA, RTA and
so on. It can also prolong the coil’s life and produce a better flavor.

How to use:
1.Long press the fire button and right regulatory button simultaneously to enter the

2.Press the right regulatory button 2 times to enter the preheat setting menu.

3.Press the fire button to switch between preheat power and preheat duration.

4.Press the left or right regulatory button to decrease or increase the parameter.

5.Long press the fire button to confirm

How to use RX200

1.In powered-off state, keep pressing the fire button and up button simultaneously
then you enter into the menu.

2.Press the fire button to shift among TCR M1, M2, M3, Preheat Power and Preheat

3.Under each mode, you can increase or decrease the parameter by pressing the up or
down button.

4.Keep pressing the fire button or leave the interface for several seconds to confirm.


Just updated seems to work fine in wattage mode. Man im so happy :smiley:

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It seems that even in wattage mode, the power/time settings are active. This is handy as a shirt pocket. :slight_smile: Nice touch for the old RX200.

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I sure hope they bring this to the istick 200. I am using it on my rx200s and rx2/3 in VW mode and like it. I need to build up the attys on these mods in SS but last time I built them I was being lazy and went with some prebuilt kanthal twisted and clapton coils instead of winding some SS coils so I could run them in TC mode…

Okay guys, at the risk of sounding really dumb, I have never had a mod with a preheat setting, I just updated my rx200 to include this feature, but I have no idea what it is for or how to use it…can someone please explain it to me :confused:

What build do you currently have on the rx200? The way I see it preheat it is to combat ramp up when using big builds with lots of mass . if you are using round wire builds / stock coils I don’t think it’s necessary

The instructions how to use it are above. As to best settings to use I can’t say as I have never had a mod with it but if you post your build specs and current settings others may be able to give some pointers. I will be re-coiling my mods with SS next time they need a fresh wick so I can play with the settings more in TC mode where I think they will be more useful.

I have a 24 gauge titanium .10 ohm build on the TF-R2 deck for the TFV4

I tried running some 24/32 316L coils with a 151w preheat setting and only noticed a slight difference. I was trying to copy the method used by the Hohm Wrecker G2 and the G2 does a far better job of it. Still a nice feature, but I expected more.

Maybe this will fix my dissatisfaction with the RX200.

Meanwhile, in other news, I recently discovered the xCube II makes an excellent paper weight. It’s also great at breaking toes when dropped from a height as little as 24" :stuck_out_tongue:


What is your base wattage and how long is your preheat set for? I dont have an RX200 but I do have multiple Joyetech mods with this feature and it works great for me.

Are you running in TC mode? I am not sure this works in TC mode. In VW mode on my RX200s I get confirmation on the display that it was running at the preheat setting (which I set over my vape wattage setting) but in TC mode with pre-heat set over my vaping watt max I am not seeing this. It is showing wattage readings less than my pre-heat and less than my set TC max wattage.

base wattage is 65W and preheat is set to 150W for 2 seconds. I didn’t know that this setting doesn’t work in TC mode which is the only thing I use. I have another mod that does this function in TC mode and I thought the RX would do this as well.

@Fozzy71 Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know it wouldn’t work in TC mode.

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Pre-Heat was already a function of TC mode. Your set wattage in TC mode determines how fast the coil reaches your desired temperature. Once it reaches that temperature it uses only the wattage required to maintain that temperature.

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Yes, I know. It’s just that my Hohmwrecker G2 mod has the same feature and it works in TC mode perfectly while the RX won’t.