Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3, still cheap but still not the greatest

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This Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 was sourced from Gearbest!


It’s been a while since the original RX200 landed in my mailbox, and considering the failure rate I’m actually surprised mine still works.
Shortly after people discovered a way to customize the firmware for the RX200, the RX200S was released.
It boasted a bigger screen, had a maximum output of 250W was equally popular. Of course Wismec wouldn’t be Wismec if they didn’t release another iteration a few weeks after.
The RX2/3, essentially an RX200S with an extra batterycover to use the mod with only 2 batteries.

So has it improved since the original RX200?
Let’s find out!

Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3


  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Replaceable batterycover
  • Powered by 2 or 3 18650 batteries
  • 200W maximum power output (250W with a firmware update) on 3 batteries
  • Big OLED screen with customisable logo through firmware
  • Temperature control for Ni, Ti, SS
  • Custom TCoR profiles
  • Firmware upgradeable


The RX2/3 comes in a black box with silver branding.
The front depicts an exploded view of the mod, with both the batterydoors in shiny silver.
On the back of the box is a short introduction of the RX2/3 as well as a list of contents.
A sticker indicating the color of the mod and another sticker with a scratch n’ check to check for authenticity can also be found on the back.

Opening the box reveals the mod itself sitting in a black foam insert, which also has a ribbon to lift it out.
Underneath you’ll find a battery safety card, the usermanual, the secondary batterydoor and a USB cable.


The Reuleaux has come a long way since its initial release and in that initial release it became painfully obvious that this mod had several issues.
Things like the 510 spring being rather thin and failing after putting on an atomizer with a longer pin, buttons sticking and misfiring, unbalanced discharge of the batteries.
It was a pretty long list and some of the issues were addressed in the updated RX200S, but not all of them.
For example the 510 was still a weak spot, the buttons were improved but not enough to fix the issues completely.
Now there’s the RX2/3, essentially an RX200S with an interchangeable batterydoor.
And unfortunately the issues persist in this version, the 510 is still a weak spot that will break if you as much as look at it too harshly.
Although the buttons have not changed, they also haven’t given me any issues as of yet.

All that aside, I’m quite happy with the performance of the mod. Especially looking at the price segment the RX series resides in, this is a pretty good deal.
You get a mod capable of 200W out-of-the-box, 250W if you update the firmware.
It does temperature control for Ni, Ti and SS316 out-of-the-box and even has custom TCoR settings if you want to use a different alloy like SS317, SS304 or NiCr80.

Let’s have a closer look at the battery setup though, because that is one of the main selling points on this version.
The RX2/3 comes with two kinds of batterydoor; one which can hold a battery and has two batteries in the mod, giving you a triple 18650 setup with which you can (theoretically) achieve the full 250W (or 9V).
The other one is a smaller door which doesn’t hold a battery but does make the RX2/3 a fair bit smaller, this will also limit the maximum power output to 200W (or 6V).
Both batterydoors are locked in place by two notches on the top and a locking mechanism on the bottom.
One issue immediately rose when I tried the smaller batterydoor, the notches at the top which should just click into the slots, didn’t click in and pushed the top plate upwards.
The batterydoor for triple 18650 clicked into place as it should, though it did have a small gap because of the forementioned issue.

In terms of power output, the RX2/3 promises a maximum output of 9V with the triple batteries or 6V with dual batteries with the newer firmware.
But as with the RX200, it just doesn’t get there. When measuring the output on 3 fully charged batteries I got a value of 8.4V, which is a rather large deviation.
Given that I’m using a multimeter that wasn’t exactly expensive I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and blame a slight loss on the multimeter.
It could also be the batteries I’m using, though these haven’t really been stressed in any way despite having been used in the RX200 for 2 months.
But 0.6V is a deviation that isn’t negligable, it’s a pretty big one in fact.
Using the same multimeter and setup but changing to two batteries the voltage came closer to the indicated 6V, I measured 5.8V which is alright for such a cheap mod.

Then we get to the temperature control, which is surprisingly alright.
On dryburn tests with Ni and Ti I didn’t get any singing or browning of the dry cotton, which means the board responds quick enough.
On SS316 however I did get some browning on the cotton, as I expected. With other mods I’ve tested I’ve seen similar results.
The custom TCoR is something I tend to use extensively since I prefer SS317L over other SS alloys. That also allowed me to finetune the mod a bit for the alloy.
The temperature limiting kicks in fairly quick and then drops the power to govern the temperature.
There is a slight pulsing to it but not severe enough to complain about in my opinion, I’ve vaped worse.

The firmware is updateable, and I highly recommend updating it since it does bring the maximum power output up to 250W.
But what is more fun is the fact that it also allows you to set a custom logo on the screen, something I always appreciate in a mod.
It’s that little touch of personalisation, you know?
Updating the firmware is easy and fairly quick, and adding a logo is done in the same application.
Wismec includes a standard logo in the download, but you can make your own in whatever graphical suite you prefer.
The only disadvantage I find is the format and size, it needs to be a monochromatic bitmap and can measure no more than 64px X 48px.
Using the regular grayscale bitmap export in Photoshop will result in the update software telling you it’s not a bitmap.
Compared to the customisation of the DNA boards this is a bit of a letdown, but then again the pricepoint is very low in comparison and it’s really not fair comparing the two.


The RX2/3 is slightly different from its predecessors in size. It’s higher to accomodate for the notches in which the batterydoors fit.
The display is the same as the RX200S, and does have a customisable logo if you upgrade the firmware.
This gives the mod a slightly more personal touch which is always nice.
Besides those differences the RX2/3 has pretty much the same look and feel as its predecessors.
It’s a heavy mod with three batteries and is not an easy carry, but if you switch to the dual battery configuration it becomes a lot more pocketable.

A comparison between the original RX200 and the new RX2/3.

Pros and Cons.


  • Firmware upgradeable (Two firmwares released since market entry)
  • Logo customisation
  • 250W with 3 batteries, 200W with two batteries
  • 2 battery configuration makes it easier to pocket
  • Still a very comfortable mod to hold
  • Latest firmware (4.13) added adjustable preheat functionality


  • Heavy with 3 batteries
  • 510 connection is still a very weak point on the RX series
  • Logo needs to be monochrome bitmap (Grayscale bitmap is NOT recognized)
  • Batterydoor for two batteries pushes the top of the mod upwards
  • Batterydoors have a pretty big gap
  • No Ribbon in the batterydoor for 3 batteries

In conclusion.

Overall this iteration of the RX series does perform pretty well for its price.
Despite its weight and bulky form with three batteries, it’s still a good mod to carry around if you switch to two batteries.
It still has some issues persisting from the previous versions, which I really feel Wismec should fix before moving on to yet another iteration.
The fact that you can switch from triple to dual batteries is awesome but I doubt it’s a really that big of a selling point. I’d rather have a triple battery setup and a dual battery setup separately.
Concluding I think the RX2/3 is worth buying if you want a powerful mod but you’re strapped on cash, though there are better options out there with dual batteries.
It’s not bad, but it’s not great either…
On a helpful note, I believe Gearbest is doing a flash sale of these soon so keep an eye on their website.

In closing I would like to thank Gearbest for sending out the Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3!
Thanks for reading, join me next time as I take a look at a tiny portable mod from Yostatech, the Livepor60!

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I have been enjoying our RX2/3s, we have 3 of them, but I have have been having issues with the battery door in two battery mode. It barely connects and wants to pop off if I set the mod down anyway but gently. Which really sucks as I bought these for the two battery use as all my batteries are married in pairs and I didn’t want to introduce married triplet sets of batteries.Plus I don’t need the power of three batteries as I never go above 75 watts.

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I have a set of three batteries married for these mods, so I usually keep it in triple mode. The other batterydoor causes a serious gap as you can see on the photos, seems I’m not the only one with issues then.
With the triple batteries at 80W, the mod does give me a full two days of use so it’s got that going for it. :wink:

My main problem with using 3 batteries is that my wife doesn’t pay a lot of attention to when she picks batteries for her mods. I have them lined up so she doesn’t have to think when she grabs. If I had three batteries she would surely get them all mixed up, even if I labeled them. :confounded:

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I do love the way this mod feels in my hand though. It just fits right.


The battery cover won’t gap in dual battery mode if you push up on the cover after it is clicked in. At least none of the 3 I have do. I only run mine in dual battery mode as I have 2 x rx200s and 2 x istick 200’s for triple battery mods.

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Pushing up on mine causes the door to pop out of the latch at the bottom. :confounded:

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Another great review, thanks @SirRisc :wink:


Maybe I haven’t ‘absorbed’ the Wismec RS2/3 manual thoroughly, but I can’t get the unit to ‘stay’ in any of the Temp modes. I wired up a Limitless Plus with a Clapton SS 32/36g coil with a 0.37 ohm resistance only to have it reset to 20 watts after firing just once.

No doubt I’m doing something wrong, but for some reason I’m not seeing a step (or steps) in the manual to make my settings ‘stick’.

Can somebody provide me with the clue?

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Most likely the resistance is too high and the mod just resets to wattage mode. I’ve had this with a few mods already and usually it was fixed by building below 0.3ohm.

First you need to try another atty or different coils.
I have a RX200S, same board as far as I understand, and I have no problem with SS coils at .46ohm

I’m on my 2nd r2002/3. The first one stopped charging batteries and reading fully charged ones after a couple of weeks. This one just did the same thing. Im not sure what made me try 3 battery mode but it turns out it only works with 3 batteries. I don’t want or need this GIGANTIC thing ,especially now that I’m used to it the other way.It looks cool but it’s not.:worried:

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Internal charging is very spotty at best due to the lack of loadbalancing. Have you considered getting an external charger?
It would be safer for both your batteries and the mod.

So far, my RX2/3 is still working as intended. Though the 2 batt door still doesn’t fit quite right.


rx2/3 was all hype and watch out for the wires , the connection where the wire meets the 5/10 connect came in sottered because there wasn’t enough play in the wire , i had to fix it myself , it kept saying check battery every time i hit the fire button

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If u mamage to get a hold of wismec in akibaba they will assure you rx200s and rx2 / 3 have different chio than rx200. Vape on last uodate lick attty at 20c and ull notice difference with sane resistance. They repainted old dna200 stock to try tl sell it. Pathetic ipv8 is my ladt mod and i gpt for $29 so its ok

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/2/b/2b737dce4131ff34511503f8d67c1853d4593160.jpg" width=“281” height=“500” thhe battery sled is bad and nwed coton in vack for cells to conct sherry at wismec had tje balls to ask for my dna200 for rx200 200sor rx2/3 a d atomizerrol her i wasnt an idiot the board is worth nore tha. Their $40 crap. But never have boigh a wismec atty ifi do ot will be a clone. I mean whd. She was telling me theu arent peoducing it whe. Bronze painted same mod is on their main page and i only wanted battery tray fixed jusy gonna waot for reviews and paint mine thay color and have a yoube revenge. Stpid tray is like $3


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