Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Horror Reports

All of my TC mods discharge the batteries unevenly (IPV4s, D2, Evic, Istick). That’s why you should use only married pairs and label them A-B or 1-2 and rotate them in the device with each battery charge. In the case of this device, A-B-C and 1-2-3.

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I have 4 DNA 200s, 2 Reuleauxs, an Efusion (LiPo) and a VT133. VT133 is my favorite, I’ll be buying at least one more. I seem to get as many tanks out of its two batteries as I do with the Reuleaux. The only issue was the Efusion, which I bought 4-5 months ago, was set with the preheat at 200W. . .I had to go in to e-scibe and turn it down manually. Was afraid of popping the fuse since all my builds seem to end up <0.1 Ohms. I don’t have one problem or complaint to report. All of these mods are significantly better TC devices than the few other TC mods that I own. More versatile, more consistent, better vapes.

I love the DNA devices. I’ll never buy another crap-electronics mod again.

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I second that. I marked my married sets before I charged them the first time. Then, I noted the initial charge on the batteries. I rotate them every charge and install. I’ve noticed no difference in the discharged value from when new. The battery that started out lower than the rest is consistently lower than the rest no matter where it was in the mod. I wish I wasn’t in such a hurry to try out my new toy or I would have matched the batteries better before use. I bought 6 and they came in two boxes of three each (the boxes were 4 packs originally)

To see what battery is at what voltage on the RX200
5 clicks of the fire button to turn it off.
With it off hold down the up, down and the fire button at the same time
Keep it pressed for I think 3 seconds and the display will show you the voltage of battery 1, 2, and 3


Just rotate your 3 batteries every now and again when you think of it.
This is really a non issue if you have an external charger, mine only has 2 bays, so mine rarely sees the charger unless ive got time…I charge onboard and rotate my batteries.

Thx @wvsanta! The things they don’t tell you!.(…unless I didn’t read the book properly…which is a possibility. )
Good to hear from you!

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is it true there is an optional, two tone wood-grain finish available for this mod? I forget where I heard it but…that would be sexy as hell. Maybe its a case…

It’s a real wood skin or veneer.

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I learned about it in a youtube video review

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I know you can get wraps for them on eBay’s as well…seen some while I was searching for other things

got it. I did not realize they made them for a bunch of other mods as well. Worth a look if anyone is interested. From what I am reading…it seems like if you are smart about things like marrying your batteries for life and buying a tank that doesn’t have leaking issues, this mod should do you right. When I read this post I thought it would be choc full of horror stories…it just isn’t…nor are the user forums relating to this mod. I am so close to taking the jump from my x2 iJust 2’s (I need 2 for an all day charge) to a box mod, but I am not rich so it needs to be the right call, first time.

So far I am torn between the iPv3-5 (cost and unwanted features will determine), the Eleaf 100w or a Reauleaux RX200… and either a tfV4, a Uwell or a Herakles tank. My Aspire v1 was garbage (top load=wonderful though)and my iJust 2 tanks were wonderful and airy but they are hard to dissemble and clean and, and although I clean them they are starting to hold onto the coils a little too tight in the chimney, thus over threading when I unscrew the bottom…and they are bottom loaded…which is SO 90 days ago…

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Hey mate! Just wanted to mention that all batteries in series mods will drain at different rates. Mooch made a post about it some time ago… I can’t remember the reason behind it but it is inherent with series circuits. Nothing wrong with your mod there. Best thing to do is to rearrange the batteries when they are 1/3-1/2 through their discharge cycle :slight_smile:

If you can, out of all the mods you mention, i would highly recommend the ipv5. This thing just works full stop. Quality finish,better than some cars, good weighty feel to it and general very well made. Just my 2cnts worth. :wink:

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If it happened all the time I might agree. This happens every now and then, and when it does, I have to rotate every ten puffs or so. That’s not normal even on a series mod. My DNA 200 version is serial as well. Nothing even remotely similar happens on it. Thanks for the tip, but there is an issue with the mod. As I stated earlier though it’s more annoying than anything.

Yeah, that one is heavy…wouldnt be surprised if it were heavier than the rx200.

I get surprised at these mods that are heavier than the 3 battery Rx200, like the smok r80…heavier than the RX, and the R80 only has 1 single 18650 inside.

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Rx is 12g more. :sunglasses:

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Not bad for the RX imo

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I ordered the RX200 but…that Pioneer (iPv5) was CALLING to me. Maybe it is nostalgia since ALL I used to buy as far as home and car stereos was Pioneer brand…I still have the monster speakers I bought in college. I just cannot part with them. If anything goes wonky with this RX200 the iPv5 will be my next choice I think. Out of curiosity…are the v4, v3 and v2 worth any time spent researching? I found it curious that they keep their older models in production, going so many models back I guess I mean.

At the end of the day my expectations (unfortunately) aren’t that high. I would be completely happy, excited even, if the tank, the mod and the coils (and batteries and charger) all show up relatively soon, and just work as advertised. No leaking. No weird battery drains. No firmware weirdness. Just functioning, low hassle devices to deliver happy clouds unto me.

When the zillion dollars worth of stuff I just bought (tanks, mod, batteries, charger and a very large array of DIY equipment) shows up from all the places I purchased from (thanks for the reddit links for online vendors btw) I will happily compare/contrast the items to each other and what I had in the past.

After using the RX200 for a week, I can say with absolute certainty I won’t buy another mod that’s not a DNA200 or better. Prior to November of last year I was using the xCube II, eVic VTC Mini and 60w, IPV2 Mini and assorted other stuff. Started with 1 Efusion, then another, then a Reuleaux DNA200. Was in vaper heaven, still using my Joyetech TC mods. Then the 60w died and I wanted another beefy mod to replace it. So I waited till last week and picked up the RX200. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad mod. I can put up with it failing to fire sometimes. And when it works it does a fair job. But it’s kind of like going from high speed internet to DSL, or a widescreen LED tv to a CRT tv. Still works, just not nearly as well.

One thing I’ve found with the RX200 is it doesn’t read resistance all that accurately which, when running TC on very low-ohm builds, can really mean the difference between a great vape and a weak, impotent one. I’m finding the mod in drastic need of some Viagara most of the time unless in wattage mode, then it kicks it pretty good. If you have the RX200 and you’re happy with it, great. Just my 2 pennies.

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Well after much debate and thought,

Sorry guys and gals, feels free to shoot me, but i went with the X CUBE 2,
I am not a big vaper like some of you, nor a heavy vaper

It wasn’t for the lights and gizmo’s or the shiny shiny effect, it was purely down to personal choice.
well Why did i start the poll, good question i wanted to get every-bodies opinion on each device.

yes each device has its flaws and bad points, but i feel that the X CUBE fits perfectly in my big fat hands lol… like to see how many puffs i have taken each day, and try and reduce that by halve if i can, i think i will use halve the features that the x cube offers, such as NI/TI …i may have a play about with them once in a while,… i also got a TFV4 Mini with it and two Aspire 2500 batteries with it aswell… for a mere £40 posted… so i am not sure what that equates to in US Dollars, … Sorry guys, but it was down to personal choice… please dont beat me to hard…