Would The Real Eliquid Please Stand Up

Hi guys, so heres the thing, i have noticed there are a lot of suggested recipes for beginners, however a lot of those recipes are getting a little old. Im not suggesting that they arent descent recipes, but a lot of them were born post 2 years ago, some are older. Im relatively new to the scene, so if im off tack with this suggestion then by all means let me know, But to all you experienced mixers out there, would it be viable to have an updated list of beginner recipes to suit most 2017 devices. it’s quite noticeable the difference in overall flavor percentage with a 2017 rec opposed to say a 2014-2015 recipe…just a thought anyway, would love to hear people opinions…


Most of the 2015 recipes have been adapted/updated to todays standards. If not adapted, you can adapt them against modern recipes. The big key adaption would be taken a 12mg nic recipe and adapt it to 1.5mg or 0mg or etc.
The flavor % should stay the same for 2015 to today. …(2009-2010 recipes are a different story, back in the 30% days) but 30% is good, but its all perception based.


where are you finding these suggestions ? how old are the posts and/or thread ? there is one thread that i have always felt would be outdated sooner than later that a lot of people seem to follow, even though its a great write up i personally would never recommend its this thread A Beginner’s Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes , i mean no disrespect but you could see how quick things evolve, i would suggest looking at threads like " new recipe showcase " and "what are you mixing " even " private recipe sneak peak " could serve you as a guide to what people are working on good luck


You could start at the bottom of this thread:

This one:

And the top this one:

Lots of new newer mixed from some of our forums best mixers.


When I was teaching my grand daughter to cook I had her make bacon and eggs, omelettes, sometimes pancakes… simple recipes, they had been around for awhile, but just because they are old, if the ingredients are fresh, they are a good starting point.
I’m not trying to be facetious, but simple recipes are beginner recipes and are just that, a starting point, something to get people adjusted to when beginning a new venture. I’ve been vaping Bust A Nut for a couple years, it’s a simple recipe, and while I have made some changes to it over the year(s), that is what diy is about. Get a good recipe (which means it probably has been around for awhile), then learning to play with it, find likes and dislikes with it and learn to progress. I wouldn’t do that with a new recipe, and if you look at steeping something a couple times months may go by… by then someone may say “Hey, those beginner recipes people recommend are pretty old recipes…”


Yep, i still vape Strawnana, never imaged that i would vape it at 75w when i made it. Back then i was using 12w of my 15w device and the wife was using evods. Im still vaping it at 21%, some of my newer versions have much lower %s but i still vape this one.


And it still holds up for me too. A classic never goes out of style and good juice is good juice.


12w devices :smiley: I remember when that was the iPhone X of vaping. CE3’s and 650mah batteries and that stupid lil charger that would crack easily or melt lmao


I still use some 650mah eGo’s for other kinds of tanks, they still make me nervous when charging them tho…

The powerful 15 watt device i upgraded to was a SVD for my protank mini. Next day i went back and got my first RDA, an IGO-W4. 1.8ohm dual coils. It was knuckin futs! I still have both devices and the W4 is still in my top 5 favorite flavor attys.


I went from a ce3/650 to a ce4 …or 5?/850mah adjustable, to a 50w eleaf/subtank mini to my current setup aromamizer/alien 220w.

kind of like watching my gear digi-volve or something. lmao (digimon joke)


appreciate your feedback, still finding my way working with such delicate percentages and flavor concentrates. ive only been mixing for about 4-5 months and still struggle to taste certain mixes whether they are high in overall % or on the lower side of the spectrum. i assume most recipes released pre 2015 were designed for devices with a lesser power output, so im just trying to narrow a good starting overall % to subohm with. Also with consideration being given regarding different concentrate potency as per manufacturer. Like i said at the beginning of the thread, i wasn’t sure if i was on the wrong path, but any question is worth asking for a beginner like me in DIY…thanks


Sounds to me like you’ve got the gist of it, it never really stops either. New lines, new flavors, new mixes… Its fun tho!

Keep in mind that all this stuff is based on personal preference based on a HUGE set of variables, i.e. coils, power, drip tips, mods, temps, what once ate before testing, etc. It is a bit of a daunting task once you get everything dialed in there is so much yum!

Of course it all starts over with the next release of teh awesomest flavors ever! At least the next time around you know where and how to start.


Thanks Ken, thankfully your stuff i have mixed has been delicioso… take strawberry fog for eg…after a 3 week steep in a prime environment, it lacks flavor… but on the other hand i can mix strawnana custard which carries a shit tonne of vcv 1 and it hits home runs every toot…WTF


I totally agree. When I was first vaping I can’t recall what nic percent I was using… I do remember “going down” to 18 percent… then 12, 10, 8, recently 6 or less. It wasn’t because I wanted to go down because nic is bad, but I started thinking about the higher watts/lower ohms (think bigger clouds) that I must be using more nic. So what used to be a little actual intake of nic when doing 1.8 ohm coils would be a lot of nic at .5 (or smaller ohm) coils. I would think that it would translate over to the flavorings also but don’t know. Still all in all I think the older recipes are a good starting point for those still beginning the journey into the diy aspect of vaping… just my little imho. While I do try different recipes quiet often and single flavor testings… I really only have a few of what I call ADV’s.


I feel ya. I learned the hard way. My first buy was at a B&M. I got a Eleaf istick TC 200 with a cleito. Classic setup. The problem was the person selling me my stuff recommended a 12mg store juice. I had done some very very brief researching online so that sound ok. Yeah sub-ohming 12mg had me sweating and not feeling good. Oh course I went straight to sub ohm. Looking back I should have started slower. Lucky that experience help me in knowing how to research when I started mixing.


Big time!

Posts like this always hit me as an attempt to take this major shortcut. I can understand the desire to do that. I mean who wants to wade through the ocean of recipes, flavor notes, flavor pairing suggestions, et al, just to come up with a vapable juice? But the bottom line is regardless of how much help you get or how many brilliant responses to questions you receive, there is YOUR own personal tastes and preferences. No one can shortcut you to that.

The best advice I feel I could ever give someone is what I would consider flat out “duh!” type info. Try things, eliminate what doesn’t work, repeat what does, and in the process work to improve your efforts. Outside of that all you’re doing is painting by the numbers.


Yep Yep Yep…and Yep thanks Rob, well said, im experiencing that aspect of mixing so i must be doing it right… i think maybe subconsciously my original thread was a cry for help…lol going through the processes you mentioned are unavoidable i guess im just learning to come to terms with that…hahaha thanks heaps for our input mate. Its experienced mixers like yourself, ken and simon whom have paved part of he way for us beginners…extremely grateful…


Never hesitate to ask for help when needed. We all got here one way or another by others offering little nuggets of information.

I’m going to suggest some reading. I do this with all new people I encounter. You may have read these but even still, they’re worth looking at.

Read the original post for the following threads. You will gain a much better understanding of things new mixers have questions about.