Would you like to start a wiki?

Hi everyone,

What do you think about starting up a wiki? I thin with the knowledge here we could do an excellent wiki. From pages like getting started, S’N’V, ingredients that must be steeped/breathed, etc. I suppose the details of actually making it can be worked out if and only if there is an interest. Like categories, how to do it, hosting, etc.

From my mind I don;'t think it can hurt to go for it. Yes vaping and flavours is subjective but there is rules that apply to 95% of circumstances and we just state that in the ehadings of our pages. Cooking is subjective but definitely put together rules and guidelines. I think it would be great.


I like the idea, I just would not know how to go about it. If you want to start and give me a project. Like research, writing an article, etc.

I’m sure if you started one others would contribute :smile:

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What we put in it would depend on how it’s indexed by Google. Do we want it to pop up on an E-liquid search or on a DIY E-liquid search? I could see a lot of benefits for it, especially for the people who try to make a strawberry custard, taste it the first day and give up. Or they think they want a strong coffee so they make a 10% Dark Bean and think it’s a horrid flavor.


A wiki sounds good but it might not be necessary. There is already a big database with recipes and one with the flavors including notes people have written about them. What other info could you possibly put into the wiki which would justify the administrative effort to run the wiki.

Perhaps @daath could set up a part on ELR with editable pages so everybody could contribute and the community can add info to existing pages. Or just add the info manually depending on how much there is.

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Why not just create a link that points to the site home and make it the wiki page? lol

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I don’t think we know each other well enough to do that in public. lmao

No but seriously that is a great idea, however you have to remember that most of the info contained in here picks up a certain amount of personality from it’s author and the ensuing discussion that follows whatever is being talked about

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I don’t feel it’s totally necessary, I get all the info I need off ELR, and if anyone ever asks me where to go to find anything out this is the first place I point em to…seems like a lot of effort for something we technically already have. I dunno…


This :point_up_2:, which is what makes this the best forum ever…I kinda feel it would be lost in a wiki page…or confusing if all our different personalities were doing different articles.

I can see the appeal also but also



" Yes vaping and flavours is subjective but there is rules that apply to 95% of circumstances and we just state that in the ehadings of our pages"

personally i couldnt agree less with the above statement i think the only real rules if i may say are the mathmatecal equations and the three ingredients Vg , pg , nic and even those are changed sometimes all vg or replacements for pg whatever it may be , i understand this statement but the things on elr are suggestions based on personal preference i feel the things that are close to “rules” are already stated diy is way to mich of a personal taste thing

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how do i block out a persons statement and repost it ???

I just press and hold on the start of the statement then drag to highlight, then it should say “use quote” , press that and it should pop up into a new window👍

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ill try that ty

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Have you you ever considered that you are not in the 95%, so therefore would obviously think that. Lol. You are the 1 in 20 that does have the different subjective experience. I have noticed that you have been in a few disagreements here and there. Lol, it’s possible, you can’t deny that. 15 responses in the thread so far & your 1. Pretty close. Then again you could be completely right I don’t deny it. Ironically, my gut feeling tells me it’s true.

I base it on the fact that in cooking there is plentis of rules so to speak, and yes there are always people that it doesn’t apply to but they are the minority.

I’ll use sucralose as an example it sweetens and mutes flavours for nearly everyone. Would you disagree? Tthe exam example I’m talking about. I’m sure your experience for many things has been different. But my example I think would show the kind of thing that we can teach others through a wiki. I truly am not being difficult but there has to be a percentage say that rules apply too. Be it 10% or 95%, what would you say that is? i would hope you don’t truthfully think it’s 0% . It’s got to be somewhere I just threw that number out there.

I’m noticing a lot of no’s to this idea. I’ll keep an eye out as there seems to be support too. I just like wiki’s , keep em coming. It’ll either grow organically or it won’t.

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It might be important to define exactly what you mean by start a wiki. Do you mean here on ELR? Because we basically have that already in the beginner’s section. Do you mean starting an actual Wikipedia page indexed by Google? If so, I’ll ask again, how would it be indexed? As E-juice in general or as DIY E-juice? The official Wikipedia is what I was thinking of when I first replied. Someone who’s only starting to wonder about DIY might find it useful to have a few flash card type bits of info without signing up for anything.

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Not entirely sure, was hoping it would sort itself out. My initial idea was just collecting some of the gems into a smaller place. Not truly thought out, very normal for me. Hah.

I was thinking of a wiki kind of link on the forum and the calc.

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ty you can teach an old dog new tricks lol