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Wow, 2020 has really sucked as a year so far

I think we need to do a do-over everyone, because this year just sucks.

I had an eldery, ex-military neighbor down the street who I was good friends with for over 15 years. I always helped him out over the years, financially, food, assistance, help around the house, etc. He had a lot of medical issues, and due to that/them was placed in Hospice care in his home last week. I had actually just picked up a large grocery order for him with my wife as we were concerned that he wasn’t eating right. Well last night he passed. May he rest in peace finally.

Have another in law in ICU who suffered a tragic cardiac arrest, and due to the Coronavirus hospital restrictions, we can’t even go in and see her.

And YES, we have the Coronavirus on top of that. Much tragedy, loss of life, loss of jobs, failing 401k’s and much, much more. WHATTA YEAR !!!

I had to mute out a few threads, as they were just turning into a name calling, bash fest, from which there was NO returning. I get that people are worried, stressed, anxious. It’s clearly going around, and more than normal given the circumstances.

I’d like to remind everyone that now, even in the face of the COVID-19, we should REALLY, all pull TOGETHER. We don’t need to blame, argue, bicker, etc. We’re all BIGGER than that. With all that my family is going through right now, my neighbor’s down the street, and I’m quite sure MANY of you as well, it should be the time to pull together as one. I don’t care if we don’t agree on everything, politics, religion, because that just doesn’t matter.

Hope you guys are having a better 2020 than we are, but I suspect many of you may be having the same delightful time we are.

Pull as one, all together ELR. Family matters.


I am so sorry to hear about losses you are suffering , your a good man and imo deserve only the best that life can offer…We shall overcome , we are up against an invisible monster that knowone can be blamed for…You and your family your loved ones will remain in my prayers …This world is going to get ugly for a minute . We all need to make it as good as we can …I know the feeling of loss and suffering and hate to hear anyone have to deal with it especially when it is no fault of their own…


I’m sorry for all the shit life is throwing your way.

Try to focus on the positives, no matter how few and far between they may seem.

Most, if not all, of us on here are doing well (as far as I know) and hanging in there.

Things can only get better (knocking on wood), right?


My thoughts are with you SD


Thank you @fidalgo_vapes.

Thank you @Wombatred26


Thank you @G-Fog


Sorry for your heartaches DMan. My thoughts are with you and yours.
Let’s hope that maybe (maybe, maybe, maybe), we will one day see some silver in the lining of this horrible event and a global turning point for the better.


Thanks @Lostmarbles.

This post wasn’t supposed to be a morbid post, or a pity solicitation, but re-reading it, hehe, not the most uplifting. But I’m going through this crap, and mulling over some of what is/has been/was going on at ELR on the forums. A lot great, and some not so great. Some bickering, disagreements, politics, etc., and it saddens me a bit. No not the end of the world, just disheartening is all. I’d rather not bicker with my ELR brothers and sisters, and especially not during a pandemic of all times.

I’ve got three threads muted now, and I’ve never muted threads before on ELR, but it just got to where the threads kept turrning into bashing, hyper-political, smashups. It got so pervasive that a few “bash only” threads were started, to take on the overflow, but that didn’t seem to work.

I’ve got far better things to do than argue with my ELR’ers.

I appreciate everyone’s thoughts, and on this thread as well, but with all that we ALL have going on right now, ELR should be the last place that we let (whatever) consume things, or inflame conversations between us. Just my .02.

Thanks guys.




Roger that!
It saddens me as well. Round pegs, square pegs…we’re all in the same box.


Ooorah @Lostmarbles.

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Unfortunately you are right, ELR Forums seems to have become the place to rant about everything not vape related, and too many threads are hijacked by people who like the sound of their own voice figuratively speaking that is.
I too have become very selective as to which threads I will read, and tend to frequent ELR less than before.
So if you don’t see me too often don’t worry I am still around and healthy, I’m just avoiding the drama.


SD…all I can say is I echo your sentiments and I empathize the loss of your friend. That truly sucks on many levels! I lost a club brother and good friend earlier this year, and even after several primal scream episodes, I’m still coming to grips with it. Everything happens for a reason, so it is said.
Hang tough brother. :blush:


This doesnt mean you and your wife have Covid 19 ??? I think I read this wrong the first 100 times


I seriously hope not cause that freaked me out @SessionDrummer you good?


I thinl im reading it wrong…I think hes saying YES we as in everyone BUT it comes across both ways NO ?


Heck at this point I don’t even know.


Sorry to hear all this @SessionDrummer, I do think your one of the really good peeps around these parts.

I agree, once this is all over we need a reset of 2020


Very sorry to hear that @TorturedZen. Thank you brother.


No I’m sorry @fidalgo_vapes, that was unclear at best. My wife and I do NOT have COVID-19 yet. Sorry about that.