Wrapping my own coils

Ok, so I am fairly new to wrapping my own coils.

I usually just go for 5 wraps 2.5-3mm ID.

I have chosen to try and use Steam Engines Coil Wrapping Calc not having much luck…

I am looking to make some simple Round Kanthal A1 26AWG 0.40mm coils @ .5ohms each coil

All help appreciated

When you are using Steam Engine and you are under the TAB wire wizard you go down to wire builder and under that drop down menu you choose parallel. That gives you the possibility to do a double coil, so each window on the right now represent 1 coil. From here you just put in whatever it is you wanna have and you will see what it ohms out at.

Hope this was at some help for you.

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Did this as an illustration for you.


With that gauge and targeted ohm, i would as Fenrir1 recommend go for a parallel setting.

If you wish to go for a regular coil, i could build with Inner diameter of 2.5 for more wraps, maybe even smaller.

Anyway, what seem to be your issue from what i can see at the link you provided, you just need to set the targeted resistance (ohm) to 0.5 which you currently got at 2: http://www.steam-engine.org/coil.asp?r=0.5&awg=26&id=2.5

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Paralell here has nothing to do with a parallel coil, it is just a short cut to be able to see what 2 coils ohms out at, at a certain ID and wraps for 2 coils.

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Maybe how you use that, but i for sure use it to calculate the build of parallel coils, and as far as i understand, also what the tool is for :smiley:

Not sure exactly what you mean about this shortcut, but if i understand correct then simple divide by 2 works fine for me :wink:

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That’s a bit of a confusing detour considering he’s looking for a simple macro build.
Steam Engine’s “coil wrapping” section is much better suited for that, just select dual coil from the “setup” dropdown.

@Grubby 5 wraps around a 3mm bit with 26AWG would result in a ~0.7ohm coil. If you dual coil that, the resulting resistance would be ~0.35ohm. (Dual coil halves the resistance of single coil)

If you want a 0.5ohm coil with 26AWG you’ll only have 4 wraps, which is very few. Using a 2.5mm bit wouldn’t make much difference.
Depending on how much power you want to use, I’d suggest either using thicker wire or building slightly higher.


Sorry guys i totally missed to read the part where it says 0.5 ohms each coil.
I totally understand why you thought my way was confusing :laughing: i do too now when i know what it really was about.

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Thankyou all, I got it now, I was struggling to understand the calc but have managed to make 2 1ohm coils for a dual build and understand how to make others, cheers! :wink:


Little messy but will work…


Can easily be straighten out with some pulse heat and a squeeze with your tweezer :slight_smile:

If you want to lower the ohms on that dual build (as an example to 0.25 ohms from 2x0.5 ohms), and still keep the wraps, then try to look at the tool Fenrir1 was guiding you to, and make a parallel coil build. I used that past few days when only having 28 gauge kanthal, so i could get some more kanthal surface area.

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They look pretty good. A lot better than my first attempt.

Beware, it can addicting. I enjoy making coils more than I do mixing. I just totally zone out when I get to making them.

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Not too bad for a first build, I’ve seen a lot worse. :wink:

As @lumentum says, pulse them until they start glowing softly red and then squeeze them into shape with tweezers or pliers. (Don’t touch the coils with pliers/tweezers while firing, that’s how batteries go boom)
If you notice any hotspots, repeat the process. If the hotspots don’t go away, take a Phillips head screwdriver and gently strum the coils.

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Thanks a lot for your help and encouragement, heres my finished build:


All you need now is to put some liquid on them coils, fill the tank and vape away :laughing:


Got it on my 528 RDA :wink:

Looking good (considering how much practice you had). Next time, then before you wick the coils, use the method SirRisc wrote to straighten as much as you can, so you make sure you dont have hot spots and that they glow from inside out. It will probably give a more pleasurable vape and also make the coils last a bit longer.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your build :slight_smile:

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Ah the Goon… Nice choice to vape on my man. Them Goon’s regardless of it is a clone or the original one gives you such good flavor.

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My buddy got it for me @Pugs1970 :wink:

I love these higher ohm builds, less power same violence…


Next step SS316… I need to try Temp control… :laughing:

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