Yam ice cream/cake recipe?

Hi all,
First time poster, noob DIY’er here.

I’m Filipino and chasing that childhood dessert fav Yam flsvor for DIY.
I Have TFA yam in my stash and have tried mixing if with certain other flavors to no avail and still chasing that Yam Dessert I’m craving for!

Yam ice cream or yam cheesecake or a yam caramel cake is something along the lines of what I’m ultimately after.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I would recommend grabbing Flavorah’s Yam flavor, for it beats TFA’s for sure. Plus, you only need a fraction of it, like.4-.6%. It is definitely the most authentic yam flavor out there, so you may have a better start with you personal search.

Since you are a lover of yam type juices, I would also highly recommend grabbing TFA’s Taro. Very earthy, creamy and slightly nutty…ish. I can’t help you with TFA yam recipes because they wouldn’t be all that great, since the flavor isn’t. I do however have a s**t ton of taro recipes that will satisfy the yam ice cream search and/or sub with yam.

Sorry that I can’t be much more help here, but ice cream flavors I would recommend are Liquid Barn’s VBIC and even FA Gelato helps boost the cream. Shisha vanilla is also good with the VBIC.

Good luck


I think you and I are the only Taro fans on this site :joy:


Haha, yeah it definitely is a love/hate flavor. Most hate it but I can’t get enough of it. @Amy2 is about the only other person I know that has love for taro. Oh, and @Josephine_van_Rijn. She rubs that stuff on her bed sheets, she likes it so much!

Funny enough, I’m vaping a Taro juice with a touch of FLV yam right now. That’s what made me come out of the shadows to comment


Don’t get me started bro, I haven’t had an orgasm since :sweat_smile:


I knew I would get to the root of the issue. Baa doom cha!:drum: Zing! :clown_face:

That’s right folks, I’m here all night


@DarthVapor Haha nice im going to have to buy this TFA TARO.
Can u please share your recipes or are they available on ELR so I can get the ingredients mentioned?
I’ve got VBIC, toasty almonds, 2 coconut concentrates, cheesecake, Vanilla custard, vanilla swirl already I should be able to whip something up once I get the flavorah yam and TFA taro


So with the taro/yam I’ll use 3-6% and the base or under tones like VBIC coconut almond etc I use around 1-3%?

Is this correct?
Sorry for the noob questions haha


When you click on his avatar, there’s a link to his recipes.



As @Josephine_van_Rijn said, my recipes are public and to cut down on time (I have 100s), here is a great introduction to Taro. If you don’t like this one, taro isn’t for you.

The Taro Card
Damn copy as HTML never works for me on this site!?! Anyways, give that one a go.

The standard percentages for TFA Taro are at, or around, 2%.

Only if you want to fry your taste buds and taste nothing but yam until your late 80s! FLV yam is VERY potent. I can’t stress this enough. The window for [very] noticeable flavor is .2-.6% Not 2-6%. .20-.60%

I’m not sure what manufacturers you have of these flavors, outside of vanilla swirl being TFA. Just remember that not all flavor types are created equal. It would make life so much simpler in the beginning, if it was. Some vanilla custards are shit, while others are perfect.

Again, it really depends on the company. If you go to the recipe side of the site and look up your flavors (by manufacturer), it will give you a vague jumping off point.

There is also a lot of other things in play when deciding %s. For example, the yam being a very potent flavor, it may need more of the VBIC to “break through” that potency. Whereas a more delicate flavor, say Strawberry Ripe, would be the opposite.

The best thing I can tell you being new to mixing, is know your flavors inside and out. This site is good for giving you general information, but ultimately it is up to you to decide what works for you, where your sweet spot is, and how various flavors play together. Trial and error, plus lots of time and patience. More of the latter than anything.

Hope this helps. Feel free to hit me up, if need be. It’s been a while since I’ve had an apprentice. I’m about due :wink:


…and don’t ever be sorry about asking questions. That’s what this site was designed for and we have all had to start from the beginning. Some of us way back when we only had candy and food flavorings to work with, hehe. Just make sure you use the search function on the forums first, to avoid the angry mob :wink:

Most, if not all, the information is here for people. If you can’t find what you are looking for, there are people here that will definitely help you, regardless of how green you are


Woops so less than 1% for the yam/Taro haha
You guys are bloody legends on here I feel the support already!

Here’s my full flavor stash currently:


2 different flavors, read above again :wink:


Your stash is pretty rockin’ sexy for starting out. Versatile flavors. :+1:


Sorry was at work haha .2-.6% yam and 2% for taro got it… I’ve saved to my favorites the cats taro and the taro card … taro card sounds real delicious with alot of positive comments (minus the trolls) I’ve just got to source the missing flavs.
I have a good feeling bout this as my ADV is currently The Mamasan Purple Cheesecake which I managed to find a local vendor here in Australia but here’s a link from google:
I absolutely love the yam taste I eat sweet potato and drink taro boba tea so I know I’ll enjoy your recipes haha


Ps: thanks to everyone who’s posted absolutely helpful human beings y’all are xoxo


I have a few of these recipes as well! If only I had a way to incorporate tapioca pearls into my juice, it would be perfect :thinking:


Yep I’ve adapted your Taro Boba :+1:t3::+1:t3:
I’ve had to buy like 10+ flavors last night should arrive tomorrow.
There’s like 5 recipes I’m going to whip up can’t wait!!!


Since we were on the subject of Taro, I have a bunch of Flavorah’s new flavors coming for pre-release review and taro is one of them. I have very high hopes for this one!! I hope they do it right and it’s better than the 2 that are already out there!!


Let us know how you go bro!!!
I’d be keen to hear … my flavors come in today YAY!

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