Yihi SXmini PUREMAX Reviewed by SessionDrummer

As a rule, I don’t use, or review PODS and have turned down quite a few request to review them. David from SXmini hit me up, and asked if I was interested, and I was hesitant, until he started explaining some of the features. Buckboost, Temp Control (w./ Dry Hit Protection), and their PURE tech, which oscillated the power rate(s) to allow for better flavor production across the spectrum. Well, now I HAD to try it out, as this did NOT seem like a standard low-tech, throw away Pod.

SX Mini Pure Max Specs

  • Size: 94x26x19mm
  • Battery: 1050mAh (internal)
  • Display: LED indicators
  • Pure Temperature Control – Anti Burn
  • Output: 12-20W (4.5-5.5V)
  • Type C USB charging – 1A charge rate
  • Resistance range: 0.6-1.2ohm
  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Pods: Fixed coil (SS316L) replaceable pods
  • Chipset: YiHi SX303J
  • Side fill
  • Auto draw
  • Adjustable airflow

What’s Included:

  • 1 x PureMax Pod
  • 1 x 0.8ohm PX20 Cartridge
  • 1 x USB-C cable
  • 1 x User manual

Some of the interesting features …

Well let’s get INTO this one …

They included the PUREMAX, (1) 0.6 ohm Pod, USB-C charging cable, User’s Manual, and PURE spec. sheet …

The User’s Manual was very good, as always from the SXmini Team …

The “Pure Card” as I called it, filled in some more of the blanks …

Including info on the Presets, which varied by Pod …

David also threw in some extra Pods (0.6 ohm, 0.8 ohm) …


I left the info sticker on for some of the pics, and the controls were clear, easy to use and simple. Power button, and airflow slide …

  • 3 clicks – Turn unit On/Off
  • Press and hold once turned on to select one of the 4 Power Presets

USB-C charging on the bottom …

Looking closer at the battery revealed some of the trademark attention to detail …

Moving onto the Pod, which was cleanly laid out, easy to read with min/max fill lines, and specs. The side fill rubber plug is also visible …

Keying on the sides kept the alignment correct …

Power, and airflow ports on the bottom …

Slightly flattened 510 drip tip. YES, you can use your own too !!!

Double o-ring’ed, and keyed …

It was very hard to get a shot of it, but the SS mesh coil is/was visible …

Back of the Pod with the filler plug visible again …

Easy to remove …

And easy to fill with any needle tipped bottle …

Filled and ready to go …

Power pins and keyed slots for easy insertion …

When inserted, it was very snug, with no wobble …

The LED’s were very bright, and showed charging level, charged level (while using), and Power Presets (when selecting). They also chased when the Pod was inserted …

The airflow slider was snug, but easy to move. Down fully open (Restricted Direct To Lung) …

And fully closed (fairly tight MTL) …

Testing / Usage:

Because I’ve turned down numerous offers to review Pods, and not being a huge fan OF them, I was not sure what to expect. David made a compelling case for the PUREMAX, citing the Temp Control, Anti Dry-Hit, Power Presets, and the PURE power oscillation. Throughout my extended tests using RDTL, and MTL it performed very well. I tested the Anti Dry-Hit quite a few times, and sure enough, when not filled, or running empty, it did it’s thing, and NO dry hits. As the charge ran down, it did a pretty seamless job of handling the power, and it was hardly noticeable. The airflow ranged from a somewhat restricted DTL, to a pretty tight MTL. The draw firing also worked perfectly, with only a very short sizzle when you stopped drawing on it.

When David contacted me, he WAS pretty excited about it, and encouraged me to throw some COMPLEX juices at it. Well, hehe, I DID. I torture tested it with one of my ADV’s at 70v/30p, which has creams, custards, bakeries, and some fruit, and I was actually shocked. It did a pretty damned good job reproducing the flavors. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Pod do much of anything with that type of juice. Wow, color me shocked. It wasn’t fully up to the level of my daily driver SteamCrave, but it was getting closer. No leaking, and I switched over to MTL with my 14mg fruit only ADV running 50v/50p, and it had no problems with it either. I closed the airflow all the way off (still some airflow), and dammit, worked fine as a pretty tight MTL as well. At one point I think I had 4 pods floating around the lab and I was bouncing back and forth, trying to muck it up, and I couldn’t. Even though this WAS sent for this review, I can honestly say I see what David was excited.


  • 4ml capacity
  • Leak free
  • Able to run 70v/30p no problem
  • Airflow ranged from fairly restricted DTL to fairly tight MTL
  • Easy controls
  • Bright, multi-function LED’s
  • 510 drip tip compatible (bring your own if you want)
  • Draw firing (no fire button)
  • USB-C charging
  • Did quite good with complex creamery/bakery juices
  • Anti Dry-Firing
  • 3 or 4 Power Presets (different depending on Pod installed)


  • Average battery life
  • Not 100% flavor reproduction (nit-pick, it’s a Pod !!!)
  • Tinted tank can be hard(er) to see juice levels
  • Slight sizzle after stopping draw (nit-pick)
  • A little too restricted on the DTL (but, it’s a Pod !!)


Wow, wow, and MORE wow. Let me drop this disclaimer again. I am NOT a huge fan of Pods, have barely used many of them, and cannot directly compare the PUREMAX to them, as I have not used many. BUT, with that said, it just figures that the SXmini team would figure out how to take a “Pod” to the next level. The PUREMAX although not completely mimicking my SteamCraves, it was getting close(r). I was surprised by the amount of creamy-ness, and some mouthfeel that I got from the PUREMAX with my ADV, no other way to say it. I can only assume that the PURE tech’s buckboost had something to do with this. My biggest nit-pick (yeah, I know, it’s a Pod dude), would be that it was a little too restricted for my tastes on the DTL, but I emptied 4 tanks, and it didn’t slow me down.

I don’t think it would replace any of my SteamCraves, BUT, there ARE times where I wished I’d had a smaller, leak-free (the SteamCraves are NOT leak-free) setup, and having one that could DTL in a pinch (albeit RDTL), and run a solid MTL as well, is/was just another bonus.

BREAKING NEWS [We interrupt your normally scheduled Review]!!!

Yes, of COURSE I did …

SIDE BY SIDE COMPARISON. I know, just a little theatrics for you guys. YES, after I was shocked at how good the flavors WERE, especially with my cream/bakery heavy ADV, I did run side by side comparisons. NO, the PUREMAX wasn’t as good as the SteamCrave RDTA Supreme. BUT, dammit, hehe, it did a pretty good job, and with my limited Pod experience, FAR better than any other Pod I’ve ever tried before. The PUREMAX seemed a bit “cleaner” than my SC, and it reproduced most of my ADV’s profiles, but for SOME of the heavy creamy-ness, and some of the lower, bottom end notes. Pretty impressive, and only doing SBS could I really check that.

[Back to your normally scheduled Review]

In conclusion, OF the conclusion, this was a smart, intelligent Pod designed by the SXmini team, and it had far more P’s than C’s, and if you are even remotely on the fence, or even like myself, “Pods, who uses Pods ??”, then you might be surprised, as I know I was.

I’ve been really busy lately with all of the new flavor releases, and still have more in the queue, and I’m sure you guys are busy as well, so I appreciate you taking the time to read this review, and if you HAVE made it ALL the way down here, I again, salute you.

Linkage: Limited Availability Currently




Bonus Shots for the Faithful:



If @SmilingOgre is still roaming, I’d be curious to hear his thoughts on buckboost, and/or if altering the output as claimed by SXmini, could lead to enhanced flavor reproduction.

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Very interesting questions my friend. Yihi is no stranger to using alternating current to drive a coil. In the past it’s been in the form of PCM square wave not the sinusoidal waveform pictured. This makes the buck/boost more efficient as there is no rectification back to dc before delivery. Without putting it on a scope I can’t say too much. The enhanced flavor claim is a stretch for me. Not calling them out here but I would have to hear a lot more on the theory before buying in on it. Flavor per my experience comes from coil saturation, airflow, vapor chamber and material of the atty/pod. It is wonderful to hear that the flavor is good. I bought one of their first pods and it turned all my juice into Draino. On a personal note, I’ve come to consider Yihi’s TC superior to Evolve. I believe Evolve has over engineered their circuits to the point that they are very susceptible to ambient temperature changes resulting in inconsistent vapes. Yihi simply always works. Maybe David would elaborate on the science involved?


Thanks for the review @SessionDrummer but personally when I see throw away pod my interest goes the same way and I’m not bothered how fantastic it is.
The way I look at it is it’s a stage worse than not having a rebuildable option. Not only are you relying on the manufacturer to continue to make coils but the whole ‘tank’.
At least with coils you’ve got the possibility of the coils fitting something else and even if that particular product doesn’t sell then another one that takes the same coils could be going alright and they’re still around.
Each to their own but not for me but again thanks.


You’re very welcome @Gazza7. Thankfully this isn’t a throw away, or at least you can get the pods easily, BUT, it’s still a Pod. Admittedly I LOVE it, when there is a rebuildable option, because then I can use of my spools of wire !!!


Sorry but perhaps I didn’t explain myself properly. I know it’s not a disposable device but unless I’m mistaken the pod is and when the coil has run it’s life the whole pod has to be thrown away.
Apologies for any confusion.


Not at all @Gazza7. Yes, the Coils (tops) do end up in the landfill.

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That sounds impressive! I do use pods but only in the toilet at work and short drives and never put my ADV’s in them which are similar to yours by the sound of it.

Not sure if it’s my imagination but I reckon you get more sour in a pod, my theory is the lower wattage (I may be way off the mark) :crazy_face: I mainly mix candies for them.

The Doumei Yellow Mango really shines in the pods I use, a surprising mix was that and SSA Cola.


That’s interesting @marsh8, I wouldn’t have thought of that.

I think I’m going to mix up a solo Yellow Mango, just to see how it fares.

So wait, you paired the mango AND the cola together ?


I haven’t tried it yet but I was tempted to push it to 2% solo in a pod.

Oh yeah it was great, I can’t find the recipe but it was basically your cherry coke with mango substituted. They released a mango pepsi down here, that’s where I got the idea.


@SmilingOgre David hit me up on the VC …

SmilingOgre asked for clarifications about how we achieve better flavor with software.

my answer is:

Sure, the usual suspects like the coil, cotton, saturation, airflow, and material play their important part, but there’s this other player on the field – the temperature dance.

Sweet, creamy, and fruity notes, they all have their sweet spots when it comes to heat. It’s like a symphony; low temperature brings out the high notes, crank it up, and suddenly the low notes are in the spotlight.

Now, about PURE – no marketing pitch, just straight talk. Normal wattage mode is like a predictable road trip; the longer you vape, the hotter it gets. PURE, on the other hand, is like a scenic route with a sine waveform, embracing both highs and lows, and every draw feels like déjà vu.

We tested our pods on regular wattage mode and then on PURE. No frills, just facts – the flavor experience got cranked up, It’s like the software whispered to the flavors, “Step up your game!”


I have experienced different flavors being highlighted with different temperatures so I can buy in on that part of the theory. Beyond that I trust your judgement. Interesting adaptation.


The jury’s still out on exactly WHAT is causing what, BUT, I’m re-torture testing it with some JF Mango Mafia, chain vape style, and it’s tasting great, and the battery hasn’t died yet (today).


Did David sell snake oil to the Indian’s?


I don’t know @rcleven, right now I’m slamming Mango Mafia, which should excel in Pods and it is, what’s curious is yesterday (and the day before that), when I was hammering it with my rich creamy, bakery, custard, it did much BETTER than expected. That’s the curious part.

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I have different Mfg’s RTA’s that do that. Some work better with fruits some work better with creams. I mark it up more to coils and air flow.


Hmmmm, seems like my LACK of Pod / ModPod exposure has limited my experience. The few that I tried, were NOT up to snuff.

Haven’t used pod devices since I started vaping. Still have a Geek Vape Obelisk U new in box from a year ago that I won from Geek Vape.
I hate buying premade coils. Guess that what makes WOTOFO so popular. Mesh coils large amount of saturated cotton. They also taste different with different temperatures.They seem to accent the sweeter side of a mix. Different coils do different things for taste.
Most pod devices are for stealth vaping. Small coil less vapor higher percentage of flavor in a mix.
Even if what he says is true with temp control it’s still a small coil.


Another solid review SD of an interesting pod device. I use my BB as my pod.

So this part of David’s answer begs another question. Seeing as there’s NO temperature value set for this scenic route with a sine waveform, when you the user sets a wattage, is that the maximum or minimum it will use?

Same here, and I was saying that on other forums since 2017, with Peanut and Mint and a few others.