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YIHI VS. DNA loaded question?


Wismec and Eleaf are both subsidiaries of Joytech, and uses the Joytech chipset.


I can say that between Yihi and DNA I in many ways prefer the Yihi chips. Although this is mostly driven by experience with the 60, 75, and 75c chip sets which are not very efficient on battery use. I’ve gotten better personal results with the SX500 Yihi chip.

I will also say, ArcticFox really breathes new life in to the Predator which goes from pretty mediocre on TC to pretty good. Better display configuration and overall control as well. The only reason to run the Wismec firmware on a Predator, is because you don’t know about AF.

Same for the Eleaf 200 QC and TC


In simple terms. Half. The other half of the equation is the actual firmware code (and the selected algorithm to handle/execute/manage things). But because the two work so closely hand in hand, if you are missing one, then the other is automatically limited.

No. Because the hardware is what supports the monitoring, and the regulation (the two biggest factors IMO) of the power delivered to the coil as a result of the data that’s been monitored.

What they’re trying to convey, is that, for the price difference between the two approaches (as an end user), the improvement that Arctic Fox makes (to the items that it will run on) is “close enough”.

For others, where performance is non-negotiable, close enough isn’t. And that’s where DNA shines.

/I would have included Yihi in that last statement previously, but given the reports of them not providing service… They’ve effectively removed themselves from my list, as an option. Because for me, too spend that kind of money and not have guaranteed service? Not even an option.

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What? Wrong terms bug me. :laughing:
“I’m simple terms” /= “In simple terms”


We could go on about intricacies of the various TC chipsets and boards, but we could also look at it another way…

A Challenger Hellcat is an excellent performing street rod. A Lamborghini is a much better performer. A Hellcat is ‘cheaper’ and its’ performance will satisfy 99% of drivers.

A stock Mustang GT is far below performance levels of either of those high end machines, but fits the budget and has enough performance to satisfy a whole lot of people. You see where I’m going.

There’s no reason to debate which is better. The Lambo is #1, a hipo Hellcat is #2, and a base street rod is #3. But, all three work well.

You may be over-fretting about this. YiHi gives you darn good performance even if it is short of DNA. And maybe the hardware of the AF conversions isn’t as adapted as boards made for YiHi and DNA. But, chances are unless you require high high end performance, you will be happy with the “Mustang”.

I do not have DNA experience to call upon, but I can say the difference between the Wismec RX300 and the Arctic Fox RX300 was night and day, and also came with seemingly infinite adjustability. That said, you’ll probably be happy with whatever you end up choosing.

At the end of the day, this will ultimately be your decision to make. I hope this thread and all the information contributed is helpful and not causing you heartburn. I hope you find happiness and peace with your new TC mod, since enjoying vaping is the end goal.


And that’s the simple truth of it. For all the talk about DNA, Yihi, AF – which all have their merits I still use a Livepor 160, dirt cheap mod in TC mode far more than any other mods. Yes, I have to bump the detected resistance when I put a tank it, but from there it’s a rock star in my book and just love using it.


Thanks! Just threw AF on my Pico and Cuboid 200W that I just have hanging around. Will have to play with them a bit more now.


While I have DNA, and Yihi, in many of the Mods I have, out of the two I prefer the DNA, although with that said I am not all into the temp thing, I tried to like it many of times, and it is cool to play with, but when I grab a mod I just wan’t it to fire up, fast with the touch of the fire button, knowing when its hitting to hot or not is something you know. I have far too many toppers to deal with what has what coil in it and if it is Stainless, Kanthal, or Nichrome, no worries when you run power. I get the whole temp is safer, but way overrated, if i were smoking a analog would it be any safer? No. Still It is nice to upgrade the 20 or other mods (Wismec)(Joyetech)(Eleaf) Mods with AF to get close, at least for the people that will eventually get these mods. As far as I have came though the game I like the most simplistic of mods the best, nothing but a dial and a button to push, that’s just me though, You will always get this is better than that with everything from music to food. Whatever works Right? Oh I forgot he who dies with the most toy’s wins. Haha, If it were not for sites like these I would still be puffin’ on my MVP or my first mech, the Nemisis.


This is not correct, unless eleaf wismec and several other companies are using those chips.


The light! The light! It shines so bright!


This has been very helpful. The different angles that i am aware of now will be very helpful for future purchases. My husband and i have been reluctant to buy new toys. Research has been exhausting. I am so super thankful for the input.


I am very over analytical by nature. Mountains out of mole hills, i make.


These are all in the same family of chips be it Pico (eleaf), Evic MIni (joyetech), RX 75 and so forth all the way up to Cuboid,RX200, RX200S, RX2/3, RX300, RX2, Predator,and many others, Istick 100T and up, tons of them using the same basic 3-4 chips that are in all those company mods that all can be updated with AF firmware.VTC Mini, VTC Dual, VTwo Mini, VTwo, AIO, Basic;
Primo, Primo 2.0, Primo Mini, Primo Mini SE;
eGrip II / Light;
Cuboid, Cuboid Mini, Cuboid 200;

Presa TC75W, Presa TC100W;
RX75, RX200, RX200S, RX300, RX2/3, RXmini, RX GEN3, Predator;
Sinuous P80;

iStick TC100W, iStick TC200W, iStick QC 200W, iStick Power 80W, iStick Tria;
Pico 75W, Pico Mega, Pico Dual, Pico RDTA, Pico 25;
Aster, iKonn220; more to come Stand by…


Completely invalid comparison IMO.

For starters, we’re not smoking. So that’s not even in the picture anymore. Second, and more importantly, you’re missing the entire point of TC (at least why I love both the use of it, and the intent of it).
TC is to prevent “dry hits”. Or, in absolute basic terms, to prevent the combustion of (burning) the cotton. Which in effect, puts you right back into a similar situation as smoking.

Granted, no where near as much damage, or level of pollutants, or chemicals, etc. But still resulting in the unpleasurable, and potentially more harmful than normal vaping where combustion does not occur.

Temperature Control, on a properly setup, and properly functioning device, eliminates the possibility of that combustion occurring. FAR from “way overrated” in my opinion.

Cotton burning (to me) is orders of magnitude more important than folks who worry about diketones, etc. Because it’s inhaling burnt material. The whole thing we’re all trying to put in the past.


I am not saying that Temperature Control is bad in anyway, Many can not tell if and when their cotton will burn, So for those that don’t pay attention its great, I myself am a idiot who forgets to put the top on a rda and gets branded on the lips every so often, so yeah that might be even worse than a dry hit.


Absolutely agree. Although I do want to remember how much I hated smoking, I no longer smoke. Vaping has become an entirely different experience. Along with that TC is a unique experience of vaping. Beyond avoiding dry hitting, I can set my mod to ramp very quickly to a temperature I enjoy e.g. flavor, heat, and have that temperature sustain so I can draw as long as I like and enjoy that consistency. Marvelous experience. VW has it’s place in my vaping as well but does not diminish the value of TC. DNA and Yihi are where I discovered the joy of TC well done. I have since found others that provide a good experience but in my mind DNA and Yihi pioneered the way to what TC has become or maybe more appropriately, what it is becoming.


It is … and they are!

But you don’t have to take my word for it:


I too am on that idiot boat. I’ve been in the middle of doing something, needed to take the cap off the drip, have been side tracked with something else but made a mental note to put the cap back on and still proceeded to burn the crap out of my lip.


I avoided temp control for a long time. I was fearful that i wouldnt understand it. I also didnt see the point. " why push more buttons just to vape?"
Once i tried it, i never looked back. I am loving the temp curve feature on the vesta. But the only other experience was with an alien…so it may not be a fair comparison.


The temp curve thing is a neat feature. I’m sure it’s well done with DNA but it’s also a great feature of AF as well. And, they can be used in power mode too. That’s actually one of my favorite features to use. I think it’s pretty cool that you can set a curve that can last longer than your lungs could ever draw. Of interest to me is the fact that I am one of those ‘long draw’ types, so a hit that ramps up too quickly is not what I prefer. I like starting slow, ramping up slowly, and undulating along the draw so it doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Keeps it interesting.

I also understand the folks who say that TC isn’t a big deal. To a degree (pun intended), that’s true. Experienced vapers tend to pay attention and avoid dry hits. But aside from the protection from that, TC is also a good source of nutrition for the mad scientist in us all. Gotta feed the beast.


I know this is an old post but im looking into chips/boards myself and things have changed so it’s still a relevant question. instead of making a new thread Ill revive this one
and also wonder how the gene chip and FSK compare to these 2? I hear great things about SX line which is Yihi

also TC isn’t just to prevent dry hits at different temperatures different flavors stand out much more. like if you vape a raspberry cheesecake the lower temps will highlight fruit flavors and higher temps the crust like guy above me said it keeps it interesting