YIHI VS. DNA loaded question?

I couldn’t find a topic on this.
I trust this community the most. So i am in need of honest pros and cons for each chip set.


Whoops found one.


My opinion get one of these,


And load this firmware on it.


This is good firmware and is very good at tc.


Thats interesting. Doesn’t break the bank…maybe i was misunderstanding the gravity of getting good temp control out of yihi and dna only?


Geez, i should have searched more :confused:


It’s good to get your feet wet in the tc game, this firmware really is quite good, just ask @ADKmac and @Molly_Mcghee


Arctic Fox on that mod is pretty kick ass @Laura5!!!


I just learned about that in a 510 ipv vesta thread! Ill be doing research!! Yay!!


I’ve used YiHi for 2 years, Arctic Fox for one… If my YiHi mods were compatible I would convert them to Arctic Fox. It’s so versatile, so infinitely customizable, you can make a cheap mod perform like a high end. It’s perfect for power and TC. Every mod should be an Arctic Fox.


Regarding TC only, I believe the DNA to be more sensitive and accurate. The Yihi however, especially in a Yihi mod is calibrated and ready to go out of the box and a very close second in accuracy. To the point were I can’t tell the difference between the vapes if the DNA PCB is correctly calibrated to the mod. With a Yihi you truly never have to connect to a computer unless you opt to update the chipset. With the DNA any TCR or TFR alterations must be done via software. Having said all that, there are quite a few manufacturers that are upping their game in TC. More folks are using TC and it is more and more becoming criteria for purchase.


Here is where I stand with this. I will say I have plenty of experience here and have owned a couple of both. Both chips have great features and do a great job with an awesome vaping experience.

Difference between the two, Evolv wins hands down because their customer service on their chips is outstanding. YIHI wouldn’t even respond to multiple e-mails when I had problems. That mod is still in a box after only one day of life. Yep, died in one day and the warranty is no good. Buyer beware with YIHI, they only want to sell and will not service a faulty chip or back up their warranties. At least that is what actually happened to me and I will never buy another thing with a YIHI board after that.


Customer service means a lot to me, thats some good info. I have both chips and have had zero problems with both. I find the yihi easier to use its less complicated, but i like the dna better cant really say why it just tastes better. That being said the yihi sx mini is a wonderful mod i love it and would replace it if it broke.


I second this, multiple messages to Yihi without a response, within 12 hours from Evolve every time.


No doubt, customer service is a thing. Poor customer service is a really bad thing.

Now @Laura5 are you looking to build a mod or buy one with the desired chipset on it? Because chipset support isn’t as much of a thing in that case, since your mod’s warranty (whatever it is) covers you.

I don’t have DNA experience largely because I couldn’t afford a DNA mod plus the YiHi worked well enough for me not to make the jump. But I can tell you that TC on the YiHi chipset works well. However, the customizeability of Arctic Fox that allows you to control so many parameters of nearly everything you can change or view on a mod is really hard to beat. You can get AF dialed in for a better TC vape than YiHi.

And unlike DNA, where the PC is required for changes, most functions with AF can be modified from either the PC or directly on the mod, which is another big win.

I still have to vote for an Arctic Fox conversion over YiHi or DNA. Just my $0.02. Good luck on the journey!


Arctic Fox is a great piece of software, that drastically improves not only the TC, but the general functionality of the Joytech family of mods, even Evolve could learn a bit from it - It however can’t magically turn a Joytech device into a DNA device!

If the hardware isn’t up to the task, then it doesn’t matter how good the software is.
My own personal experience with a Joytech mod running Arctic Fox, is that it upgrades the TC from being very mediocre to usable, but still nowhere in the same class as a DNA or YIHI mod. (I don’t have any personal experience with YIHI mods)

When comparing DNA to YIHI, the interesting thing is that they do TC completely different. YIHI uses pulse width modulation (PWM) which basically means that instead of regulating the voltage output, it runs at full power and turns the power on and off in quick pulses to keep the coil at a steady temperature. Whereas DNA simply regulates the voltage in the normal manner.

One downside to DNA mods is that many (but not all) mod manufacturers don’t calibrate the mods from the factory, which means that you either have to perform these calibrations yourself or download a configuration file from someone who have performed them on the exact same model. Most of course never does that, which means many have non-calibrated mods and never get the full benefit of having a DNA device.

You however don’t need a DNA or YIHI mod to get decent TC. Many of the newer mid-end mods actually does it quite well. Especially Smoant, TeslaCigs, Vaporesso, Aspire and Voopoo (though the new Voopoo Too seems to have a TC problem) has a good reputation when it comes to TC.


That was actually my point, sorry it sounded like a Joy could be on par with a DNA. I mean exactly what you clarified for me- Arctic Fox takes a so-so mod and turns it into a real slick piece of work. It improved my RX300 by a factor of 10 easily. For most vapers, really good TC is good enough. True for me anyway. My TC experience has been with 4 iPV series mods, the RX300, the Laisimo L1, and the SMY TC60 Mini (which was very early in the TC game and really never had a chance to be great). I do believe that thanks to the adjustability of AF, that it can be on par with YiHi. I’ve seen it myself anyway.


I bought 2 ipv vestas. I have been exploring pros and cons of yihi and dna
My main issue is the money spent. There is such a huge price jump between the two chipsets.
I would feel terrible if we shelled out big bucks and something went wrong.


I am learning so much with this topic. I was under the impression that chipset was a main contributor to quality of the vape for TC.
If i am understanding correctly…i could purchase a device with a lower quality chipset, upgrade the software to (arctic fox) and TC would be up to the level of a high end chipset??


Short Answer: No
And your first impression was correct, it is the chipset that is the main factor of the quality of TC - the firmware however also matters.

If you want TC on the level of DNA or YIHI, you need to buy a DNA or YIHI mod. There are however some other companies that aren’t far behind, like the the ones I mentioned, and for most people and most purposes they are good enough.

I for example have both a DNA device in the form of HCigar VT75 and a TeslaCigs Nano 120, and if I made a blind test with the same tank, build and juice, then I don’t actually think I would be able to tell them apart. There are still a lot of advantages to the DNA mod, for example it automatically adjust for room temperature and have all sort of functions to fine tune everything.

When it comes to Arctic Fox then it is a bit more complicated:

Firstly it only works on devices from the Joytech family using the Joytech chipset, you can’t just buy any odd mod and upgrade it with AF.

Secondly what it does is change the algorithm used to throttle down the power in TC mode, into a better algorithm, which means that the TC is smoother and less pulsy than if you use the stock firmware on these devices.

Thirdly it adds a lot of fine tuning and customisation options, similar to what you get on DNA devices.

What it however doesn’t do is make the temperature readings or control more accurate, that depends mainly on the chipset.

If someone already have a Joytech device, then I would recommend that they upgrade it with the Arctic Fox firmware, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy a Joytech device explicitly to be able to use Arctic Fox - Others might, but I don’t.


It has limited compatibility, but more than just joy.


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