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YIHI VS. DNA loaded question?


Well theres one word that makes the new dna boards (c boards) my first choice and thats replay.

Yes i am bias because thats all i use, except for my squonk.

Im not like @Sprkslfly very technical and can base my knowledge on that. I can only make this suggestion based on my own user experience.

I personally dont care about how it works or why, as long as it does. If thats good enough, then keep reading :wink:

The gene chip doesnt compare at all. Its a good chip, back in the day and did have a lot of features that were above average to that time.

Nowadays with the products out there, it falls in my opinion just into the generic chip category. Based on tc, it would fall more into the mediocre categorie, since voopoo cant seem to get rid of their stupid mindset and locking the devices at 80w in tc. Therefore garbage and their customer service sucks even more.

Lately theres also lots of issues with the newer products of voopoo, seems after the old drag (not the resin editions, these fall already into the new product category) the quality control department was layed off and they abandoned that department, because in easy words, just dont bother with them.

Fsk, i assume we are talking about the old mods that were designed by hohmtech? I still use one to this day, and always would recommend them, if you find it at a good price. If you need to pay $80+ (the old nostalgist price) then dont bother, because while its good especially in tc, at that price you nearly can get a new dna.

Yihi, well its just like in the real world, you will find people telling you that pepsi is better than coca cola and vice versa. Thats how i feel about it too, tried a yihi device, just not the new sx class, that might be different. And couldnt find anything bad with it, tc worked great (only way i used to vape at that time) not much hassle, no setting up via pc needed etc.

And i mention it now again, because i love mine so much lol, purchased a dna 250c and remember the only word you ever need is, replay!

If you have the funds, do some research on both of course, but i highly recommend a dna with c board!


The question of DNA compared to any other chip is simple for me anyway.

DNA mod quits working simply contact Evolv and they issue you a RMA and fix it for free no questions asked rather it is in warranty or years out of the warranty period.

Evolv just has the best customer service on the planet bar none.


@eStorm and @wvsanta pretty much nailed it.

The Gene chip is way overrated IMO although I do like the Vmate for its small size and cheap price makes it a mod I will take with me if I I don’t want to take one of my fancier mods. I sold my resin Drag to a friend for cheap, he is giving it back for a refund as he thinks it is an uncomfortable POS to carry around compared to the Vapecige Creator he has.

Love the FSK chip, have about 6 G2 mods and maybe 4 Slice. I will usually have at least 1 G2 in my rotation, right now I have 2 being used. Just love how I can dial in the TC vape I want with the XXX mode but we will probably never see the FSK chip again which sucks. A friend of mine wants a G2 but I am having a hard time part with any of mine, always have an excuse of why that color I can’t sell :rofl: I have never had any of my FSK chips fail on my as well and they have the most use of any of my other mods. They do have a cheap battery compartment though, that is their weak link for sure.

Yihi can be hit or miss with there boards, just being a Yihi chip doesn’t guarantee great performance. I would say 500 series class boards are the best for me, love my G Class and the Yihi board in the Vsticking mod is pretty good but other Yihi chipped mods were just OK. I like the Sxmini SL Class but find the 485J chip a downgrade from the 500 series chips.

As @eStorm already said…Replay replay replay, the DNA C boards have spoiled me with that mode. That and having a solid warranty as wvsanta said makes it a no brainer for the best board on the market without question. I really didn’t like the original DNA75 board, not very efficient and the amp limit was a pain. When they came out with the DNA75C I wasn’t much interested as well since the efficiency was still the same but then they added Replay and damn, I now have 3 or 4 DNA75C mods that get used a lot. The DNA250C…oh yeah, great board and reasonably priced for the best board on the market. I got 3 or 4 250C chipped mods and they get used all the time.

@warkwarth just get a DNA250C mod and be done with it, a purchase you will not regret.


yup gonna get a triade or drone.
Im assuming its yes but If i buy through ali express and seller is heavensgifts (approval 98%)
as long as its genuine warranty will cover it right?
same goes for fasttech as long as evolv can verify its genuine
(and I know all about the dangers of fakes on fasttech)
it’s not some kind of grey market?


I miss mine dearly. It took a 15 foot drop and the battery sled went to pieces. I sent it to Sprks for spare parts. Not sure if the chip remained in working order.

I ran across one in the classifieds on ECF but didn’t buy it. Now I regret that.


Spot on assessment as usual @mjag! :thumbsup:

It did, and outside of their poorly executed battery connection points, they are excellent devices! (Sadly, carrying around a 20-25lb power supply, and the necessary extension cord isn’t very conducive to vaping on the go…lol)

But then, once I learned (through hands on inspection; thank you again TinMan for making it possible!) that the chip in the G6 is actually a ST Microelectronics chip, I’m not only not surprised that it’s such a great performer, but it gives me additional hope that others in the industry (who currently utilize the ST chips) will continue to expand on (or fully realize) their capabilities.
OR, maybe Hohm Tech will consider selling or licensing their firmware expertise to other manufacturers!! (A man can dream right? lol)

As @mjag mentioned though, the Achilles heel is definitely the battery connectors. And the little bastards are (ok, WERE) custom batched. So they’re NLA. =/


I have never had to deal with a warranty claim with Evolv but from what I have heard you just gotta send it in. Never heard of a clone DNA chip but you best bet is to do some research.

@TheTinMan ugh, that sucks brother. If u ever really need 1 then let me know. Not that I need as many as I have but knowing there pretty much gone forever makes them that more special. I can spare one of the ugly ones though…lol.

@Sprkslfly the mod coroner maestro your assessment of the FSK chip just makes me like it even more. I did brick a Hohm Slice when trying to do a firmware update, that one had an unreleased firmware on it and all my attempts to resurrect it failed. If you want to “Slice” it open just give me the word boss :+1:


I’ll be your huckleberry. :grinning:


Very kind of you, but I’m sure I will run across one sooner or later. I bet @ozo has a few.

The one in the classies was asking $50. Why I didn’t buy it I don’t remember.

I wonder why they really never took off except in a niche market. They were built like a Tonka, ugly as sin, sharp corners, but they could do TC in all wires and fire down to 0.006 ohms or lower. And that’s not a typo.


Ya, I most likely still have a G2 Silver Special Edition NIB.
I have several on the shelf that I use, and a couple of Slice.
I love that FSK, best battery life I have ever seen.