You call that a dripper? Now that's a dripper!

50 mm. Just damn.


Holy mother of gawd!

For those coat hanger coils with 28batt mods…


Omg i need this to fit on an ego pen !!!


650mah, hehe.

Got some premade coils for it on fastech :wink:


ROFL! Hope thats 304SS for my VTC!


I cant believe that.

I should have taken a photo of the build deck. So get this.

Looking down on it there are negative posts at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. Each with 2 mounting screws. The center positive plate runs nearly the width of the thing from 3 to 9 o’clock and has two rows of mounting screws, 5 on each side.

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and also

That’s… That’s… Whoa!


Now thats a dripper. Hit it twice and change the batteries lol

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Pic says 46mm, that might just be the size sans topcap.

You could easily do an octa coil in that monster!

You could put some many coils on that thing that one would require to make up new names! hehehe

There are some youtube vids on it too.

What the fu…[thud]

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Holy Mother o crikey! That thing belongs under a bonnet! (…hood!..whatever ya call em over there)

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I just noticed something rather serendipitous. That’s my Reuleaux this thing was sitting on. How odd that the air intake holes on the dripper are perfectly aligned with the vent holes on the mod. Like they were made for each other. Well, except for nearly half of it hanging off the side :laughing:

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Do i see a future purchase here? HmmmmmMMM?

Not any time soon. I’m saving up to get a solid platinum grill for my teeth and a gold plated man hole cover and logging chain for a little bling.


ROFL, Awesome, that totally made my night, d00d.

You would have to cary a car battery to use it lol

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