Youde Bellus, simply brilliant and brilliantly simple

What’s up vapefam!
SirRisc here with another gear review!

I’ve had the pleasure for once to receive an RTA before it was released, but I’m never one to race out my reviews to be first because I think it’s a ridiculous thing to do.
However it would seem I’m still one of the first to put out a written review of the new Youde Bellus RTA, I do hope it will answer some questions!

The Youde Bellus was sent to me for the purpose of this review by Youde Technology!
Straight from the manufacturer is always a good thing! Thank you, Youde Technology!


Youde is known mostly for the Goblin (also lovingly nicknamed the Gobbler) and the Goliath RTAs, which both have proven their place in the market.
I personally never owned a Goliath, but to this day I still use my Goblin. It hasn’t declined in quality, it’s still one of the good ones.
More recently Youde Technology has also ventured into the wonderful world that is wire… by providing us with prespooled clapton wire, twisted wire and even fused clapton wire.
Fancy coils couldn’t be made easier unless they vaped it for you!
With all that said the Bellus is an RTA that has a lot to offer, vapes great and has the same qualities as the Goblin, with a few additions.

Sit back and have a vape while I explain why it’s a great choice…

Youde Bellus


  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Pyrex Glass tank
  • 5ml capacity
  • Dual coil deck with single coil adapter
  • Adjustable airflow, 32 airflow holes
  • Leakproof design
  • Large juicechannels
  • Spiraled chimney and driptip
  • Ability to reach coils without draining


The packaging is the well known clear plastic casing we’ve all had at some point.
The casing protects the Bellus from scratches and contains a spare glass, a bag with spare o-rings and the single coil adapter, and another bag with a sheet of Japanese organic cotton.
The Bellus itself is clearly visible and pops out very easily.

I’ll let the photos do the talking…


Performance-wise the Bellus is very much on par with the Goblin, even slightly better.
The Bellus features a design that is supposedly leakproof and I have to admit I haven’t had any leaks yet.
A bit of condensation on the side where the airflow control ring sits is as much as I’ve experienced, and even that is easily wiped off with a tissue or even just your finger.

The spiraled chimney does help with vapor production it seems, but the draw is very much the same as the Goblin: slightly stiffer, but very full.
With the airflow fully opened it does lunghits very comfortably, but it can easily cater to people who prefer a mouth-to-lung hit if the airflow is closed to about 1/4th and below.
The airflow holes are right next to the coils, which also benefits the RTA in a great way. The vapor won’t heat up as much, the flavor will be slightly improved and leaking is a thing of the past.

The way the airflow is built was a point of discussion on the latest Plumes Of Hazard, and it seemed like they weren’t fully getting how it works.
Yes, it has two holes on the side which provide the main airflow to the coils. And yes, it does have those 32 holes on the airflow control ring.
See, the two holes on the side of the tank provide the flow to the coil. When you put the airflow ring on and open it up fully (32 holes), the two holes will remain unrestricted. If you were to combine the 32 holes, you’d get the same hole as the one on the tank.
When you close off a few of the holes on the airflow control ring, the two holes on the side of the tank will only provide as much air as the AFC ring allows.
The reason there are 32 holes is because the precision is higher, there are simply more options to adjust the airflow.
When you twist the AFC ring you’ll be closing off 3 holes on each side at a time, do this 5 times and you’ll end up with a tiny hole on each side.
After all the bottleneck is always the smallest hole…

The deck is a two post model with ample juicechannels to feed some cotton into.
Two posts make it very easy to center the coils, which means you can also position your wicks a lot better.
The Bellus is a special one though, it’s meant for dual coils as a standard, but it also comes with a small adapter to make it single coil compatible.
The silicone adapter slots into a notch on the deck (which is apparently constantly mistaken for an airhole), and on top sits a stainless steel piece that closes off one of the airflow holes on the base.
A special design, but very effective! In fact I would have loved the Goblin to have this option too, but I think I’ll stick with the Bellus from now on!

The Bellus has top fill holes, making it very easy to fill the tank on the go. The top just screws off, with smooth as butter threading I might add, and reveals a 3mm hole on both sides.
The holes fit fine drip droppers easily, and most if not all plastic dripper bottles. Fat tip droppers are tricky though, they tend to spill a bit of juice into the chimney.
Regardless of that little disadvantage, the top fill works great. You don’t have to close off the airflow to fill it, no messing about with 5 parts to fill a tank; just unscrew, fill and vape.

Another big advantage to the Bellus is the ability to switch your coils or wicking without having to drain the tank.
The deck simply comes out of the tank if you unscrew the bottom and keep the tank standing upside down.
The deck fits into two small indentations in the tank, to assure the coils are always positioned just in front of the airflow holes.

Speaking of coils, the tank does have a big disadvantage and that is the restricted room to build coils in.
Anything bigger than 2.5mm will risk touching the chamber and short out, there’s really no room for anything else.
I’ve found 2.4mm inner diameter works best and still has ample room for wick to feed through the coil.
The first build I put in the Bellus was a 0.4ohm dual coil build with 0.51mm Kanthal A1 wire, and it was a good vape.
Very airy, very flavorful, and vaporproduction was on point but it did suffer from slightly dryer hits when chainvaping.
The second build however was a Titanium build for temperature control. 0.1ohm dual coil with 0.49mm Ti01, running on the IPV D2 (which I will also review soon) at 40J limiting at 200°C (392°F).
It’s as if it’s meant to be used like this, it works better than Kanthal, it feels like a perfect vape.

One thing I didn’t quite get was the fact that a spare glass is provided, but there seems to be no way to remove the glass from the tank.
I think it might be easier when you break the tank as you can then reach the chimney, but I don’t plan on breaking it.

UPDATE: I’ve managed to disassemble the glass and chimney after putting the tank in the freezer for a couple of minutes. What happened is not an uncommon occurance with parts that fit together this tightly. The metal alloy used is stainless steel, which can contract and expand depending on temperature. Add the presence of o-rings into the mix, and you have a solid way to keep busy with prying the parts from each other.


The Bellus looks good. It does. There’s no question about it, I don’t care what you say. It’s a sexy looking RTA.
The simplicity is what works for the Bellus. The only thing I don’t like is the font they used for the branding, but it’s still subtle so it’s also easy to overlook.
One thing I would have loved is that they followed Innokins example and included a glass driptip, which would look so great on this tank.
Unfortunately that would also negate the spiraled driptips functionality though…
Other than that the Bellus just looks good with its straight lines and small profile.
Because despite being a 5ml tank it does actually look smaller than most others of that capacity.

Have a look for yourself…

Pros and Cons.


  • Wide airflow
  • Looks awesome
  • Leak proof!
  • Spiraled chimney and driptip
  • Threading is smooth as butter
  • Single coil adapter
  • Big juicechannels
  • Switch coils/wicks without draining the tank


  • Almost impossible to switch the glass See UPDATE above.
  • Somewhat stiffer draw
  • Can only fit coils below 2.5mm inner diameter
  • Comic Sans
  • The airflow seems to confuse people (I’m kidding, people!)

In conclusion.

The Bellus is proof that Youde Technology knows what it’s doing. The design is beautiful, the machining is perfect, the performance is great.
I never thought I’d set my Goblin aside but the Bellus will replace its spot in my rotation and will surely pop up in my juice reviews in the future.
Running Ti01 builds feels as a perfect vape, and carrying the tank around on the IPV D2 makes for a perfect on-the-road setup.
I think the Goblin has finally been replaced in my rotation, and that was hard to do.

In closing I would like to thank Youde Technology for sending me the Bellus for review! I hope to review more Youde gear in the future!
And of course all of you who read my reviews, thank you very much!

Join me for the next review where I will discuss the new Innokin iSub Apex tank combined with the Innokin Disrupter, a perfect starterkit or flavorchaser!

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review! Do you think your stuff has what it takes? Get in touch!
I can be reached on my website, via DM on Instagram, on the Facebook page, via DM on Reddit, or via DM on ELR.

#staycloudy !

SirRisc disappears in a cloud of strawberry cream scented vapor


Mine is on preorder, can’t wait to get it.

[quote=“SirRisc, post:1, topic:29678”]
In fact I would have loved the Goblin to have this option too, but I think I’ll stick with the Bellus from now on!
[/quote]The Goblin mini does have a single coil adapter.

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It does?! :smiley:
Can you throw me a link for that?
I don’t know if they are cheaper elsewhere, just giving you a link here :grinning:

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Ah, that’s the Goblin Mini though. I have the full sized Goblin, and I would need the adapter separately. Might have to ask Youde about this, it might save the Goblin from going out of my rotation.

Cheers for the link! I’ll investigate further!

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I don’t know if they sell them separately, or if you could just put them in any tank. They have a little slot to fit them in so…
You could try to see if the single coil adapter from the Bellus works for your Goblin, if not, there is probably no point in getting one.

Between that and and not being able to separate the tank glass from the top portion of the atomizer, this tank just fell off my radar. :angry:

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The top part is apparently removable to get to the glass, but mine is just screwed on very very very tight.
I mentioned this on Reddit also but I’ll repeat it here: Once the build I have in the Bellus deteriorates, I will put the tank in the freezer for half an hour to see if that makes it easier to loosen the top.

From what I gather the glass from a Goblin Mini should fit so I’m looking at getting a few colored glass parts :wink:

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I’ll be interested to find out if this works. I’ve been vaping a lot of NET lately, so cleaning my many tanks from top to bottom is fast becoming an every day routine. If a tank atomizer can’t be broken down, cleaned and rebuilt with ease, the atomizer is a no go for me. So far, the easiest tank atomizer to deal with, as far as break down and rebuild is concerned, has been the EHPro Billow V2…

The Goliath V2 was a disappointment, in the break down department, due to the fact the outside is so smooth it’s hard to get a grip on the thing to take it apart! The Bellus looks like it’s gonna be the same way. Have you experienced this issue with the Bellus? Or is it fairly easy to disassemble?

Who knows…maybe I just got the one Goliath V2 with super tight tolerance issues; it’s just a pain I don’t need. :confounded:

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It is very smooth, but the threading is too so it does come apart fairly well.
I usually just grab a towel or something to get more grip.

Cleaning it isn’t much of a problem I think, once I get the top part off… :wink:

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What can I say, yet another awesome review SirRisc.

I am pleased to say, that I have officially pre-ordered me a Bellus. Thank you for that!

Looking forward to many more.

Cheers, :beers:

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Happy to help, man! :beers:

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I’ve updated my review to show that the glass can actually be removed, for those of you who have been wondering/asking about it.

After a short 5 minutes in the freezer, and 5 minutes of cursing and swearing following that, I finally managed to pry them apart.
This proves the glass can be switched out or cleaned.


Thx for the update! :blush:…perseverance (and cursing) is sometimes the key to success!


Still doesn’t help the use of Comic Sans though :wink:


Vincent Connare = :poop:

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I have a feeling this tank will be awesome. I can’t wait til mine arrives. The air flow design should lend itself to better vapor production.

I have a concern about the build deck and the deck cover/housing.

I’d like to build a dual spaced 22g Ti with a 2.5mm ID, 6/7 wraps. Do you think that would fit in the deck cover?

This build I use in the TFV4…

I really like the direct air flow… I think it will produce more vapor then bottom air flow tanks. As far as it being slightly restricted, it should help with flavor production.

How would rate it against the TFV4?

I had a member on Reddit ask me a similar question, and this is my response:

There’s really not that much room to spare.

Comparing it with the TFV4 is a bit of a stretch as they are both very different beasts. The TFV4 was made to run high wattage builds, and be very cloudy. The Bellus is more subtle, though it does cloud up a room too when built right.
The flavor is different from the TFV4 because of the airflow on the side of the coils, I seem to like it better.

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Thanks @SirRisc, I should be more patient. I’m trying to form a mental picture of the deck and the build I could use to maximize it’s performance.

The deck appears to be very similar to the Goliath v1 and v2… if not the same. I’m trying to figure if it’s bigger and roomier.

It’s similar, but differs in the way that the airflow is set up. The airflow holes are in an indentation on the side right next to the coils, which makes room for the coils slightly more restricted.
That said though, there is ample room for 2.4mm ID coils as you can tell by the photo.
I’ve not had any shorting problems so far with this build, the guy on Reddit who claimed it would fit 3mm coils also said his coils shorted constantly. To which I replied that that should be a sign not to try fitting those diameters.