Your DIY Lab

I know this topic is a bit old, but after a recent move I finally got set up again. I typically don’t buy bulk and do most of my mixing at my large corner computer desk. I use to keep all my flavors in several Tupperware containers with round labels on top of the lids which made it easy to mobilize my lab around the house. Anyways, here’s what i finally came up with now that I have the room to work.


Very tidy. I like that. Some good flavors in there as well. I was visually shopping going down the shelves… I got a shopping problem. I’m up to 511 flavors.


This is what I picked out for the hubby to get me for xmas. I love it, and on wheels, so I just pull it up to my table for mixing sessions.


Please don’t ever let me get that many flavors. You go girl!


I thought this might be the place to ask. I’ve been thinking of getting into DIY for weeks now. I was going to finally pull the trigger today and but a kit and 32 flavors that I’ll need for my recipes. I don’t really want to get the kit though can anybody give me a list of what I’ll need to get started and keep me going for a lol bit. Over time I want my setup to look like some of these. Overtime because it probably costs thousands and I don’t think the wife will like that so much.


Best tip I ever got for DIY:

READ everything before you spend money, then
know what your flavor profile is, find recipes that match it and
purchase flavorings based on that profile first.


my best advice is to “Listen when Alisa talks” !!!

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:stuck_out_tongue: you silly


This is my lab. It is an older pic and I have a lot more flavors now. I use the computer to do my research and chat here. Then when I move over to the mixing area I have a Galaxy S Tab 8.4 that I follow the recipe on. All my flavors are separated by brand and alphabetized in the racks. The rack up top in the foreground is all Flavourart now and nearly full. The rack behind it is all TFA. The rack on the table below is Flavorah, Lorann Oils, and Inawera. I now have a large wall rack that holds all of my Capella, One on One, Medicine Flower, Flavor West, and additives.

The small drawers on the table hold all my coil building and wicking supplies and extra parts and such. The larger drawers hold all of my junk, wire, tools, retail packaging the tanks and mods come in, etc. It’s a bit of a mess.

The closet in that room is where I store my finished and retail juices, along with my extra supplies.

I am slowly trying to progress to all glass bottles and will dispense my e-liquids into plastic containers only when they will be used or sold.


It’s a good idea, when deciding on flavors to purchase, to use the search bar on the forum and find out what others are saying (reviews) about the particular flavor you might be interested in using. Many flavor vendors have crappy descriptions of exactly how the flavor smells, tastes and vapes. There are many people on the forum who have taken the time to describe, in detail, the true nature of the flavor when it’s mixed and vaped. Between that and reading what people have written in the flavor description on the recipe site, much knowledge can be gained (and money saved) in taking these steps.

Good luck and have a blast!

Welcome to the rabbit hole! :smiling_imp:


May i ask, what that purple bottle is on top right shelf daath :joy:

It’s… It’s… A secret ingredient… ;D


Stephen King much? One of my favorite authors.

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Looks like a bottle of your special hair spray you misplaced. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not to brag, but I got you all beat.


Hells yeah! :sunglasses: A kindred “B type” personality member! It warms my heart to see a pile of flavors in a drawer!

Solidarity brother! :fist:


You want pics of a messy setup?

I mean, I know where everything is, so that’s a kind of organization, right???


Yes, I like Stephen King - Those are some of the Dark Tower series :slightly_smiling:


Ok… I was torn whether to show you all my messes, but what the heck… we are all
friends, right? And none of you will tell my mother, right???

My father loves his workshop and loves ‘projects’, so his new project is to build a large cabinet
from scratch for me that will house all of my DIY stuff. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. :slightly_smiling:

Here’s what I have right now. It’s getting harder and harder to keep up and find room for things:

Drawer full of Flavorah, some TPA and FA of 30ml ++ bottles

Drawer with larger FW and Vapor Shots, my cotton stash, and box of incoming new flavorings…

Drawer full of 10-30ml FW and FA, and a bit of 120ml CAP:

Master mixing drawer, with smaller bottles of various flavorings and some
BAses I use regularly…:

Some of my coil-building stuffs:

One of my Steeping Cabinets:

Part of my Desk where I mix:


Pffft. You guys are clean freaks. I spent two hours to get my work area in the shape it was in to show you guys. I’ll get a pic after a day or two of mixing and ya’ll will be calling hoarders!