Your favorite e juice review?

Hello my name is tim and i just would like know get an idea of what everyones favorite e juice is nic, ratio, vg, pg, in a tank or rda. Please let me know. :cloud::astonished::smiley:

My favorite store bought juice is Bobas Bounty by Alien Visions. The ratios include max VG, 6% nic and it doesn’t matter whether it’s in a tank or dripper…I love it, love it, love it!

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Nice ill have to try it. So is it like a cream, custard or like a fruit?

My favourites are
Wakonda from nicoticket
Perique from Houseofliquids


Hi Tim,
I love fruits creams and custards! Atm I really don’t have a go to favorite as for retail juices but I prefer 30/70(VG) and at 12mg nic on a regular tank. If im using the Atlantis or arctic I’m usually around the same ratio on pg/VG but @ 3mgs nic. But I’d have to say recently I did pick up some fairies and berries by Banzai vapors LLC it is approx 20/80 and is amazingly creamy with hints of berries !


My favourite juice is a clone by LARRS on the recipes page called SNAKE BLOOD CLONE.

It’s ripe strawberry, coconut and Bavarian cream.

For my RDA I like 70/30 VG/PG with 6mg Nic, for my Nautilus I like a 50/50 juice but again with 6mg Nic as I tend to lung hit it on the wide hole.



Bobas Bounty is a slightly sweet tobacco blend. There are notes of vanilla, Graham, almond, coconut, raisin, molasses, cigar, RYO tobacco and I can’t freaking clone it to save my life! Grrrrrr!!!


Everyone has their own taste preferences and whether you will like the same juice will largely be down to luck (or herd psychology).

For instance, I’ve made a good number of the most highly-rated recipes here on ELR but only found only a couple that I’d want to taste again and a few more that I’ve varied the balance of ingredients to suit me.

The only way you’ll find what works for you is by experimenting - usually the best place to start is with the flavours that you already know you like (say, blueberry but not banana; cream not custard) but even that’s no real indicator.

I discovered that one of my favourite juice tastes is creamy peanut butter and banana - something I’d positively avoid if it was a dessert, biscuit or confectionery.

We’re all different. Thank goodness! :wink:


thank you everyone for your comment just trying to get new ideas and im still looking for my favorite juice this will help me try new things. vapor saved my life.

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You will continue to find that the more comfortable you get with DIY the more you will keep searching for you ADV it’s crazy. I can barely stay with the same juice in a days time but I generally have at least one or two that I can and enjoy vaping consistently and really that’s all that matters. Enjoy finding your right balance ( which will be an ongoing process ) and just have fun ! And the best part I almost forgot you’ll save loads of $$$ versus buying retail juices !


I have aromas with a flavour like this:

Capella Double Apple
Capella B.berry cinamon
Capella Apple Pie
Capella Banana Split
Capella Choco Coco Almond
Capella Choco Glazed Doughnut
Capella Lemon Meringe
Capella Yellow Peach

Lorann Cherry
Lorann Peach
Loran Marshmallow

TPA Tutti Frutti
TPA Coconut

Bakeflavours Trinnes
Bakeflavours Watermelon

How delicate flavours I would know to stir from them?

Thank you!

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Hi Regiee are you requesting the flavor percentages used in each flavor ?

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You guys are all awesome