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Your thoughts on Sweeteners: Sucralose/Stevia/Erythritol/Monk Fruit


Thanks I’ll check them out. Still waiting for my 1st 2 strawberry flavours to arrive Strawberry ripe tfa & didn’t realize till after I ordered the Capella Strawberry sweet is RF so not sure whether I will like it, I like the V1s


Your absolutely right! Sorry am very tired, have been up all night with a toothache. Jumped on elr for a distraction whilst counting down till I can call the dentist!


Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that is generally used to remove the stevia aftertaste - if you take a picture of the label it may shed some light on the composition - as long as it has no fillers in it you should be ok. I take it it is in powder form? If so you will have to dissolve it in PG or VG prior to using it. I would suggest trying both (try VG first) just for your info Erythritol will not dissolve in PG and will reach a supersaturated solution at around 5-6%.

I doubt that there is that much Erythritol in it but you never know. It is much better making your own sweetener from the individual powders that way you know exactly what is in it.

Cheers welcome aboard mate.


for the longest time i the stevia and erythritol mixed but ran out , lately ive used FLV sweetness and it seems to do a good job


Wouldn’t that be sucralose? The chlorine type? Also doesn’t it gunk up your coils badly?


The main ingredient is the erythritol @ 99.6% the product is only .2% stevia & .2% monk fruit extract. I’m not @ home now but will takke a few pics & show u what I have. Thank you for the info on how to dissolve the granules, very helpful. About how long does it take for granulated erythritol, stevia, monk fruit granules to completely dissolve in the VG? (If u know or have any idea). I’m getting my 2nd order of flavors between now & Friday & want to start mixing as soon as I get them. I am getting Super sweet (cap) but would prefer to use the Raw Earth product, I want it ready to use as I’ve been mixing a recipe that requires sweetner and till now have only had dissolved Equal that leaves a weird after taste!


I have no idea what’s in (flv) sweetness but I use it too, after my other stevia brand changed its ingredients. To be honest, flv sweetness tastes like stevia and actually has the same impact on your coils, barely none.

So that lets me believe it’s not sucralose, at least not the same as other suc. sweeteners out there. It doesn’t have any fillers either etc. If you give it a try let us know what you think.


Ok will keep an eye out for it. Where do u buy yours? I’ve got 200grams of this Raw Earth natural sweetener & 10 or 30mls(sorry forgot the amount) of Super sweet cap arriving any day now but good to know if these aren’t right that there is something else available. TY


I think u can see everything u would need to know from these pics


this 1 makes up what’s missing from the last 1


Ya ok that is more of an Erythritol mix than stevia mix - it will impart sweetness to juice but not as much as a %5 stevia mix would.
You will have to dissolve it in VG

Heat your VG to around 40c before trying to mix it will take quite a long time to fully dissolve. The best method is to put the bottle in a hot water bath - not boiling water.
Mix at %5 (5g of powder to 95g of vg (about 75ml))
Then shake the hell out of it you may have to reheat it several times and shake it several times to get it totally dissolved.

Have fun


My man @woftam speaks the truth. First time I tried to dissolve the powder for my stone, it immediately seized and looked like a big cotton ball suspended in PG. It took decent heat, shaking with my hand so much it reminded me of being in high school again, and even time in the USC before it finally relented and it dissolved perfectly.


I almost got some Monk Fruit Extract from Nude Nicotine the last time I placed an order. I chickened out at the last minute cause I wasn’t sure if I’d actually like/use it or not. I was also curious of how much it’d gunk coils.


Thanks I had no idea how to disolve ita


Apparently from what I’ve read it doesn’t gunk up like sucralose


Looks like it works with sweetness that is already present.

CAS 149-32-6

Flavor Profile
At low levels can alter the perception of sweetness, but does not impart sweetness at the levels used as a flavoring ingredient

https://www.femaflavor.org/flavor-library/search?fulltext=+ ++++++149-32-6


Thank you!


Ok I’m dissolving my Raw Earth product in the VG as u recommended. Once it has completely cooled what amount of my sweener is equivalent to say Super sweet? I have no idea how much to use as a replacement in my mixes?


Not sure mate as I have never used but i would start low and add as needed.


Fun , I wish it was I’ve got sweat dropping off me from shaking the sh#t out of this 95%VG 5% natural sweetener. I keep reheating it back to 40 degrees & shaking it again. I measured it out exactly with digital scales & a digital thermometer for testing the heat. So I hope I’m doing it correctly? & that this is the best & only way to dissolve the granules?!