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Your thoughts on Sweeteners: Sucralose/Stevia/Erythritol/Monk Fruit


Ok thanks. So how low of a % would u start with?


If you have a reciprocating saw you could cable tie it to the blade :grin: but ya it takes awhile i do it on a heated mag mixer when i have to make some.

I would start it at about 0.20% see how you go


Ok .2% sounds like a good point to start out with if I ever get it to dissolve! Don’t have the saw u mention so shaking is my only option unfortunately. Does it ever go back to looking just like VG or can you see the ‘whiteness’ of the sweetner in the mix?


should be totally clear when dissolved


Is there any other way to do this like dissolve in water then add to PG as i kept shaking & heating & have noticed very little change!


You can try that.

Kind of strange that it isn’t dissolving.

Maybe the assertion that it is 95% Erythritol is incorrect there may be a bulking agent in there as well. I would try dissolving it in PG if it dissolves easily then there is not much Erythritol in it at all.


I was rather bummed out to see others above, still able to get the Stevia RebA, citric acid, and ACV as all of the newer versions do not include them. I just found this.


It’s starting to break down in the VG just taking so much shaking and reheating. My arms are sore! I did however (before I saw your last message dissolve some in water @ a high% of the sweetner & added that to my mix. It doesn’t seem to have separated but might try the water then PG next time as it’s so tiring & time consuming with the VG. The ingredients don’t mention any fillers. Being a food grade product don’t they have to list all of the ingredients?


Not sure on that one at all.


Yes in Australia at least on food /consumable products all of the ingredients must be on the label, in order of most to least ingredients used. So that means no fillers in Raw Earth co. Natural stevia & monk fruit sweetener!
After many hours of shaking, heating and reheating I finally have a 95% VG 5% natural sweetener mixture that’s dissolved completely into a clear liquid! Also have extremely sore arms!


It says free shipping so does that mean overseas shipping is included?


So I’ve been keeping an eye out for natural sweetener well Stevia mostly & have found 1 @ my local Coles supermarket. It’s 1st ingredient is (as all the others I’ve seen) erythritol but then it’s only other ingredient is 56% Stevia from a natural source. They’re steeping the leaves of the Stevia plant in plain water & deriving an extract. Also it’s an organic product with no GM, ok 4 vegans and it’s kosher…amazing right. On top of that it says Reba for the Stevia. Now I don’t know what Reba is but reading through this thread it seems to be something good that people want?! So it’s in the granular form & IMO it will dissolve (in VG 95% natural sweetener 5%) after heating in a waterbathto to 40°C and a lot of repeated shaking to a clear liquid ready to use in eliquids as a substitute for sucralose/Super Sweet(cap) etc. that won’t gunk up your coils,so you can have sweet beverage & dessert juices without having a bad aftertaste & no coil issues.


Is it Reba Mcentire, the country singer?


Sorry for my typo ‘RebA’ is what I meant to type! Lol


Now I am curious. Somebody please help me… What is RebA?


Rebaudioside A is the sweetest component from the stevia leaf. It is also said to be cleaner with less off notes/aftertaste then the reb B compound also present in stevia…


Thank you for informing @Dan_the_Man as to what RebA is!


+1 @mixologist13


I saw one pro mixer posting about this mixture. I may give it a try. - Erythritol & Stevia

Super sweet (CAP) reminds me of the time I put 100% sweetleaf stevia in my mouth. WAY to much sweetness.


95g VG 5g Stevia & monk fruit extract by Raw Earth works really well instead of Super Sweet (Cap) I ordered the super sweet but haven’t needed to use it as the natural sweetener works so well!