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Your thoughts on Sweeteners: Sucralose/Stevia/Erythritol/Monk Fruit


I put VG in the glass bottles, put bottles in boiled water for 5 mins, then put the milk frother in and added powder while frothing. Hopefully this works.

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Granular no more :grin:


To come full circle, Flavorah Sweetness apparently states “stevia” on the patent, making it my new “solution solution” :wink:
“researchers modified Reb A by applying “hydrophobic effects” to the bovine serum albumin protein” removing the “black licorice” taste. http://news.cornell.edu/stories/2015/11/cornell-scientists-reduce-sweetener-stevias-bitter-bits

My own attempts worked out (completely dissolved @10% in VG) and are in recipes steeping now, I will know in a week how they are. Also the Xylitol powder just arrived. It’s recommended mix is 4g in 9ml PG.


Hello @802Snowyowl, may I ask what % you used it in your mixes?


Yes WOFTAM is absolutely right & once you’ve done a batch @ 5%-95%VG it’s so sweet it will last just as long as that much of Super Sweet(Cap) would. Can u imagine how much you are saving. That much Super Sweet bought in small bottles shipped to you would be a hell of a lot more & no need to replace your coils or take time to build & install them as well. Now I have my Stevia with Monk fruit extracts by Raw Earth I won’t be using the 10mL pf Super Sweet(Cap) I never even cracked rhe seal & I don’t get the bad aftertaste like with artificial sweeteners either. I’m still a sweet tooth for sure just natural sweetener by Raw Earth in my vape. I take 3 large demura or coffee style sugars in 1-2 cups of coffee a day & no sugar in tea so taste really is subjective!


You could but sucralose is what’s gunking up your coils in the 1st place!


It has to be mixed with VG not PG if you had read earlier in the thread. Heating 5% granules with 95%VG in a water bath up to 40°C then shaking or the milk frother technique then reheat & repeat eventually gets it dissolved clear & just as sweet as Super Sweet (Cap)


The next time I need to make a batch I’m going to put it through my coffee bean grinder 1st then it will start as a powder before I add it to the VG. Thanks for the inspiration for my idea snowyowl


Worked in PG for me fine, just took a while to dissolve as I said. No worries.


I used 1g powder in 10ml VG (not exactly 10%)
I put the VG in sealable salt shakers, then hot water bath 5mins, then froth the VG while adding the powder. Then repeat and done.
I used the Krisda sweeteners with Erithritol/Stevia and Erithritol/Monkfruit. I’m about to add the nic now and test them tomorrow.
This will be a lot cheaper for sure.


Thanks, I meant the % of your finished sweetener into your recipes.


I have only ever used the ODF cotton candy at max 1% in any recipes in which I don’t think I could even notice it. I was wondering what sweeteners taste like fake sugar (nutrasweet, Splenda, etc) as that they are disgusting and I personally can’t stand fake sugars. I would like to stay clear of these. My experience with nutrasweet-esk after taste was when I was sampling at my local shop. Gosh I couldn’t get rid of that horrible after taste. Lol thanks in advance.


I went with 2% to start.


Week 1:
Krisda Stevia (w/ Erithritol) at 2% seems as sweet as 0.50% SS, with a very slight earwax taste. Think I’ll try a different brand next time, maybe this’ll get better by next week as it is in VG and might require longer steeping.

Krisda Monk Fruit (w/Erithritol) is surprising. Seems as sweet as SS but not sugary, more like the entire flavor has been boosted. From what I understand MF & Erithritol both work like EM but without muting and that is what this seems like. Could be an added fruit note as well.

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With my 95%VG 5% Stevia and Monk fruit extracts by Raw Earth mix I normally use the same % of the super sweet or EM that’s in the original recipe. This has always been spot on for me. If it’s not sweet enough after steeping u can always add more as it mixes straight in with no need for more steeping.

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Raw Earth make a Stevia and Monk fruit extracts that is mostly erythol but @ the95%VG5%Raw Earth it doesn’t have a bad aftertaste it’s just plan sweet & no need to steep the mixture u can use it straight after mixing. No earwax at all lol!


Always dissolve in VG , no big clump then even if shaking granules by hand!

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I’m going to put my granules thru my coffee bean grinder 1st next time I need to make a batch I’m not spending 4hours heating and shaking ever again! Lol.

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Like @Woftam says it will(even granules) dissolve, just takes time & will go crystal clear!

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