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Your thoughts on Sweeteners: Sucralose/Stevia/Erythritol/Monk Fruit


My 2 cents.
New mixer tried some sweet in mixes. Burned more coils in past 2 weeks than past year. Mixes were tasty but sweet stuff ate my gear up!
I’ve tried stevia IRL, can’t stand the aftertaste. Haven’t tried vaping stevia yet, but if vaping it is anything like in my coffee, IMHO, you can keep it!
On the hunt for best flavs that are inherently sweet & little or no need to sweeten mixes.
Also I have to add, by doing DIY I’m saving enough $$$, I can afford a few more coils. Weighing both sides of equation.


Full disclosure, I’m on a very low carb diet for 2 years now. Down about 50lbs. So real sugar doesn’t exist for me anymore. Pure liquid Sucralose in incredibly small amounts for my Morning Joe is the only sweet I get all day. When I found Sucralose was a common vape add, was happy, till the black cotton started filling my trash can.


Feel you, been mixing some commercial one shot and my coils have gone from 1 month to 3 days…

Will probably try FLV sweetness at some point which should be stevia + flavour corrector, with some people saying the flavour corrector could be a bit undesirable.


You mean I could have just bought a stevia/Erithritol premixed from the store? I feel cheated lol.
Does that mean that you can dissolve Splenda in PG to make sucralose additive for eliquids?


After hearing a lot about Stevia, I did get a flavor from Capella that has stevia already added to it. I do get that same aftertaste… so that’s one for the bin :wink:


IRL, I have used many different sweeteners trying to keep my sugar levels down to a minimum. My wife doesn’t mind Stevia & she tries to sneak it to me here & there. I notice it instantly, yuck!.


Same here, I notice artificial or natural sugar replacement instantly. I’d rather drink or eat without sugar than having any of them.


Pure liquid Sucralose, no fillers or other unwanted crap, is what I use now. Albeit just a drop in morning coffee or a drop in a cocktail. My diet has so little sweet in it that I can detect any sweet straight away. But yes, I’ll take Zero sweet over foul tasting sweet any day.
When I found sweet for vaping I thought I struck gold! Alas, it kills coils :frowning:


You could always make your coils yourself and stop caring that it kills coils :wink:


I have put much thought into coil building. Time is an issue. Running my business, homeschooling 4 kids, homestead hobby farm, etc… busy life.


Definitely can’t discount the things in life that withdraw funds from the Bank of Time, no doubt about that.

But, you could always pick up a cheap RTA or RDA and have that little bit of kit on the side that you can use to learn coil building as you have time, while the disposable coils are still the typical daily drivers. Coil building can certainly be complicated, but simple builds can be learned easily enough. And with most DIY, the cost savings over time would probably be well worth it…


I was just in Walmart had Great Value Stevia. “Ingredients: Erithritol, RebA, (may contain milk, soy)” I’m guessing milk and soy shouldn’t be vaped?


What about this stuff? Oligosaccharides?


How about these? From Real Canadian Superstore (Loblaws)


All you could want to know.


I wouldn’t recommend using sweeteners with any ‘extras’

I have been buying pure sucralose powder & pyure brand rebA stevia powder, and make my own.

Just dilute with PG/VG.


Thanks, I’m new to DIY, sorry for my ignorance but is Oligosaccharides safe for vaping?

Edit: I guess not https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/7c2hdc/possible_to_make_a_sweetener_from_swerve_sweetener/?utm_source=reddit-android


Right: stevia, Erithritol. Left: Monk fruit, Erithritol.
Granular was a mistake. Most of it disloved with hot baths and a frother to stir, a lot didn’t. This is about 5%. Very sweet and syrupy. I went and bought powder stuff to see if it dissolves better.


Keep going it will all dissolve it just takes a long time and a lot of mixing


When I use powder, even with the PG nice and warm, it still seizes and clumps together, looking like a cotton ball. It takes the heat, a lot of angry shaking, and a lot of time in the UC before it totally dissolves… but it does.