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YouTube and reviewers


Just a FYI, do with it what you will.

Just received an email for DJlsb with the subject line of “Heads Up”. He and a list of youtube reviewers are opening Vimeo accounts.

Excerpt from the email:
YouTube has become a monster and at this point, i’m going to need to have a backup for hosting my content. YouTube has been targeting Gun channels for a while now, as well as Cannibis channels and now they are going after Vape channels. Evidently freedom of speech on YouTube only means freedom of the speech they agree with.


I was always wondering why everybody automatically chooses for YT and not their competitors… it’s been known for years that Google can be a b*tch.


I deleted YouTube off my phone a while back because of this crap, same with twitter. Anybody that represses free speech, especially because it doesn’t fit into their view of the world, does not get advertising dollars from me.



I didn’t know there were competitors. Could you name a few?


@SmilingOgre That really pisses me off.


+1 @SmilingOgre

From the Vaping Bogan:

Please support the Vape Reviewer Community establish themselves on this new platform.


I have lost all respect for YouTube.


Is Vimeo gonna be the new youtube 6 months from now?

I realized, I’ve preferred text vape juice reviews vs watching someone talk for 40 mins about it. but that’s just me. if you make a <10 min review, kudos. Twisted420 for hardware reviews and as much as he’s gone down the toilet (rip trippers…what kind of camera is he using to get that 4k detail???) I rarely listen to what he says, I just like the quality of video.

Vaping with Vic, is like 1940’s radio talkshow
Regulator Watch, the closest thing to news/update in a formal fashion, not to mention that dude looks like a robot, perfect hair/makeup. you go brent, you go.
indoor smoker is cool, but his mod review is him holding it up from a distance and sniggering on the couch with the ladies that he invites that always seem blazed (no offense to it but uh, the always say “this tastes good” in monotone.)
Grimm Green(e) does great videos but they are always so dang long. 2 hours 23 mins,


Vimeo here I come!


Oops! Shouldn’t have clicked and dragged over the red YouTube pic. Oh well, you learn as you go along eh? My bad!


9gag tv

I’m sure there’s more if you look around, and the more YT will be banning from its site, the bigger and better these sites will become.


EXACTLY @Suomynona


so far vimeo isn’t very easy to navigate. Could be I was half asleep…


Thanks for the links… like @Dan_the_Man stated, it didn’t seem real user friendly when I went there after reading @SmilingOgre s original post and poked around. These links might (will) get me to at least look at it again.


I wanted to thank @SmilingOgre for posting this, as I had NO IDEA this was going on. I personally am growing to HATE YouTube, and this pushed them further into the “We Just Don’t Need You Anymore” abyss.

I don’t Vimeo much, but I think I’m going to start. Let YT continue on with their very transparent Big Brother “We’ll do the thinking FOR you, and tell you what you are allowed to see and not see” business model, and let’s let the chips fall where they may. Thanks Ogre !!! You are indeed a WISE Ogre.


I was gonna start quoting @SessionDrummer, until I realized I was quoting the whole post. So instead I’ll just say

What HE said!!


@Dan_the_Man :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Thank you @SessionDrummer! And I will pass that thanks along to DJ. You put it very well quoting 1984 and big brother. There will only be “good speak” or in this case “good post” and those who do not fall “in step” will become “un”. That in the vernacular is FUBAR! These are transgressions that have been previously relegated the to the realm of science fiction.


Ogre, we MUST be brothers by another mother. You can’t see the SMILE I cracked while reading this. Please DO pass this on to DJ, I appreciate it. Ooooorah out to your FUBAR brother.

The fact that you rocked the 1984 reference, just seals the deal !!!