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YouTube and reviewers


Yes …


I agree except I sometimes worry about your eating habits.


I thought we weren’t supposed to mention 1984. Every time I do, people just give me that blank look. It should be mandatory reading.


No doubt. I’m beginning to see it as prophetic. I simply can’t believe the things people are buying into and going along with. Boggles my mind.


And therein lies the problem, BUT, I’m sure “they” (them) are not concerned…


For those who do not know, but WISH to know about what is, or may come to pass …


All the Gun Chanels from Utube have now moved here as they are getting the same “moral enforcement” as us vapers:


and an FYI about Vimeo, it is a technically much higher quality streaming service than Utube. The company I used to work for used it to distribute customer instruction support videos, and the 1080p video was fantastic, it just beat the snot out of Utube !!!


Thanks for the link, I just wasted 40 minutes watching gun videos lol god I get sucked into those things lol


@SmilingOgre @SessionDrummer I can’t believe what people are willing to give up for " security "

Most people have never even heard of 1984. I read it in 6th grade ( first time ). I didn’t even know there was a movie. I’ll have to find it. How accurate is it, compared to the book?

@50YearsOfCigars Thanks for the info Bro.

@Fishaddict420 I know, I do too. I spent an hour one day watching john wick…, I mean keano reeves shooting at targets and he was good.




Thank you @50YearsOfCigars, gotta make sure I can get my Hikock45 on when I need to.

@Dan_the_Man Que the Sheeple …


+1 @Josephine_van_Rijn


This actually goes right in line with some of the shenanigans that Google has been pulling, influencing search results and burying “undesirable” hits. I know that they are connected, Google and Youtube, but how much so? Is youtube actually owned by google, or are the just in some partnership? I think it may be time for people to move away from google, in general. Any favorite search engines out there? I google every thing…


Yup, Google owns YouTube.
Other search engines ? You can google that ! :sweat:


You made me laugh so hard, with that comment! Thank you!


I use this private search engine


He now known as Twisted419. I wonder if he was pressured by YouTube to change it.


I think he was. Matt from Suck My Mod did a video where he stated many of the Youtube targets at one time or another had videos dealing with cannabis and/or just CBD. Sounds like they make no distinction from a moral viewpoint.


Dayum, I just saw this now! I’m a patron but, honestly, never check my Patreon page. Usually patreons post info there.

Is this why reviewers can no longer post links to vendors? Is it only vape reviewers that can’t do that?

Regardless, I registered with Vimeo years ago. Guess I’ll be using it a whole lot more.


If you guys wanna stick it to google a bit you can use no script to block their tracking of you and ad-block so they won’t get ad revenue.
just whitelist the sites you do like.
No script is really handy but a bit of PIA to use sometimes.