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Amoretti Home User Line


The chap does take a couple of days to reply sometimes but in his defence, he has always replied to me. And he is looking into posting to the UK so I will definitely need to be patient. The good new on that side for me is it means you clever lot will have started to work out % already if/when they ever got to me :rofl:


I will let ya know if ya care to! :laughing:


I’m sure it’ll pair lovely with some burnt rubber/ old engine oil… I didn’t pick myself a great name to inspire flavours, eh? :rofl:


LMAO! I know over here we have “V8 cooking” (or so I’ve read about)… But I’m not sure if you lot have enough heat available on those dinky 4 cylinders! :wink:


Hmm, sticking a hand on there warms them up in the cold, gotta be enough heat for a few slices of bacon anyway! :thinking:




I’ll post up, when mine arrives.


well heard from @amovapeteam today. says they still working on getting the order out . so I guess they might have been swamped with pm’s for free flavors


Recieved mine today. They subbed natural orande for the orange zest. I’m not sorry. Will be a couple of days before I do some testing,


Got mine yesterday, but haven’t had a minute to open it yet!!! I’m so excited!!


hello everyone, we tired to get as many samples out last week as we can, if you haven’t received them please be understanding that Fed EX has a service alert due to this cold front but they are on the way. Thanks for the patience.


Is the sample offer still valid? Also, would you ship them outside of US?


The last piece of the shipment arrived today :slight_smile: thank you Amoretti
Natural Toasted Marshmallow …its vg based


Pm them…


@amovapeteam they just arrived. Just verifying the WS are water soluable correct ??


@adary I’ve offered to pay shipping to the UK, just sorting out with the chap what the cost would be, so maybe they’d do the same for you?


Got mine today! Can’t wait to try them! The bananas foster smells amazing!


@SessionDrummer yes they are W.S the Cherry and Marshmallow are very concentrated, told you we were natural lol, just dilute them first


I do understand W.S. stands for water soluble but i noticed some do specify when PG or VG is contained in them. I would like to know what the carrier is in the others when not listed tho. @amovapeteam


Thank you @amovapeteam, just wanted to make sure. :slight_smile: Smell very delicious OOTB (Out Of The Bottle). Am going to mix up some testers of this now, and let them steep for a bit. Thank you for the generous offer.