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Apparentely We Are All Wasting Our Time & Money And Should Be Buying Premium Juices And Not DIY'ing


Article on AspenValleyVapes website


I feel that the comments to the article pretty much says it all… Txs for sharing this which is obviously written by some very enlightened and experienced diy’er :relaxed:


As I said in my comment to their pathetic article: they had a fairly good reputation as far as I’m aware until they posted that bullshit.
They just ruined it, I will never buy from them no matter what.
They are obviously not the type of people our vaping community needs.


LOL - That was dumb :laughing:


I’ll be honest here. It made me laugh lol.


I had a look at their Facebook, etc. they are a very supportive company. Except that 1 post. I wonder which bright spark in the shop thought that article would be a good idea. Most likely owner/boss, he missed the mark and no retraction or statement I can find. A very unfortunate and inaccurate article for the most part. A sprinkling of valid points. Yet the premise is just wrong.


LOL, loved the article. Ranks right up there on the BS Meter with ‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep it’


ahaha all bullshit…but

they are an e-liquid sellers…u shouldn’t expect anything less :wink:

  1. It’s not as simple as mixing a few materials together.

Yes it is… :smile:


The comments at the end of the “article” just made my week :laughing:


“Just make sure you figure it out before you get too deep into the game.”

Crap… I have over 3000 gallons of VG flavors, and 7500 gallons of super concentrate… I think I am in too deep haha. On a serious note, they forgot to say how fun it is to be imaginative and creative with your recipes.


That will be in their follow up article next week.


Right, that or maybe I can fill a pool with flavors and send a selfie… Be like “in too deep”

Death by blueberry!


And of course my comment is awaiting moderation, which means that because I didn’t kiss their ass and agree they’ll bounce it. If you commented there and it’s awaiting moderation check back make sure they don’t alter your comments and post them. I wouldn’t put it past someone like that to do so


They’ll post it, if they didn’t there wouldn’t be a single comment underneath that post. They’re getting bashed big time :joy:


Their article sound like the kinda thing tobacco companies say about the vaping community (if they’re not making money then attack the consumers) :joy: Good bit of entertainment though!


at least they got their behinds ripped , i love the comments that were left


Well darnit I guess I need to quit diy.

Lol. Hmmm. Yeah…I haven’t saved a bunch of money. I spend my cig budget on my vape. However, if I stopped purchasing items for vaping I could go for a whole year and not buy anything. Heck…at this point I make purchases every three months. Hmmm. I think I’m saving money at this point.


So do you think they’d post that just said ELR ELR ELR ELR You know like the Attica chant from the prison riot. :joy:

oh yeah and mine posted


You know if they had taken five minute and come here or just about anywhere but of course here is the best and ask a few questions they could have spun that article in a completely different direction and maybe gotten involved in the supply end to earn their share of the vape dollar. You know anyone here would have chatted with them and if something came up they couldn’t answer we have probably the best smartest resources for anything Diy within our humble walls. The more I think about it the more I think they made their money on the other end of that article.