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Apparentely We Are All Wasting Our Time & Money And Should Be Buying Premium Juices And Not DIY'ing

  1. The time invested in mixing…this is is a valid point, the rest is hocus pocus twaddling piffle and poppycock


Wiow… every single point can be refuted with 10 seconds of thinking:

  1. It can be dangerous - wear gloves and don’t be an idiot

  2. It’s not as simple as putting a few materials together - Yes, yes it is.

  3. It probably won’t turn out how you expect it at first - Find one of the hundreds of highly rated recipes and make it.

  4. It could lead to a lot of wasted products - See above, plus the same can be said for buying pre-made eliqiud especially since it’s not legal to try eliquid before you buy anymore.

5, It might not end up saving you much money - Of course it will. Again, find an an established recipe or two and make those. I was spending more money each day on eliquid than cigarettes before I started making my own.


We used to spend 8.99 per 30ml my discounted cost for our e liquid and we held back a little because of cost because between wifey and I we vape 700 to 800 ml a month Yeah I know we vape to much but we vape at 2.0 to 2.5 mg/ml nic. And sometimes more than that I have gone through as much as 35 ml in a 20 hour day that was a particularly bad day. I did a quick check on some of the places we used to buy juice averaged it all out and came up with 10.875 for 30ml at that cost we’d be spending 270 a month for vaping. With 420 a month for the nasty things We spend less than an average 125 a month including coils on vaping. having been smiled upon by the gods we haven’t had to purchase much hardware. I’m quite sure I can survive on my own nasty not up to par with the expensive juices juice for that price difference. OH YEAH and my juice is better than most commercial juice.




With the introduction of SMOK’s TFV8 Cloud Beast and the TFV12 Cloud King and Aspire’s Clieto 120, and other such tanks, there has never been a better reason to DIY. They go through so much juice, it would cost way too much to buy pre-made E-juice all the time.


Hahaha…good one


Can’t tell you how much money wasted on pre-made, not to mention all the space it takes up on my shelves. I’ve donated 1000s of mls and threw out the ones that went bad.


These dumbasses. Every single comment left on that article is some pissed off DIYers. Aspen super effed up. Theyll be lucky if they survive this


They posted mine too:

[quote=“Kalahari says”]

LOL, This is like a TV Dinner company warning of the dangers of home cooking !

February 15, 2017 at 3:19 pm [/quote]

to be fair to them, though not to their absurd article. they modify and accept the comments, and have posted all the ones we have seen.

Personally, I would have taken down the article, and all the associated comments.




The longer they have it up on the site the more damage it will do to the business. If they don’t understand that i can’t help them and no one can.


OMG! How stupid can on get!


Or a FUCKING RETARD!!!:rage:


Just a pathetic marketing attempt


My main tank is a Cloud Beast King – whenever my RDAs get around to coming in from FastTech I might consider buying some premium stuff I don’t think I could replicate – but at the 5mls per hour of chain vaping (generally I only go thru about a tank a day tho, just when I do chain vape it disappears FAST) pre-made is absolutely not worth the price, regardless how it compares to the amateurish mixology of myself :stuck_out_tongue:

All that said, some premium juices really are amazing. I believe someone can reproduce the Yami-Vape flavours, but I wouldn’t know where to begin myself.


"Your safety is obviously important, and you are going to put your safety at risk when making your own e-juices. It doesn’t matter if you are doing it for the first time or the 100th time—there are always going to be some safety concerns that come along with making e-juices. And you are going to assume a lot of risks when you attempt to do it.

For this reason, many experts will tell you that you should have at least six months to a year worth of experience with vaping before you even think about making your own e-juice. "

Jesus I started diy within two weeks of starting to vape. Still have full bottles of my first store bought juice just sitting there. It costs me $3.50 pw diy. The same bought from a store would set me back $50/$60
They are just pulling at strings trying to get the next $ale


Hmmmmm, they make it sound as though you need a degree in industrial math to blend e-juice. For the most part I think their article is near total rubbish. There is only one thing I can somewhat agree with out of the whole article. Some people DO make their hobby of blending more expensive than smoking cigarettes or even buying manufactured Ejuice. Other than that one thing, total rubbish…

They also make it sound as though working with nicotine is deadly. Sure, there can be danger but in my opinion the danger is to your eyes. Contact with 100mg nicotine base for short periods of time is not deadly. For that matter probably won’t even give you a buzz. I’m guessing I’m not the only one that laid their arm down on your work table right in a small nicotine spill.Please people, don’t panic. Just go to the nearest faucet and rinse the nic off. If you spill nic on your clothes somehow, again, please don’t panic. Remove that clothing and rinse that nic off. The chances of absorbing a large enough dose of nic through your skin in 30 sec to make you deathly ill are slight. Remember, people run around with the nicotine patches at as high as 36mg ALL DAY LONG. I think most of us can handle 100mg for 30 seconds. It is always best to avoid mistakes, however what is key to your safety is not panicking and knowing what to do when mistakes happen. Sooner or later we all will make a mistake, it’s human…

Guys/Gals, these people prefer the money flow in their hands, that’s all…


The only thing I agree with is that you can end up wasting flavors… because I have… but I’m just starting and was mixing up 30ml bottles of juice to try them… but that can easily be fixed by just making much smaller batches just to taste test. Eventually most people would end up figuring this out on their own, or by the suggestion of someone else… so maybe a problem at first, but not in the long run. The rest is just a bunch of ridiculous crap to try to convince you just to buy their juice rofl


I agree with you there. Ive wasted lots of juice and flavors in my first 6 or so months of diy, and still do tbh. But still, the 10mls are so cheap theyre negligible, not enough to move the needle.
And as far as buying flavors that you dont like or cant use? Well you can always give them away to a newcomer or someone who might want it.


Well, a whole year later , the article is still there * sigh *

I like this bit:

You were trying to go for a light strawberry or a creamy vanilla, but instead, you have a tasteless, bland e-juice that doesn’t hit any of the right notes.

Congratulations—consider this your welcome to the DIY world! While you would normally call up your vape shop and ask for a refund, in this case you are to blame for your low quality e-juice.

Oooh, well,. normally I wouldn’t have the flaming nerve to call up a vape shop and ask for a refund, just cos their juice tasted bland to me. But according to this article, that’s exactly what they expect you to do,

So get it to it, guys! start calling in your refunds from Aspen Valley *evil grin *