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Are You F_@$ing ( kid)ding


The weirdest experience I’ve had was a call for a heart attack. We pulled a rig and responded red. Ran into the house and went to check for vitals and this dude was stiff as a board. I must have looked astonished because one relative (out of a room full) explained they were saying their good byes for a few hours now. Real easy to get on the gurney, like loading lumber in a pick up bed. Bringing the guy into the funeral home, the woman looked and started, “oh Bill, good to see ya. Like your hair cut…”. Put the rig up and went to bed.


More like ‘an involved parent that gives a crap’. You don’t need to be educated to make a positive impact on your child’s life. You just have to care. Can’t ever regulate that. Nice try.


I think you’re hugely overestimating the intelligence of the average joe…

I know these are about Americans but you find these people everywhere. I don’t mean to single you guys out but these vids are just widely available and in a language we all understand.

(and underestimating the power of marketing)


It seems to me that conservatives tend to be conservative in putting their views out there. Liberals do seem to be much more vocal in putting forth theirs along with their criticisms and condemnations of those they don’t like.


I’m so right with you !! It’s gotten even worse, I never would of imagined it could of. It’s sickening, disheartening… maybe we need to go dig some well equipped Tunnels/ Government Protection Areas, A city well equipped to handle all government and Big boys that are funding/ being funed by them.
Underground cities so to speak under and thru the Ozark Mountains. Only problem tunneling next to the "Big “Bullies” Boys is we would have to wear breathing apparatus not to get oxygen but to keep from breathing in the Stinch from there side of the underground fortress they have built and secured from themselves. I’m sorry I’m just putting into my words my own personal frustrations and too feel that no matter how hard we try to get things on the right track. Sometimes it looks as if we’re heading in the right direction to improve the US and then In exchange they try to control something else and just throws a monkey wrench into everything that you and I keep fighting for. I’m sorry for rambling, just much cheaper to speak out loud than to pay $150 HR to a shrink, that also I’m sure would say get the white jacket put him in that rubber room and give him shock treatment, just don’t forget Ohms Law while pushing the button LoL
Has anybody ever watched any documentaries, any shows on Government “unknown” Secrets ? That’s kinda a oxymoron, not a secret anymore. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Lollipop ? The world may never know !!


I think you’re cherry picking to buttress an already weak argument. And I think that your unabashed slighting of Americans is taking things too far, despite your weak disclaimer about finding stupid people in places other than America. Finger wag to you, tsk tsk. I don’t think broad brushed prejudice is appreciated here at ELR, and yours is showing.

To say that McD preys on ‘stupid people’ is among the weaker arguments one can make. I know you like to cover your ears and yell just to be heard, but this is pretty pathetic, even for you.

And in defense of ‘stupid people everywhere’, lack of education does not equate to the inability to understand what constitutes a healthy diet. It is again a lack of motivation to be a positive role model to a child. Maybe an average joe struggles to name the 9th US President, or the capital of Wyoming, but most well know what a balanced, healthy diet is. Gotta care though.


Well @Suomynona we have some butt shit, stupid ass MF’ers over here, no disputing it. One thing that seldom get’s mentioned, when having conversations along these lines, are the failing’s of the public (and other) schools over here. I look at what I was taught waay back when, when I was in school, and we actually were taught about history, both domestic and abroad, civics, English (for the love of God), and the list went on and on, and I compare that to what they are being taught now (and more importantly what they’re NOT being taught) and videos like this, do not surprise me. This, of course leans towards the younger members of stupid, the OLDER ones, well, so my first point for clarification on that one.


Free speech, is always welcome, IF, it agrees with (fill in the blank) …


Watters finds the best of the best…


You don’t spend much time on social media do you.


There is also an air of willful ignorance that seems to be in vogue with some younger folks. It’s as if most knowledge is beneath them and not worth their effort to obtain or retain. It bores them. And consequentially, they end up being some of the most boring ignorant samples of the human race.



Somebody call the print shop, then the framers, I’m hanging THIS one on the wall !!!


amen :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hmm, can we get a pin somehow, lmao


shared on 2 discord channels and copied to notepad


I only got about halfway through, I just felt myself losing brain cells!


I have a 20 yr old daughter and I couldn’t agree more!




I have a grandson that was runnin down that path. He got his ass kicked real good by life. Picked up on a few things the hard way. There’s hope for that boy now. Somehow he put it together. He’s still a little behind the starting gun but at least he isn’t running off a cliff.


So what your saying is I didn’t have any to lose! Well at least your honest.