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Are you ready for some Football?


ok I have absolutely no idea what any of you are talking about but…the thread say’s ‘Football’…and what you lot appear to be talking about is referred to as ‘Hand egg’ by me and my mates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …but let me just add…
Manchester United beat last years Premiership Champions Leicester City 4 - 1 on Saturday, so that deserves an honourable mention :soccer::grin::clap:

good…carry on…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah yes soccer … Thanks to all the moms not wanting their delicate children playing a real sport the past few years we are starting to see this “sport” more and more.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just ribbing you back my dear @Pugs1970! Congrats to your Manchester United!


i live in anacortes wa and am a 49ers fan , i hate the hawks


Ha…don’t be ridiculous, they can’t be running into each other and run the risk of ruining their perfect hair, they have commercial contracts to think about, if you sneeze to close to a premiership player he’ll go down quicker than a //insert crude comment about hookers here//.
still…it was an amazing victory and very much needed :nerd::+1:


Not much hope for us today, my friend. The Hawks are mopping the field with us. :anguished:


Since I started this thread I feel entitled to say … if you want to chat about the UK version of football, that’s great. The more the merrier. Just don’t try to slip Cricket in there. I don’t understand that one and not sure who does :slight_smile:


Hand egg? Sounds dirty. Lol.

And boy did the steelers tank today. Wowza



Well time to go down vote some recipes!:astonished: I could handle 2329 adaptations of Bronuts but a Cowboys fan …Really !!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess because they were playing the Bears I will try and show a little restraint this time.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Go Pack Go!!!


I’m not a Steeler fan, but I was like “Damn they got their ass kicked”. There are about 3 Steeler fans at work and I’m giving them hell today.

But I do have 4 words to say… HOW 'BOUT THEM COWBOYS. I’ll get it in now because we all know how their season usually goes.

On the real, Prescott seems to be the real deal for a rookie. 8th round draft pick… what a steal! He doesn’t overreach like Romo and try to do too much. I hope Jerry Jones don’t get that big ego and keep him around for a while. I’d love to see him with more experience… Prescott that is.


Similar situation with Sam Bradford at the Vikings. As a loyal Packers fan it is basically a requirement for me to hate the Cowboys and Vikings (Bears too :slight_smile: ) and I do, but the truth is Dallas and Minnesota have some talent blossoming in the QB position.

It’s time for Romo to do something different, like sell cars, run kids summer camp…hell even coach. Just don’t want to see him in the booth calling plays. He couldn’t fill Aikman’s shoes on the field and he can’t do it in the booth either.


Humbly I must agree. A ton of heart and skill… but short on brains. The Cowboys has serious discipline problems and it starts at the top. There’s been a lot of talent that’s come through Dallas over the last decade, but teamwork and guidance has failed them all. I really hope they get it together, because I’m tired of getting ragged on.


If I NEED to go to sleep, I’ll put the cricket on…or golf…hate either lol


What the hell happened to Pittsburgh yesterday??? I know there is no way in hell that the Eagles are just that good!!! Oh well, my Skins had a good win yesterday over the Giants!!! It was their first win this season and I must say that our defense looked a lot better although I still think they need to fire the defensive coordinator Joe Barry. Capn Kirk seems to have gotten his shit together finally. He has too many weapons on offense to play the way he had been for the first two games (which we lost). Of course I still see problems and room for improvement, especially with our Red Zone offense, they should have had more TD’s instead of FG’s and then it wouldn’t have been such a hard fought win! Lots of mistakes, but still looking way better!!! #HTTR


@SthrnMixer @Pro_Vapes completely agree that Romo needs to move on. I actually think he can be a great offensive coordinator. Too bad Jerry Jones doesn’t care about performance nor the health of Romo, and will send Romo in prematurely only to have him snap his spine in half and be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Jerry Jones is the biggest threat to the Dallas organization, and I won’t expect anything from them until he leaves the GM position.


I agree with you. Too much Jones in the Big D. The biggest mistake Jones has made is getting rid Jimmy Johnson. They had dynasty in the making and Jones blew it all up with his big ego.


Anybody watching the Steelers and Chiefs game , Pitt has scored 22 points in the first quarter .Crazy!


I listening mostly, typing with a buddy of mine. Pittsburg is my fav so as McDonalds says, “I’m Loving It”


I don’t like KC, and I’m a lifelong Steelers fan, so I’m enjoying the game (as much as one can when it’s a slaughter). But is anyone else finding the animosity between the two doing the commentary mildly annoying? It’s obvious that they don’t care for one another…
First the shot about the golf tee, then the “can I finish my story?” - “maybe at the end of the game…” /smh.


Falcons 48-33 winner over the Carolina panthers. 3-1 and maintain 1st place in NFC South!