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Are you ready for some Football?


Hell yeah I am. I guess it really is “redemption Sunday” for the steelers. :football:


Who has ever heard of shooting an imaginary bow and arrow into the sky being an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty! BS is what I call it! It happened in the Redskins/Browns game when Josh Norman caused a fumble that the Redskins recovered…that call was so ridiculous!


I might be about to tick you off, but here’s my take.

Football is a team sport. And while there are individual successes and failures on every play, the celebration of one’s individual accomplishment on the field is unnecessary and draws attention to the person rather than the team as a whole. I for one despise these little displays, no matter how cool some can be, and wouldn’t mind players being ejected for them. Even the chest bump, which does show solidarity (kinda) is just so overdone, I’m sick of it. When these clowns will even stop to dance or whatever after making a good play when they’re hopelessly behind on the scoreboard - and you know that happens a lot - well something should be changed.

I think these attention seekers should do the job they’re paid extremely well to do, STFU about politics, and if they want to be a celebrity then do something worthy of all that attention.


No, I am not easily angered, but my take is that they should be fair about it. Either allow it or don’t, but be fair across the board. I am sure that Josh Norman’s little display was not the only one that happened yesterday in every game that was on, but I am sure he is the only one who got a 15 yard penalty for shooting an imaginary bow and arrow. Personally the celebrations don’t bother me at all, but if they are not allowed then whatever, but be consistent with it and call an unsportsmanlike conduct or excessive celebration penalty on everyone who does it, in every game, everywhere!


I like what the Carolina Panthers do after they get a touchdown they just run to the end zone and hand the football to some little kid in the crowd. I think thats the best way to celebrate

Go Steelers :+1:




Well today the SC Gamecocks play the Tennessee Volunteers, who have been on a tare this season except for their last two games. It will be interesting to see what happens when Muschamp again starts the true freshman walk-on Jake Bentley who had a very good first game last week. For those unfamiliar, this young QB was supposed to play in a high school game the day he debuted for South Carolina. I think he’s considered a Blue Shirt freshman. It should be fun.


Well it was a barn burner just as I predicted. What really surprises me is SC pulled off the win! Holy shit.



I hope Ky can beat Georgia!


Well i want GA to win. Only because it helps the cause for the WILDLY UNLIKELY chance SC were to wind the SEC East.


Hell yeah Seahawks got it done.


On the road with seven lead changes, great game!


Dear lord, the Niners suck! I expected a lousy season, but… really???


How 'bout dem COWBOYS!?!!
8 and 1 baby!!

Man that last minute was a nail-biter!

I’m so beyond thrilled to have a real quarterback again!!


Me too!!! Even though I wanted Pittsburgh to win. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I got so tired of hearing Cowboys fans defending Romo. I know he’s tough and has great potential, but he’s not been a good quarterback for a long time. So it’s nice to see them get some pride back.

Still, I’m duty-bound as a Packers fan to hate Dallas with all my might :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Speaking of QBs, if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t start pulling the magic back out on the field I’ll be ready to see him change to full time discount double check dude. Maybe next year Connor Shaw will be healthy and GB could pick him up!


I’ve had to listen to them defend for at least the last 4 years. =/
He “had potential” years 1 through 3-4 (at best). After that, I would say it was pretty well displayed what his reliability level would be. We’ve been overdue for years. It’s nice to finally get some vindication with family… As they’re the ones I’ve had to endure the loudest and longest. Lol


Only ever been to one game and it was when holiday in Hawaii some years ago now and I won a pair of tickets in a raffle at our hotel on wikiki Beach to the Super Bowl.
Best day of our holiday bar Pearl Harbour


Any predictions for the Super Bowl? Who’s going to make it? Who wins?