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Are you ready for some Football?


Of course I got to pull for the Packers , hopefully Nelson will be ready for the Cowboys game.:cold_sweat:
Several teams are playing well right now and any team can win it all.The Falcons and the Cowboys are much better than I expected and easily capable of winning out but I have learned to never bet against the Patriots.:worried:
I honestly felt the Giants would beat Green Bay tonight , they have a great defense , so glad I was wrong about that!:smile:
The Packers are really playing well , when someone gets hurt it seems we always have someone else pick up the slack.One thing about it they have put on one helluva show the second half of this season.


You know I’m pulling for the Cowboys of course. :football:

I feel I “deserve it” after all these years of enduring Romo. =x
Yeah. I said it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lmao



Seahawks vs steelers. Steelers win by 3 due to error on a penalty call lol.


LOL … Ok i’ll take it a win is a win


Same here. While I respect their game, I cannot root for them




That was a Great Game! Like yourself I wasn’t really a fan of either team but I was pulling for Clemson just because I hate to see Alabama win it every year.:smirk:
We had some decent Bowl games this year especially the Championship game and the Rose Bowl!
Unfortunate that neither of our teams had a very good bowl game but there is always next year!:smiley:


Same here!


ROLL TIDE i have always loved three teams USC Penn State and Alabama even when USC and Penn State sucked i still rooted for them but that was one helluva game


You may as well jump on the Clemson bandwagon as well ,surely you can find room in your heart for the fourth team!:laughing:
I also think that was one helluva game between Alabama and Clemson as well as the 2017 Rose Bowl where USC defeated Penn State , just curious who did you pull for in that one?
USC has won won 11 national championships
Penn State has won 2 national Championships and is number 28 in the most all time wins.
Alabama has 16 national championships
Clemson’s streak of six consecutive 10 win seasons ranks 2nd in active streaks behind the Alabama Crimson Tide


Sweet stats!

And I know you weren’t talking about me, but to salvage my Gamecock street cred let me just say I only pulled for Clemson because I wanted to see Bama get beat. Oh I have great respect for the organization Saban has put together there, but dammit it gets old seeing them win over and over.

As a died-in-the-wool Gamecocks fan, it’s interesting how there hasn’t been another SC/Alabama matchup since we kicked the shit out of them last game. What was that…2010?


I got all excited for a minute when I seen the name of this thread. I didn’t realise it was the American version with the shoulder pads and heels


I know you are a glutton for punishment like myself! :grinning:
I pulled for Clemson as well for the same reason , I get tired of watching the same team win it all every year.I also respect Saban , I think he is a wonderful coach and more importantly a decent human being.
I have only one team in every sport, for myself trying to love more than one team simply takes the special feeling of accomplishment away you get when your team does win.
Of course being a Ky Wildcats football fan you also learn that you will never know how if feels to be a Champion! Luckily for me we got a very good basketball legacy!:grinning:


If your version of football was a high impact sport you’d want the players wearing protection too. Then again maybe soccer players are just such studs they don’t need to be protected from things like this.


Thanks to all the moms not wanting their children playing a physical sport we now play the game of soccer as well , sometimes it is just too nice of weather to play chess inside.:+1:


Gaelic football not soccer. Look it up lol


Gaelic? Yeah I’m not familiar. All I know is even with all the padding and such our guys still get injured all the time - many times career ending injuries. Doesn’t mean they’re pansies by wearing protection, just that they’d like their career to last longer than 1 season.


It’s just too easy to get you guys going when it comes to football. I couldn’t resist lol


Oh hell yeah. When it comes to American football pretty much everything gets us riled up :slight_smile:

That said, you’re more than welcome to post anything you like about the US version (or Canada for that matter) of football, soccer, rugby, Gay Lick (whatever the hell that is :slight_smile: ) or anything else in this thread. Why? It’s my thread and I don’t give a rat’s ass! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: