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Are you ready for some Football?


That was some hard hit’s in that video


I have a feeling you might enjoy Hurling. It’s meant to be the fastest ball game in the world.



Oh and hey DrChud, here’s my favorite of all hits. Let me set it up…

Michigan was "gifted’ a first down by a corrupt official. They even brought the chains out to measure and Michigan was short by a few inches…everyone on the planet could see that. Still the official gave them a first down. Terrible cheat. So I’m here in South Carolina and this is my beloved Carolina Gamecocks in the garnet colored jerseys. Our linebacker, Jadeveon Clowney provided the perfect answer for this shitty official’s call. Watch…


Thanks for the video. That looks badass!!


He knew he got hit anyway lol


to be honest USC is at the top of the list , and unlike most its not a bandwagon thing otherwise id be riding the seahawks dick since they started winning being from washington and all but i actually still love the NINERS and always have and always will regardless of winning and btw Penn state and usc are finally back to winning and i still rooted for them while they lost , and were impacted by violations and scandals but to be completely clear it doesnt impact my life one way or another if they lose they lose and if they win cool but im not out running around painting my face on game day


I always thought penalizing the team was a dick move because those players suffered in so many ways over something they had nothing to do with. Just thought the whole thing was handled extremely poorly - but that’s what happens when you allow all the touchy-feely weanies to impugn everyone and everything. Fkin political correctness and all that crap.


you are right that was a messed up situation , i think the penalties were due to the staff having prior knowledge of accusations i really did not think the team should have lost all that they did


I understand the feeling…Go Mountaineers!!!


Who’s getting ready for the Green Bay /Cowboys game ?! Cowboys are the favorite , 4.5 points and the over under is set to 51.5 points at oddsshark.
@SthrnMixer , I know you are brother! Go Pack Go!!!
@Pro_Vapes @Wayne_Walker I am sure you will be cheering for your Dallas team.
I am fairly sure it will be a good game and good luck to all!


We have already addressed this issue that some of you have please see post 135.:blush:


So what you’re saying then is even your football is not real football. You may now quietly mutter the word touché. :laughing:


It ain’t looking good for the CBs… We are in big trouble.


The game has surprised me as well , Dallas is a much better team than they are performing.
Green Bay is hot right now for sure but I fully expected this to be a battle.It is still way early for me to celebrate .
And there you go ,Bryant just scored.


Don’t blame you that would be like us reading a thread about soccer!:joy:


When I read this I threw up in my mouth a little. Blech! :slight_smile:


And just like that we have a tied game. I thought that it would be a great game!


We have momentum. A GB turnover would be great right now!


Message from Aaron Rodgers … Never fear, the choke artist is here.