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Honestly, I couldn’t agree more…

My TF-RDTA how now officially replaced my TF-RTA G2 - great taste, good clouds… sets a little high on the temperature but the buffered drip tip takes care of most of the heat.


i havent heard a single peep on this forum about the G4…has no one but me tried this most excellent tank???


G4? What’s that?


You’ve never steered me wrong bud. So I got one of each on the way from VapeNW. $44 and some change with shipping. Oh, and black! Love my black tanks. Thanks for the recommendations!


I remember your comments when you first got it. But for me vaping Ti only… I wouldn’t be able to build it above .05. If you get a Ti build in it above .05, please let me know how it goes.


Yeah, to this date ive only put SS builds in it…if I ever do, well, you know…


The TF-RDTA: its like SMOK took the aromamizer and made it even better.


Really? Is it that good! I love my aromamizer’s for ease of building and great flavour. I love rdta’s so I’ll have to have a look at this one. (You know how i am with smok)
But you have never steered us wrong with your opinions and they all turn out to be great rda’s , rdta’s etc.
I’ll see if i can pick one up. :yum:[quote=“Whiterose0818, post:209, topic:57743, full:true”]
The TF-RDTA: its like SMOK took the aromamizer and made it even better.


for you, @Pattie and @SthrnMixer, the wicking that worked for me, is cutting the wicks real short and just having the wick ends sitting atop the juice holes. you guys aint rookies, you know what to do…


Thanks for the heads up , got mine ordered.Been playing with the Hohm Wrecker as well.


Did you look at the owners manual for the hohmslice? Have you tried the XXX setting yet? The temp curve? There’s a lot to learn and I’m still learning.


This is what worked for me too.


I did try out the xxx mode after watching a video .It seems pretty straight forward so far but I am amazed by how much you can tweak the settings.


Sorry it took so long… This is my method using Cotton Bacon v2 and a 3mm ID…

I’m using this dime for reference of the average size I use.

Then I roll this peice loosely.

Then I insert it into the coil and trim it even with the bottom of the RBA .

I fluff the tails and tuck them into the base just resting them over the wicking holes.

Then I wet the wick and shape it more over the wicking holes being sure I fully expose the coil free of cotton.


As I stated earlier, this is my method. I’m sure others have their own methods and maybe they will share also so you can find one that works for.


Great write up PV . I use the same method @Cloyce . I tried to trim my wick shorter but I would get the occasional leaking issue when I filled.
I know when I juice up my cotton and make sure the holes are covered by spreading the tails as shown in the pics it has all but eliminated the leaking when filling. I may still get a drop or two when I take the first or second drag from the air holes at the base but never more.
I should note that I use the cellucotton Rayon for my wicks.I may make mine thicker but if so it isn’t by much at all.I use 22 ga. Titanium Grade 1 , 5.5 wraps on a 3.5 rod .


I was needing to rebuild a boreas as well so here are some pics.Everything is the same as PV with the exception of using rayon for wicking.
If you are using rayon from the box , I pretty much cut a 1.5 inch long strip and then pull it in half.I will use one half to make both wicks .I can rebuild two tanks with one full 1.5 inch strip of rayon.I do use more wicking than most people here but this should give you an idea.After I twist the ends and trim the length it is a little less than 1 inch.
The strip of rayon on top of the wire spool is what I have left after doing the one build.


I have some 24 ga. Titanium TA1 that i would like to try in the Boreas.

Never used Titanium before and am wary about using it, only ever used ss or kanthal between .2 - .5 ohms.

Any suggestions on wraps,id and temp range to use as a starting point? looking to try something new.


7 wraps 2.5ID will be about 0.2 ohm.
Start at 400f and work your way up until your happy. :yum:


@Pattie shows how long it’s been in a draw, its 26 ga.
Would the same wraps be ok at 0.3 ohm?
As they will be spaced, i would just need to build and wick no glowing ect.


Same wraps etc with 26g will be 0.3ohm. Same temp and work your way up.
Yes, should of said DONT dry burn ti. Wick it and wet it before you fire it. :yum: