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OK thanks my concern is can I use a smaller coil and have enough cotton to properly wick using a 2.5 /3mil center coil


Just to expensive for me. Over 50 bucks for a rta. I’m looking at ft clones around 10 to 20. But it does look like a nice tank


$34 shipped… I just got 2.

FT has some for cheap…


Ooo just realized the image above. The original post was from March. (Back when it was 50)


I’m not sure if this has been mentioned so forgive me if I repeat something already said.

For those with leaking problems on the Boreas. I know it’s been mentioned that when filling the tank to turn off air/juce flow and then turn it upside down while screwing on the top cap. This allows pressure to be minimized by putting the air at the point of juice flow rather than the liquid. That works ok, but another thing I do is before turning it right side up again I’ll open the air flow. If you do this in a quiet room you can actually hear the air escape from where pressure built up. Otherwise if you open it after turning it back upright, that pressure will just be on the liquid. Hope this helps.


I must be lucky unless I lay the Boreas on its side or have problems with top cap o ring it is one of the driest running tanks I own but the o ring on the top cap has been giving me a problem not sealing losing vacuum. Gets stuck I love Citrus flavors it don’t like my o rings


I do it exactly like you do SthrnMixer.
With my current coil and wicking, the only juice i see is if I adjust the air flow ring I get a couple of droplets and I dont think I’m going to stop that. And I’m ok with that, because it’s way better than the waterfall I had before.:grinning:


Had a chance to buy a aromamizer yesterday. Used for 10 bucks. Looks like it was in great shape. Dang near brand new.
But missed out on it. Kinda kicking myself a lil bit, but idk if that was one time deal, or is that a avg price. Idk


My take on the Boreas.
Late in the game I know. TheRabidWeasel sent me his. It seems he didn’t care for it. LUCKY ME! I LOVE THIS TANK! THANK YOU RABID!
Now on to my experiences with it.

After receiving it, I left Rabid’s coils in it, 22ga Ti .06 ohm. I cleaned the tank to purge old juice and gave it a bath in the USC with PGA. Did a light dry fire of the coils, brushed them off, wicked it with a hemp sample Rabid was very kind to include and off to the races. Hemp in it’s own right is a unique experience, said to outlast the coil being way beyond being covered in gunk. I Wicked it fairly tight, trimmed the wick to just hit the juice holes (ala pancake wicking method), assembled the tank, filled it, a very small amount of leaking measured in drops. Not too shabby…If you can build an Aromamizer, you can build this thing. It’s a snap.

Now the bad, I see why Rabid didn’t like it. I was getting very little vapor production and hardly any flavor, and this from my beloved Cream Dragon V8. Poked around here a bit to find the culprit, and yep culprit found…, 2mm juice hole deck. I pulled the 22ga and did a 24ga build on 2.5mm post at about .12 ohms ( a more typical A-mizer build for me). Much Much better…nearly identical to the Aromamizer V1 in both flavor and vapor production, but this thing can do better dammit, I just know it.
So, I built the 2.5mm juice hole deck, but this time reverting back to 8 wraps each of 22ga Ti around a 3mm rod that clocks in at .08 ohm. Ideal considering the limitations of the DNA 200. I proceeded to wick it (with hemp again) and back in the race. OH BOY! THIS IS IT! Probably the densest vapor I have ever seen from any tank, flavor out the @Ozo (wiseasscrackintended) :stuck_out_tongue:
For me, the jury is still out for the hemp wicking. I see promise in it, but considering I still have Cotton Bacon and about 500 large Puff OCC cotton pads, Rayon etc…I’m set for wicking…if I can keep the misses from using my cotton pads to remove her warpaint that is…anyway, I digress.
What a nice piece of vaping heaven we have in this tank. "One mans trash, another man’s treasure."
I don’t know if I will pull trigger on the Aromamizer Supreme, but danged sure may choose to purchase a couple or 5 more Boreas tanks. What is not to like!

The build quality of this tank is superb!

PS. EVERY RTA should come with 2 build decks REGARDLESS of design. Juice flow control or otherwise. That is just as handy as a shirt pocket.


Thanks for sharing. I just got the Boreas and I know there has to be more flavor than what I have right now. I have pretty much stuck to the kanger mini tanks and the crown v1 both with the rba decks because they are so easy to build. Right now I have claptons in my boreas running 9 wraps at 0.4 ohms at 50 watts. I mean the flavor is ok but I know if I vaped the same juice out of my kanger it would be much better. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Keep going up in wattage and see what happens.


What mod are you using? I recently had to send my only dual 18650 mod back and tried running dual claptons on a single battery mod and it was no good. Last night, a week later, I go my new mod in and can run them just fine.

On my setup right now I’m running dual Clapton Kanthol and ohms out at 0.3 pushing 61-65w.


I currently have an ipv4, ipv5, and a cuboid. I just turned it up to 80 watts and man its a hot vape (cough). Maybe I should try mixing this at max vg and up in the % of flavoring by 0.5%. I usually vape under 30 watts. The juice I’m vaping is a vanilla pudding at 14.5% flavoring. A bunch of fa, a few capella, and vanilla mf. Once I get to my desktop I’ll post the recipe.


Are you placing you coils vertical or horizontal?


Horizontal on both of them. Here’s the merlin.


Love my BOREAS. Had a problem with drip tip getting HOT with builds below .3 so spent $1.45 for heat sink at Fast Tech. Problem solved. Flavors still the best and now cool Vape. Works good on the Billows V3 also.
Now I’m going back to FT to get the five pack of drip tip heat sinks.


SMOK made an Aromamizer! I got one and using it for last 2 weeks.
Like it much more than Aromamizer V2 cause that one seeps too much.
All the expected quality of SMOK. It’s 24mm diameter, so larger deck than Aromamizer which is good. Shorter tham a TFV4. Has no leaking whatsoever, works great, flavor as good, has juice flow control.

Got it from Fasttech amd extra deck for it.

  1. 4665700 Authentic Smoktech SMOK Replacement TF-RDTA S2 Deck 0.2ohm (55-80W) 1
  2. 4665801 Authentic SmokTech SMOK TF-RDTA Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer 5ml / 0.2ohm / stainless steel + glass


Mine should be in the mail waiting for me to get home… I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas day.


I will Vape the aromamizor supreme over the boreas any day of the week. But hey it looks good on the mod Just saying


i’m not quite sure why they didnt seem to get the recognition i feel they should have, but 2 of the most awesomest RTAs ive evr vaped are the SMOK TF-RDTA and the TF-RTA G4 edition. to me, at least…i’m talking excellent machining, easy to use, and superior flavor and vapor production. super smooth draw, i mean SUPER smooth draw…almost like not hitting anything, no whistle on the draw(important to me)…both are available under $20 and just all in all great products.
Hell, another that is pretty fucking awesom and under $20 is the Kaos Erebus RTA Tank 25mm…that thing has amazing flavor, something like 6-7ml juice capacity and it also has a very smooth vape/draw…
anyway, i’m off to shave some ass…much love, fam…much love!