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Everything seems to be as it should. No wobbling or anything.


Dying to get the Boreas, just cant lay my hands on one over here (uk)
I did manage to secure a billow v3 and should have that soon.
My supreme and aromamizer v2 should be here this week. After that i just want the alleria rta.
Bit the bullet on the vt133 dna aswell. Why not! :yum:


I just got mine in today first thing that hairbrush was it leaked. I thought well maybe it was me… no prob! Rewicked it added more cotton to the bottom. Still a flutter hit with juice popping. Ok maybe its me again. I deconstructed my build and mad a new one added more cotton at the bottom. Flutter is gone hits wonderful truley a beauty. Watched a movie laid my tank and drvice on its side 7 mls of e juice leaked onto my couch. Now i believe its a design flaw. So i will have to see what’s goings on mechanically and fix it. Ask this leaking is with the jyice control 75% closed off. Im thinking maybe there is to much of a gap under the deck.


@Whiterose0818 I love my goliath v2. I also have the aromamizer and a couple othe rta’s and i always go back to by goliath v2. I have been searching for the next rta and have yet to find it. I was gonna go for the the aromamizer supreme but you may be swaying me toward the boreas. I take it that if I go for the boreas i won’t be dissapointed? I guess i will go for it. maybe get both.
Oh well who knows.


I managed to obtain a Boreas rta, received it yesterday and been using it ever since.
This thing is freaking awesome! What a bit of kit!
I would even go as far as to say this is an aromamizer killer. Imo.
I’m getting some great flavour from this machine, got a 22g ti build in it, 0.08 ohm 2.5ID and she’s a chuckin!
Seems very well made.
Not getting any leaking at all, on mine anyway. Using the smaller of the two decks , so might swap out tomorrow and do a 3.0Mm ID and see how that goes with the bigger wick holes. But as of now, very pleased with this one.
STILL waiting on my supreme from steamcrave!!!


You guys are killing me. I want the Boreas…forget the 'mizer, the Boreas looks like a Bellus killer. @bradslinux, have you tried the Boreas. I cannot bring myself to buy from eciggittyy, they’ve screwed me enough already.

I need to pick up some gear anyway, I’ll see if I can find it elsewhere. @Pro_Vapes …have patience if you can. Once I figured out the Bellus it is still my go-to tank after my best drippers.

As for the 'mizer getting hot, that was one of my many complaints about the original. I had to go to a plastic tip to keep from burning my damned lips. And it still sucked for flavor to me. Not an aromamizer fan, prefer the bellus and Cthulu for tanks. Very interested in Boreas.


ask, and thou shalt receive

best tank ever


my current build on the Boreas large large deck is fused clapton 26g x2 wrapped with 32g, all 316l, 5.5 wraps on a 3mm ID…rayon, of course…i prefer this setup in power mode over TC…93.5W on a VT200…not just incredible flavor, but a very smooth vape.


I bought one, started to buy two, but I’m getting some other attys and already have too many and too many unopened. . .and I am hoping @Joy decides she wants to sell me her Cthulu V2. I am picking up a Billow V3. . .man, that thing looks like it is going to be awesome.


I lay mine on its side all the time and it never leaks. Hmmmm


I believe i got it worked out. I just stuff a lot of cotton at the bottom.


I dunno. I think I want the Moonshot.


I got that one too. IMO it doesn’t touch neither the Boreas or the Supreme. It’s good, but not as good.


That’s quite interesting. I thought the flavor on it was better then those tanks. The griffin for sure as per Wayne’s comments. But then again I don’t know how they compare to the griffin.

So which one would you recommend for flavor?


The Boreas is the best tank I ever vaped. I’m sure before it’s all said and done you will hear a lot of good things about it.

Tanks are very subjective just like everything else. It’ll be hard for one person to say what is the best tank of all. It’s more like what is best for them.


I have a, Boreas, moonshot, theorem, and Billow V3 on the way. I’ll compare them to the Bellus and Cthulu V2 for tanks and Mutation xs and Alliance V2+. . .if they rank together ima be a very happy camper. I have unopened griffin and Avacodo to try as well. I’ll rank my preferences in here if that’s ok.

I’ve never thought the 'mizer is a flavor tank, but I’m the odd man out there. But the folks in this thread giving these tanks the ratings they are makes me think the Boreas may just be the one.

I love the Alliance dripper…great flavor from a dripper with a hug capacity, no leaks, easy to build, and the coating on the drip tip, thermal isolation from the mod make it GREAT IMO. @LordVapor is the man for turning me on to it…it equals the Mutation for flavor, but blows it away for ease of use.


I am looking forward to your review as it’s my birthday next month I will be getting meself a little prezzie.


https://www.subtanksupply.com/supreme-rdta-aromamizer-by-steam-crave.html use ten off here to get it for about 47 dollars shipped…


the code is all cape TENOFF lowest price i have seen on supreme aromizer


I just received the Boreas that I ordered from subtank supply. The package wasn’t damaged but the contents have seen better days. The plastic box was cracked and the o-ring on one of the build decks was split. Those 2 in and of themselves weren’t enough to get my goat, but the fact that both build decks have juice holes of the same size does. I sent them a note so we’ll see about their customer service.