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I had one that was split also. I broke another one when I assembled the tank after cleaning it. Thank god I had spares.


Received a response from them already. I appears as though they are going to send out a replacement deck and more O-rings when they come in…eta Monday.


Don’t be put off by that mind, it’s one hell of an rdta. :ok_hand:
Glad to see there sorting it for you.


Me too…same o-ring split on me


If that o-ring is that fragile maybe they should have included more than 1. I’m thinking of finding the measurements for this and placing an order with the o-ring store.

EDIT: I measure these o-rings at 1.2mm x 10mm. The deck measures at 15.67mm. Anybody got a different size for these? Apparrently, this is an odd size, since the o-ring store doesn’t have anything close… I suppose I could get 1.00x15.

@Pattie, I won’t be put off by this. Stuff happens, so its all about the customer service. Worse case, I’ll just have to figure out how to drill out 1 of the decks holes to 2.5mm.


@Whiterose0818 Does that Boreas RTA have the air flow control versatile enough to limit air flow that is suitable for Mouth to Lung hitting?..and is it external, ie ability to adjust air flow control while vaping and be able to vape at all different settings?


i would think so.it has 4 holes to cover/uncover…so the one hole setting would probably be tight enough for MTL
and the AFC ring is external and very easy to adjust


@Whiterose0818 … OK Kewl Mutha Fogga…I pulled the trigger on the Boreas…Looking forward to lock-n-loadin this one…:slight_smile: …Thanks for the info


I was a little late hoping on this hype train but my two Boreas tanks came today.Glad I ordered two for a couple of reasons.
They as noted have several parts so breaking them down,cleaning, and building was much easier.
Secondly as @Pro_Vapes , @Whiterose0818 , @Pattie and countless others state these are that good!
I also had one of the now infamous O rings break with me as well.Hopefully someone will find a source to get replacements.
I used the flattened SS 316L fused clapton wire that I purchased on eBay for both builds.I used a 4.0 rod with 8 wraps touching.I did use the larger hole base on one just to see if I could see a difference in vape quality.No difference seen yet but it is still early. I used the rayon for wicking on each.
I have slowly started retiring my Aromamizers due to the smaller size and the bottom filling.It is hard as I do love those tanks for flavor and they are Like the old Timex watch commercial as they just keep on ticking.
My first take on these are that they are complicated with several parts.Looking closer though I can see no way to simplify without sacrificing what they have accomplished.I love the adjustable airflow that controls the juice flow as well.This to me is brilliant, it should help this tank fit many vapers and their needs without sacrificing flavor for anyone regardless of their vape style. I also love the fact that the control ring has positive stops that stop when fully closed or open.The huge build deck is nice and I like the way it is located by the notch instead of having to thread on or off.
The Boreas isn’t so large that it is a hindrance, it is the same height as the aromamizer only larger diameter.The increased capacity is very nice for those wanting it like myself.
Sorry about the long winded infomercial and thanks again to everyone for posting your thoughts about these and the many others!


grrat choice. Loving that mod by the way. Quality bit of kit. :ok_hand:
Let’s know your thoughts on the Boreas after you’ve used them for a bit. :yum:


@BoyHowdy, I ordered 100 ea of 3 different sizes and 1 of those should work fine. IMHO, the reason these orings have a tendency to break is that they stretched out that oring too much. I expect the 1x12 or 1x13 size will work out better (less tendency to break). I only ordered 100 to get the correct size. If you need orings PM me and I’ll send some your way (when they come in).


I just received another note from subtanksupply. To refresh, the boreas that I received had 2 of the decks with the 2mm juice holes. This note suggests that I should pay $3 for shipping a new deck. Seriously? Other companies just ship the replacement part out if something was wrong. Is this the standard practice for subtanksupply ?

Edit: I sent it, but this is the first time I’ve heard of this


Thank you for the offer for the O rings that is very generous of you! Just knowing what size you think will work best will be a great help.
I have never had to return anything from subtanksupply but I agree that just doesn’t seem right.It is almost like they picked a price out of their head to charge.I am sure it is less than the actual price if you could buy them separate but more than postage alone.No one should ever have to pay to correct a problem they didn’t make.


Its not actually that generous. It didn’t make sense to order 5 of them. Shipping would have cost more that the orings in that case. And this way I can pay back what y’all folks have done for me. I think I’ve made a dozen or so recipes from various people and that has saved a great deal of cash from not having to buy store made juice.


i agree…bunch of bullshit! i wouldnt have done it myself. i woulda raised quite a ruckus. thanks for the update.
i am actually quite surprised.
this is how they lose business. i’ll look elsewhere before i consider them next time.
maybe Grant, Walt and Greg should write a manual on proper business procedures and send subtanksupply a fuckin copy…


let this thread swell up a bit or create a new one and let that one swell up, then send them a link to it, so they can see whats up


I have created a new thread to discuss the customer service at subtanksupply. I have hijacked this thread long enough. My appologies to the op.


Just ordered a Boreas…O ring issues…Hmmmmmm…is it a difficult ring to find, and can you post a link where you got that 100 qty you speak of?..and/or if I have a problem, may I get assistance?..


Difficult, not when you know where to look. I ordered 100 of each size so that when I determine what the correct size is, I can send out 4 or 5 of them to 15-19 people who might need them. It doesn’t make much sense to order a small qty unlees its part of a larger order. But here is the link:


Thank you for the link…have used a few O rings purchased from Home Depot to replace some that I have accidently washed down the sink drain… a bit thick but workable with some effort… :slight_smile: