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Don’t the boreas come with all the extra orings you need to change them out. ??


They do come with spares but unfortunately they are tight as well and I am afraid failure is imminent.


Well crap. I don’t understand why they make such a good atty. and put crap orings on them. Just don’t make any sense


The deck is 15mm at the oring slot and the oring they provide is 1.2mm x 10mm. It’s streached pretty thin. So far the second one is holding up. I tried a 1mm x 15mm and it was quite tight. I’m guessing that the 1x12 or 1x13 will fit pretty good. The new orings are supposed to be deliverd Friday.


If a 1mmx15mm was quite tight…then wouldn’t a 1x12 or 1x13 be even tighter?


If you streach a rubber band doesn’t it get thinner? Er, more thin? The diameter will decrease, so it should fit a little better


gotcha… :slight_smile:


I think I may have misunderstood your misunderstanding. The 15mm fit fine around the deck. It was putting the deck into the doohickey('cause I don’t know what it’s called & too lazy to look it up) that was tight.


Not at all…the height of the 15 mm would stay thicker and cause problems with screwing the cap on, so to speak…with a smaller diameter 12 or 13 which would make the O ring thinner …would allow better chance of getting cap screwed on more fully…I had a similar issue with a lost o ring for my Goblin Mini…where I used a Home Depot standard O ring that was exactly the same size as my Tank glass …O ring stayed too fat and did not allow the tank assembly to mate properly…so the damn thing leaked…When I went to a slightly smaller O ring which was the same thickness…it stretched out and got thinner…and my tank assembled properly because it allowed the whole assembly to tighten down all of the threads…I wasn’t thinking properly when I read your post…It’s all good…Will you post in this thread which size works the best on your Boreas?.. My Boreas is gonna be arriving prolly in the next few days and I would like to have a heads up in the event that I gotta order some O rings thru your link…OR if you would be willing to sell me a half dozen or so…I live in Ohio, and would certainly be willing to pay and pay postage…I guess I will cross that bridge if I get to it…Regards


I can add to this:
I have a container filled with o-rings and I found one that was slightly larger than the problem o-ring and when I put it on the deck, I couldn’t get the deck to mount properly because the o-ring was too fat…or: it wasn’t stretched thin enough


Yea, I’ll post the size and I can send you a half dozen also. You wouldn’t want to order 6 orings of a single size and then pay even $3 shipping. That was my reason for ordering 100, so I can send these out to those that want more spares, since I was going to need some for myself anyway.


I’ll take you up on a few, brother


Yea, I had that happen with the 1x15 orings that I have. And the original oring is 1.2mm thick. I can’t imagine that the 1x12 wouldn’t become thin enough to work.


Done! I should have them by Friday and will get the size by Sat. Or if you want I can send you 6 of each. i only need to know where to send them.

You’re first on the list


When it all comes together, brother, hit me and we’ll go from there…thanks!


Right now I got a JerryRig going with my Goblin Mini…in addition to the tank O ring…I found a box of mini rubberbands that women use for their hair…Has a bunch of sizes from pinky finger tip size to thumb size…They sell them at Walmart…Doing a damn fine job sealing my chimney port at the drip tip end…Damn things are easy to drop in the drain and the trap doesn’t hold onto them very well…But this is a Boreas we are talking about, which I am excited about, after hearing such good things recently…I would hate to have to ask some chick at the gas station if I could borrow her pony tail rubber band… :sunglasses: Count me IN on you generosity…Come to think of it…here is an excellent topic for a thread “what have you had to do to JerryRig an atty ?”


Got the orings in today. Later this evening I’ll figure what what size works.


I received a boreas today in the mail by surprise. And I had no trouble with the Orings. Every part of this atty was quality.


Don’t get me wrong…I think this atty is great. Tons of flavor, simple to build, and it holds a ton of juice. The threads on the top cap are a little rough, but they still work fine. Its not as if the top cap is hard to take off or reinstall…just a bit rough.

When I got this, the oring on 1 deck was already split, before I did anything with it…other than remove the deck. So, I used the one spare that they provided. After hearing of other’s troubles I decided it’d be nice to have half dozen spares, just in case.


Who wants orings? The 1mm x 14mm worked best. I had tried a 1 x 15 and that was just a bit tight, so I tried these 1 x 14 orings first and when you put the deck back it feels almost the same as the original oring. The 1 x 13 is just a hair small. The actual description on the package is:
1mm X 14mm Metric Buna-N 70 O-ring

If you want I can include a couple of 1 x 15 orings, but I have a limited quantity of those so you’ll only get 2.