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That’s good info to know. Glad you found something to work right


I have now used the Boreas for one week and I am very happy.I have found an issue with the black coating on the one.I have used it on my pocket mod and I have to carry metal objects , flashlight,scale,and scribe 10 hours a day.I have rubbed a spot about 10mm in size from my flashlight rubbing the finish.
That is the only problem and I can live with that.The finish on the silver one is outstanding but it has not been subjected to the same environment.
The flavor is outstanding , I has used ss 316L and Pro_Vapes TI deep water build.It is the first RTA that has topped the Aromamizer as my favorite.
Thanks again to everyone for the recommendation! @Whiterose0818 @Pattie @Pro_Vapes


I finally had to breakdown and rebuild my Boreas. I think I wore out my first build after about 4 weeks of near daily use. It started increasing in ohms and getting dry hits. I rewicked it a few days ago and I was getting spotty vapes… some good and some bad. Now after the rebuild, all is great again. I’m glad it was a simple solution.


Glad to hear the rebuild took care of the spotty vapes.
What surprised me the most is on both Boreas’s is that I used the small hole deck and a fused clapton SS 316.
Anyway I found a couple of feet of the old Titanium when going through my gear.I vape in the 45-65 watt range but decided to try use the old Ti that I knew to be good on one of the large hole decks. I honestly can’t tell a difference in the vape quality.I would guess if you are a high wattage user the small holes may not work but for those like myself that is a great option to have another deck ready to go if needed.
I have ordered some new Titanium from Lightning Vapes and am curious to see how it preforms.I haven’t had an issue with other wire from them but never tried their titanium.
I will let everyone know when I find out the quality!


i originally used the large hole deck on both of mine, but after sloppy wet hits and lots of gurgling, i swapped both out for the small decks and i now have no gurgling and not as sloppy wet hits…lol


I agree. I took out the 2.5 deck. And put the 2.0 deck. And now it’s much better. With the big deck I had leaking issues when I filled it up. Really wet hits. Now it’s better. :scream:


I would just like to thank you all as i just got my Boreas (ordered after reading this topic) tank today and absolutely love it.

My daughter got me to switch to vaping 80 days ago after 20+ years of smoking, wish i had switched sooner.
I had been looking for another tank as my current tank (Reaper Plus) has been vaping Heisenberg since i switched and it tents to linger when switching flavours.

Anyway’s, thanks for the reviews and comments about this amazing tank.


They give you 2 decks. I found that the 2.0 hole deck work the best.


That’s what I am using atm with a pair of claptons (26/32ga Kanthal)

I have some SS 24ga and 26ga and some Titanium 26ga on the way. Being new to this I was looking at trying different wires to see what ones suited me best.


Nothing wrong with them. I use SS Clapton’s. The flavor is amazing. I use the same in my aromamizor supreme. They both are awesome attys. I haven’t tried any TI in them as of yet. I have TO SS all 22g. But this SS Clapton’s 7 wrap 3.0mm at 0.23 ohms. Just a great Vape


Thanks I will give SS Clapton’s a try, what gauge’s did you use?


Try ti fused claptons. Awsome. 26gx2 with a 34g wrap. Exelent flavour.


@Pro_Vapes which one is better boreas or supreme rdta?


I have both. And the boreas has just a tad better flavor. But it’s truly a close one. I Vape them both all day long. I’m sure pro-vapes will agree


I agree. The Boreas is the best tank I have.


Thank you @sillyrabbit @Pro_Vapes . I just ordered The Boreas


Just ordered the Boreas! Sounds like a great tank.

Sending my Griffin 25 back to Myvapestore for replacement. Sent an email to Myvapestore yesterday about the problem with the griffin and they sent me a paid return shipping label today via email.

Myvapestore has the best customer service.


I got my Boreas in the mail about 30 minutes ago, so not long enough to have problems. Still, we became best of friends right off the bat!

WASHED it first!! (yay, I’m no longer an idiot!):slight_smile:

Put a 7.5 wraps, 3mm spaced 22ga Ti build in it. Super easy to build. Juiced up the deck and reassembled. Closed off the AFC which, by the way, also closes off juice flow control. Filled it, vaped it. Dammit boy, this is a seriously good tank. After 1 drag it bumped my beloved Aromamizer. I have another already on the way but will order a couple more. Goodbye forever TFV4 I guess…can’t think of a reason to use that one anymore. I’m in love!


The Boreas is easily the best tank on the market IMO. @Whiterose0818 found a good one when he posted it.


I wasn’t sure who first put it out there, only that you guys who’s opinions I value very highly said it was bombdiggity, so yeah, get one. You know it was @Whiterose0818 who brought our attention to the Aromamizer too. Need to change his handle to Whiteroseonthecuttingedge :slight_smile: