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Yup it’s a bad ass atty But every time I fill this atty. and go to hit it. It leaks for a few. Every time. No mater how I wick this thing it does it. But it’s still my favorite Atty. today I’m running the limitless :eyes:


I fill it with AF and juice flow closed. Then I cap it, flip upside down and open the AF and JF. I sometimes get a small leak but not much.


Got my Boreas today!!
Seems to be a well built tank, came with lots of machine oil so a gave it a vinegar and Dawn bath. Built a dual 26g 316L 8 wrap single wire coils at .39ohms. Wicked it, juiced the wicks put together and filled about half full and watched for leaks. No leaks.
After vaping half a tank I closed off the juice control and filled again, then I opened the juice control and bam! juice fricking everywhere. Took it apart to check my wicks and adjusted a little bit, cleaned and reassembled and no leaks. I dont have a clue, but practice makes better vape.:slight_smile:

I will say that Augvape needs to include a detailed blueprint of where all these damn o rings go. And the drip tip is absolutely useless.

Also, you can not lay it on it’s side with out leaking.


Damn I’ve not got one. Not many distributors in the U.K.


Perhaps @Pattie could help you locate a Boreas in the UK.


It’s ok I’ve just found one! Thanks :slight_smile:


For the Boreas in the uk.


Out of stock from them. Found these https://www.elegantvapour.co.uk/boreas-rta.html


Thats a cpl of options for ppl in the uk then.
There showing up in more and more places all the time. :ok_hand:


If any body has suggestions on how to to keep the Boreas from leaking when filling, I’d like to know. So far this is a big leaking piece of shit.

Please dont take my last statement wrong, I love this tank for flavor, size, easy build but I cant stand for my tanks to leak. I’ve tried turning it upside down and opening air flow and soon as I turn it upright it starts to leak for about 3 or so pulls.


I don’t have that with my Boreas, i simply close off the afc, open the top, pore in my liquid, close the top back up and open the afc and have a few tokes. Done.
I have noticed a small bit on the actual ring itself but never leaked.
Is anyone else having the same problem?


I don’t mean any disrespect, but I have to ask:
Is it put back together correctly? O-rings all in the right places? If I remember correctly, there is an o-ring on the very bottom piece that I found floating in the water I washed it in. It goes around the hole that the 510 connection fits into.
I’m asking because I have 2 Boreas’ and I never had leaking issues that I can remember.


First time I wicked it after it arrived I had no leaking. Yes all of the o rings are in place even the one in the bottom cap that fits over the 510 pin. After I take a few pulls it stops, and I cant lay it on it’s side or it will all leak out, not that I need to lay it on it’s side, but that would be nice if I carry out.
No offense taken Whiterose, there is a lot of o rings on there and it was an adventure putting it back together.


Ok This time I took it apart cleaned the bottom half and did a new build.

316L 26g 4mm ID 6 wraps dual coils at .31ohm. Supper loose wicking , cut the ends at an angle towards the post and primed the wick, reinstalled checked for shorts and filled tank.

Yea no leaks whats so ever, not one drip. So I must appollagize to Augvape for calling the Boreas a leaking piece of shit, when it was clearly the idiot doing the build.

I did notice when putting it back together the piece that go’s on the bottom of the tank can be put on wrong, I install it on top of the air flow ring first and noticed that the slots dont line up and open fully unles you make sure to line them up so you have 2 wide slots when open instead of 4 small slots. If thats makes sense.

Wick to loose getting some dry burnt hits. Try again!


I picked up an Aromamizer Supreme for $35 from FT and It is a great piece of hardware. Mine did leak when I filled it the first few times. Must make sure it is wicked properly and covering the juice holes. Close up the adjustable juice and air vents when filling from the top because unscrewing the top cap releases the pressure vacuum. Once it is filled and vaped on it never leaks. I never had this issue with the OBS Crius top fill but the Aromamizer has its own quirks but is just a well designed and machined tank.


That’s the same problem I’m having with mine. The only thing that has helped. Put more wick then normal. And use the 2.0mm deck. Then I open just 2 airflow holes. Vape for a few times. Then open it all the way. But I hate a tank that does this crap. My aromamizor and my Griffin 25 don’t leak at all.


Does it still leak when layed on its side now?


I’ll check.
I just rewicked again with more cotton, I was getting dry hits with the loose cotton. This time fairly tight inside the coils and trimmed at a angle towards the post, then I sweep it down and under( for lack of better words) and when you look at the wick it go’s from short cotton to long cotton starting at the end of the coil.


beerbg: I filled her up, turn upside down opened the juice flow turned right side up no leaks. And no more leaking when layed on it’s side.


Thank you. Where did you get yours from?