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Shipped on a Monday and in my mail box on Friday all the way from Hawaii.


The Boreas is hands down the best RTA I own. No leaks since I got it. But also and perhaps out of habit I have been filling upright but screwing down the top cap upside down. Of course AFC closed but in case you’re not familiar, this also is the juice flow control. Good luck killing you’re leaking problem. Hopefully you’ll discover like me the absolute joy of vaping this tank.


I have filled it 5 times or more since my last build and wick, no leaks at all. Now if I can only manage to do that on the next build, remains to be seen.:wink:


Mine arrives tomorrow!


You’ll like it. Solid well built tank.
Make sure you wash it before you use it, comes with some machine oil.


Tons of oil on it. All washed and working!


What do you think of it then?


I’ll let you know in a few hours :railway_track:


It was fine for a while then started leaking…

I’m going to re-wick it shortly with a lot more wick than i used the first time to see if that will stop it. Generally the tank seems good but it might not be something i’d take out and about due to the higher risk of leaking.


I’ve also got a Moradin RTA arriving tomorrow so i need to solve it before then!


Oh and a RX200S… Wifes gonna beat me senseless when she finds out :grimacing:


Your tank looks nice with the gold!! Wish I’d gotten one now.
It took me several try’s with the leaking issue’s. More wick material and close off juice flow and turn upside down befor you get the cap screwed on all the way then finish screwing the cap on while upside down.


Worth the beating :smile:


I’m still having leaking problems. It leaks even with the airflow closed. I checked the orings and I don’t see anything wrong with them.


I can’t remember which it was but I got an RDA once that had the wrong size o rings installed from the factory. The top cap was rather loose. Maybe you could try replacing the o rings to see if that fixes it. I’m not talking about the clear tank seals. Pieces with o rings (especially if dry) should fit tight enough to require a little pressure to press together.


Question I noticed large coil builds on the deck can it be built 2.5 or 3 mil center and enough cotton to wick properly I am in the market for new RTA Flavor is what I Chase it sounds like this just might be what I am looking for thanks


At this time I have dual coil single wire at 4mm ID 8 wraps with room to spare.


I get a little leakage when refilling but it go’s away in about 5 to 6 draws, Try taking your pointy tweasers and poking the cotton into the corners where the juice hole,s are and see if that helps. And I also dont have that much cotton under the coils.


Was messin around with the Boreas this weekend and wanted a tighter draw but with full juice flow, so I closed off all 4 holes half way and it gives tighter draw with almost full juice flow to the coils.


I ended up rebuilding it again and now no leaks. I think I filled it wrong. thanks