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Best Kayfun Clone


This was what I was afraid of hearing. I’m a lung hit vaper, so buyers remorse in this area was a big concern for me. Thanks for the opinion. :wink: and :pensive:


After watching pbasardo video he said how it was ruined because had too much airflow and needed restrictor included
I thought would be close to Griffin airflow not even half
But I have it rocking for the wife it is nic2 flavor


Yeah, it’s not as wide as many of us would have thought. It’s still a very pleasant vape. Atleast on the authentic. Been think about getting a clone to learn how to bore out the air flow more.


Good video on the K5… Check it out @Kinnikinnick



@DIYer_Straits check out this thread :+1:


@45_CALIBER_JUICES Check out the videos :+1:


@Rob62 thanks for sharing the link. I ordered the sjmy from 3fvape.
Now to order some wire, wick, ohm meter and some tools. Any recommendations? Cheers.


You are in the UK, right?
I don’t know vendors there, but others can help.
Oship [vendor] on ebay is good in the USA, but maybe Fasttech.com will work for wire…
For an ohm meter, I recommend a Coil-Master 521TAB coil-master.net


I like 316L SS wire and Ti wire for TC


BUT Shop around for the best price on the net :+1:


In the UK check out



Anyone needing wires in the uk can get a vast range from here :- http://www.wireandstuff.co.uk/products/Vaping-Wire.html
Best place I’ve found for consistently providing quality wires, well labled and also good for finer wires for the coil builders amongst us. :yum:


They had 10% off the entire weekend so i ordered some wire. I have heard that it is supposed to be super clean.


Yes it is clean. Very clean in fact, but i still clean my ti before i use it. The selection is amazing aswell. Top notch. :ok_hand:


Looking forward to see what the wire is like when it arrives. I saw some business in the US that imports wire from them just because it is so clean. :thumbsup:


Ok @ozo tell everyone what you think of the SJMY Kayfun 5 clone


I use them all the time. I was lucky enough to get pointed in their direction early on in my vaping career and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
I use alot of their 304 ss and ti. Great stuff :yum:


Must say they have decent prices as well so if i like what i have ordered now i most likely will order form them again. Haven’t tried TI yet so i have that to do as well but it have to wait until my next order.


I don’t have enough ink in this computer to fully explain this request, but I will make an age-related feeble attempt.

First, it’s a very elegant tank. The machining is top shelf. She is very simple and easy to use. Did I mention “elegant”?

After re-assembly for cleaning, not much to do but fill, vape, fill, etc.The build deck is not large, but it’s very easy to get the coil put evenly where and how you want it. I use a 3mm ID T1 titanium coil at .4ohm 470F on a iStick TC100W. It’s a cool vape with plenty of vapor and excellent flavor with DaMomma’s Hazelnut Cake [ @Alisa ]
No problem with a 6-7-8 second draw for DTL…chain vaping…

My first thoughts, after using chuff tips, wide bore, etc. on almost all my rotation tips…was this ain’t gonna work, it’s so tiny. I put some larger tips and it kinda worked, but it looked fugly. Put the OEM bambino back on…fukn works great !!!

Leaking? Leaking is nowhere to be found in her DNA. Did I mention her elegance?

She is tall and slim, with class. Reminds me of a girlfriend I had in college that had long beautiful legs that went all the way to heaven.

I am not sure how much more I wish to say, for fear of exposing my vulnerable side. My true love is a Velocity V2 on top of a DripBox 160W, but this SJMY Kayfun V5 is my new mistress, and have now found myself in a menage a trois nightly on my king select comfort bed. No foo-foo pillows, but silk sheets definitely.

I do give this SJMY Kayfun V5 two thumbs up…and a dew claw up…Teena is my office cat, and she approves also.

[I only made this post because @Rob62 kept kicking me in the shins with his cowboy boots to buy the Kayfun]


You certainly have a way with words OZO :stuck_out_tongue:


At my age, many(words) have been expelled across my tongue and spewed from my lips…
many not so desirable, yet many [I pray, most] are filled with love, and have power
to enter the soul, in which they were directed.
As I have no control over them after leaving my vain lips, I can only pray that a
simple emoticon will nurture them as the go forth on social media. [or that they have
been aimed at someone that already has some understanding of my failed attempt
at sarcasm.]
It is not like the old days, sitting on the porch, talking to someone…a neighbor on
their porch…
Today, the wrong word can trigger outright hate in an instant on social media…emoticon or not.
In one direction we are so blessed today with electronics, yet in the opposite direction we are fukd.