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Best Kayfun Clone


not to mention sarcasm can be missed entirely and meanings lost completely by the fact that we cant see each others facial expressions or even hear the tone of voice… cant count the number of times Ive been misunderstood in texts etc…


I couldnt agree with both of u more there! People seem very quick to jump to the wrong conclusions …or try to read btween lines when there’s nothin to read! …or fail to factor in the “fail” factor.

Speaking of misinterpretation… OZO, about an hr ago, your ‘way with words’ inspired me to drag my v4 clone out of moth-balls …actually, its been a most impressive paper weight on my desk …pretty much since i got it. I am now remembering why! I’m pulling my efing hair out right now trying to put a build on it. Hmm…yup…excellent paper weight me thinks! …whats worse is that I know that when I do get it built & juiced, its just gunna wheeze like a dyin mans last breath!
Alas, I’ll try and regain a positive mental attitude, coz u never know, maybe ive just been wicking it wrong in the past. But really, I think i misinterpreted the inspiration I received from you. I should’ve interpreted as… "No Peter… dont fuk wit da paper weight!!.. go get a SJMY 5! …& be happy!

BTW… G’day @ozo, I’m Peter. Pleasure to meet you. And @Anonymiss, a pleasure to meet you too …& thx for the ‘welcome back’ yesterday!


Thanks all for the recommendations.
Bought the SJMY kayfun 5 and some wire from the place @Pattie suggested.
Can anyone confirm if this MTL kit
will work with the SJMY Kayfun v5?


Yes I believe the mtl kit fits the sjmy clone.


Yeah But your Glad I talked you into the SJMY Kayfun 5 … LOL


Yes the M to L kit will work with the SJMY Kayfun 5


@Rob62 is the Kayfun guru…not I.
I almost bought the V3, but when the V4 came out all I read was it was junk…I agree, a pretty paperweight. The reviews of the V4 kept me from even considering the V5…but @Rob62 kept poking me with a sharp stick until he got some sense through my hard head, and I am tickled pink with happiness.

This SJMY V5 has seriously grabbed my interest…daily now, and I ordered another specifically for one of my other favorite ADV’s.

Hope to see you around often, Peter.


I would just like to give a mention to the kayfun v3 mini, i think that rta is underrated.
As you’s know i have the v5 (authentic) and a v3 mini (clone) and i get more flavour from the v3 mini than i do from the v5.
Anyone have the v3 mini? Your thoughts?
These are my mtl’s for the mornings,


@Rob62 does I’m sure…


I’m sure he’ll chime in soon. :yum:


I have the v5 and the mini v3 and I get the same flavor out of them both . The mini v3 is more for M to L because you can tighten the screw on the air flow . The v5 has more air flow but you can get the M to L kit . I never got the kit for the v5 because I like it at setting #3 . If I do M to L I use the mini v3 But Both are good :+1:


I did get the mtl kit for mine and i use the middle one and airflow on one dot. Just right for me. I have the same sort of draw on the mini.
A similar build on both and the mini wins for flavour but that ti build in the v5 outshines the mini. :thinking:


Yeah I have the Ti in the v5 and 316L in the mini v3 :sunglasses:


Even though i have them. i also still use my ubertoot. Great little atty. mtl or restricted dl, esay to build, easy to wick and good flavour. :yum:


Did you ever get a Squonker ? If I don’t have my k5 on the Vt133 in my hand then it’s the Dripbox 160 with the Tsunami 24 on it :+1: @ozo and I are loving the DB 160 in SS mode


Squonkers just do not appeal to me at all. I’ve had a go of a friends and i like to drip my liquid. My tsunami 24w i just use on my old rx200 , just use it for wattage now and the dna’s for tc.


Thanks for the info earlier on the mtl kit, much appreciated. I’ll have to get one.
So today I built a 26awg, ID 3.0mm, 8 wraps , got 0.88 ohm. I fired it up ranging from 17w stepping up to 19w. Good vapour and taste but I get sputtering sounds every drag and a very hot drip tip. What do I need to change to sort this? My liquid is pg / vg 30 / 70.


What Mod do you use with the K5 ? … I use 26g SS or Ti wire with 6 or 7 spaced wraps 3mm id


26g ss 8 wraps 316 on a 2.5mm id will give you about 0.5ohm, spaced is a great build for the v5. Lift the coil about 2 mm above the air hole and see if that helps. @DIYer_Straits


I think its called aspire Pegasus mini, runs on a Samsung 18650 25r battery.
It’s on regulated wattage mode.