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That’s great news. Hopefully MF is the next on the list lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LMAO! I love it!!!

When you just have to pimp your bump!!
When a simple bump just won’t do!


My original post was something like ASAQETRSIASIRHAS RBUUUUMMPPP but it wouldn’t let me because it wasn’t a sentence.






Because one little like and no what nots just doesn’t cut it!


Bump for our friends in Texas.


27 New Flavorah Flavors and Wonderflavors are now available!


I’ll start building my wishlist now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey Joe, just wanted to say thanks for adding the ability to edit/delete the original “Wish List”!!

I know I hit you up about it not long ago, but today was the first time I had peeked back in and saw that it had been implemented!!

Also noticed the holiday colors you’ve got going on! Another cute touch! Lol

Thanks for all you do!

PS: check your PM!


I was very excited yesterday when I discovered that I could not only have multiple wishlist, but choose which list an item went on. Having multiple lists but “add to wishlist” button only adding to the default list was pointless. Now today I made a wish list called favorites for the things I always get like AP and marshmallow, ect. it again doesn’t give me a choice, it just adds it to a list of it’s own choice.


Just verified this. In my case, it’s auto-adding (when I click “add to wishlist”) the flavor to the first wishlist (which, again, in my case, is the now renamed, but originally called My Wishlist.)

Also, the other thing is fixed! :wink:
Glad it was “easy”!


First, I’d like to say thank you @BullCityFlavors for the years of excellent customer service from those guys! I’ve spent staggering amounts of money with them and glad to give them every penny. Nothing but A++++ service since day one! Love the new vendors being added and am building my real flavors cache haha. There are a few flavourart concentrates I need to acquire elsewhere (croissant, pandoro, cream whipped, milk and butter) at the moment. Just curious if y’all intend to carry any of those eventually? Again, as always, thank you so much for your steadfast dedication to the DIYers across the globe!


Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately, we aren’t carrying kitchen line flavors at the moment since those flavors could be harmful. Though I’m not going to rule them out at this moment.


Understandable, thank u for the response! If by chance u do begin to carry them, I kno u will have good sales from them. There’s definitely quite a few of us on here that would support that! U guys r the best, we love u! Haha😊


I mostly lurk around here, but having just received my first Bull City order I just had to say, “Wow!” I placed my order on a Friday evening, and received it in Monday’s mail!
I also like that I could use Paypal. I know some posters would rather have the nicotine option, but every time I’ve used my card online outside of Paypal (3 times!) my account has been messed with and we’ve had to resolve those problems.
Also, I’ve been able to get a couple of flavors I couldn’t get on a lot of other sites.

I’m fairly new to DIYing, so I don’t have a lot of experience with many vendors, but I am so happy with Bull City that I’ve already placed another order. Thanks so much!!


Hangsen has some pretty good stuff, their creams are quite good. Info for your next order, hehe.

Personally i like the Paypal option too. For years i have built orders then went and put money on reloadable credit cards and used it all. Recently i found out that once you use these types of cards you cannot let it go dormant for more than 180 days. At that point they take $5/month off your balance until it is gone.

Paypal seems like the only option to me now.


I like that, cream whipped is fanfrackintastic!


I couldn’t agree more. I love being able to use PayPal. I just wish PayPal would support the vaping Industry. I know the tobacco deeming law is the main reason. If Bull City started selling nicotine I wonder is PayPal would pull away from them? Maybe one day the FDA will see the light. On the plus side vaping is becoming bigger. That will equal more money for lobbying for vaping. Sad, but money talks in politics. Votes and campaign contributions are more important than what is good.


They used to sell VT nic, if i remember correctly. Also, im not positive but i believe it was a state law or tax that caused them to pull nic sales.

I do know one company that sells nic via PP and that is Carolina Extract. Im not sure how but they have been doing it a few years now.