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Good point. I am in NC and you are probably correct on state laws or taxing. I order all my nic from Carolina Xtract. Awesome nic and PayPal to boot. The only thing I guessed is that their nic maybe has medical applications as they say on their website “PHARMACEUTICAL TARGETED” For any reason I hope it never changes. I am forever thankful that I am right down the road from them and Bull City.


Im glad im not and they should be too! :smile:


Their butter is the absolute best too, although I’ve ordered TPA a few times in a pinch just to order all from the same place. I reeeeeally hope they pick up at least FA Cream whipped and FA butter! @BullCityFlavors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just had a crazy idea. How about a 25% off sale one day coupon code SPOOKYELR for 10/31 @BullCityFlavors


Bull City Flavors ROCKS!!!
Love doing business with you and how fast you ship.
Thanks for being there.


Are you doing any special discounts for Veterans Day? How about 25% off? VET25 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Placed my first order with BCV this morning. Interested to compare shipping times of different companies. Got the free shipping.


It will probably go out today or tomorrow. Then it’s the good ol’usps from there.


Received full order today. Pretty quick shipping, very nice bottles. Only negative is they only shipped 3 tips for about 10 bottles I ordered.


@BullCityFlavors so whats this VT flavors i see under new arrivals?



Nm. It must be Vape Train from australia. Funny i only heard of them yesterday when @Benoz suggested i try Jam It for adding a jam taste. Well, thats my first request from the VT line, lol


Posted at the same time i guess, but thanks!


I got there sample pack, sour mate, fizzy sherbet, jam it and have been testing them out the standouts so far have been strawberry milk, green apple, sour lemon will do a full report in a few weeks.


I forgot a couple of staples with my last order. I swear I placed an order Saturday, earliest in Friday. It came in yesterday evening. THAT’s QUICK. I paid for standard shipping.


Has BCF got a coupon code, I need some Flavors!!!


ELRECIPES = 6% off ?


@BullCityFlavors hey. Just wanted to know if youre going to carry Graham Cracker (Super Concentrate) by Real Flavors . Its a great flavor, wish ya had it so i didnt have to pay more for it elsewhere, heh


Real Flavors has stopped selling directly to retail customers so it’s an especially opportune time to expand the number of flavors you’re carrying. I’ve written to customer service a few times and mentioned it here a few times, asking if you could carry a few of the flavors you’re missing. Honeydew, Orange Cream and Spearmint are the ones I’m most in need of but other people have mentioned needing other flavors. No one from customer service has ever gotten back to me. :frowning:


Just in case people have not seen it. With fast shipping times and consistent pricing I’ll shop here every time.