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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


Thanks for the tip!



I built these Staple Staggertons for The TM24 PRO which should be here any day. Twisted Messed had them on sale for 20 bones so I really did barrow the cash for this one. I couldn’t help myself because I am such a cheap skate and broke to boot, I never would have paid full price for it even if I had the cash.

Anywho, when it gets here I’ll post a pic of them sitting on the TM241 PRO!! Specs to come



Now THIS is a macro coil. Little unsure of what batteries one should use with it though…


You might have to talk to tesla for one of thiers :slight_smile:


Only if Tesla didnt work with super high voltage and super low current :slight_smile:


So you say you cannot make a braid, but you can produce something like this?
IMO a braid is a hell of a lot easier to make… very nicely done!


Thanks man


Well some people have easier times with things that are not declared “easy” others can’t do that at all. At least from my experience, I’ve tried so many times a staggered fused clapton, because it apparently falls under the category of simple/beginner.

I just can’t do it, then alien and helix I can do without even paying attention, even so it’s not simple or beginner lol.

It’s the dumbest thing ever, I gave up on that stupid staggered, my flavor is better from the other ones anyways, but it does irritate me that I can’t get something simple to work. In this case I can see why this might be easier than the braid (still haven’t tried braiding but on my list) Good job on the staggertons, Dan :slight_smile:


Thank you my dear.

ya, with the braids my hands cramp up and it is extremely painful.

So what part do you have trouble with? I would hazard a guess and say spacing. If so, I have a little tool that helps with that. The thing is awesome! As a matter of fact, I will be posting a video, showing how to use it within the next couple days.


I’ve seen a couple of those vids already. Most skip the details about the tool they use or have bad close-ups so it’s hard to see what they do / how they achieve their results. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it :wink:


I know right? That is funny because I have already made 3 vids. or I should say “tried” to make 3 videos. I have to get the camera angle right and I’m right handed and and and. I even tried to get my nephew to hold the camera but that didn’t work either.

Anywho, when I finish it I will post it in this thread.


Well that’s my new problem lol.

At the beginning my problem was that my wires were too small to stay in the chuck and swivels, even hand drill didn’t work, neither did tape/glue and all that stuff lol. Finally got that too work.

Spacing, I get it done with higher gauges (24,26) but the moment I try smaller gauges (28,30,32) there’s no hope for it. It either won’t stay in place, twists all up or actually bunches all together. I tried a couple methods and items people seem to prefer. I just haven’t bought a specific tool for it yet.

Definitely looking forward to your video, I am always happy to experiment and trying out different methods etc.


Second attempt at coil building, this time an alien. Can’t be happier with the results
3x28 core with 34 wrap

I did mess it up but who cares at this stage


Producing this quality on your first coils :astonished: you have natural talent!


@adary It looks like it has a Golden Hue color. Is that the wire? or lighting? or image processing?


Light in this case. The wire is ss316L and i took the photo with max zoom on my phone.no post processing on this one :slight_smile:


Very cool. Like your website Sir. :slight_smile:


You will be a pro in no time


Second attempt. This time 34 over 26