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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


Previous shots I’ve taken in the old thread were mainly taken using a clip on macro for my phone.

This picture for example was using a 34mm macro clip on that had a removable 34mm lense to reveal a macro lense underneath.

But other pictures were using the cheap clip on macro’s £3/$5


I can tell you put alot of effort in mate well done :tada:


The last bit of wire sent to me by @Dan_the_Man I figure go big or go home lol so here is a 2x26/36 Clapton made from SS316L, 4mm ID either a 5/6 or 6/7 Wrap can’t remember


Dude… Those shots are absolutely gorgeous. Nicely done!!!

yours too @Fishaddict420 :sunglasses::+1:


@Sprkslfly I am sending this with the other thing. I also have one that isn’t coiled, if you want to coil it yourself.

Stainless steel 26g core fused with 36g SS


The colours as my little cuz would say are on point :star_struck:


Sounds cool man! Much appreciated! :thumbsup:

How come yours look cooler than mine? =P :rofl:


9 loop unconventional braid


That is gorgeous! What kind of wire and what does that coil ohm out at?


This was with 32g nichrome 80 cant remember ohms think it was .17 3mm id 5 wraps single coil have used it once and was a great vape. Been stuck on my fishtail braids for vaping as they seem to be the best so far


Oh crap, I just popped my cookies. I feel like Im looking at a Porsche in a bikini doing a lap dance… Or something! I’ts quite a craft to make twisted metal look HOT! Well done and thanks for sharing.


I felt like creating a coil that could give Satan a sunburn, so here ya go my fellow metal heads, a chain link coil made from 28g SS316L claptoned in 36g SS316L, and then flattened for even more surface area. Single coil 5/6 wrap on a 4mm post, barely fit in the tsunami, and yes the top cap fit lol but after 3 hits idk if my drip tip will unscrew ever again…


Bump… This used to a very active thread. I really liked seeing those amazing builds… Where’s @Jondamon


24g kanthal core/ wrapped with 40g Kanthal .27 ohms


Looks awesome sitting in the Recurve deck.


I got crafty and busted out my wifes camera, I might have to encourage her to buy a macro lense :grinning:

This is my first attempt at coil porn, only a touch of digital enhancements, I promise.

The coil is a SS clapton plat, 3 strands of 26 with 32 wrap.


I like building with 38g and 40g I think the claptons look real sharp, but I noticed that they get guncked up real quick. So I have been using 32 - 36 gauge.


Not showing off really and not particularly difficult to build… it’s a quadruple twisted 4XAWG34 Ni80, but it works well, it’s fast and cloudy! Half an hour work with wires just lying there doing nothing… :+1::rofl:


I dont know why i did it to my self but i did a 5 loop braid out of 36g ni80 then claptoned it on 28g ss and paralleled it with a 9 loop braid out of 36g ni80
She very low at .08ohm and can only be run in a duel battery mod with good batts.


How’s the vaping experience with such coil pr0n? Don’t you have to juice that up really well for a reasonable vape?
Looks pretty cool though