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Coil Building Show Offs (Part II)


Its actually amazing man great flavor but a bit hot after a few pulls braids imo all ways pull the best flavor once you work out the hot spots there is zero spit back i have done others that honestly looked good but were a crap vape but never really had this problem with braids


Sorry man thought you were talking to me my bad


No worries man, your coil is pretty awesome as well and I don’t imagine any problems using that. It’s really Cooper’s coil that looks to me like some wire may get dry-burned while the inner part may sit in juice


Yer i could see some serious spit back but pretty colours :star_struck:


Nice build, bet it needs some real power!


yep she has been draining my batteries too quick went back to my fish tails and stapled fused claptons lol :crazy_face:


I’ve been making such amazing beautiful braids. My drill is packed up but I can make just about anything. I haven’t made any stitched or mohawk builds because I don’t like spaced builds, but I know I can.

The best single coil build to me is a framed staple. I don’t go all huge, infact it’s just barely bigger than a fused Clapton. I use 40g and up. I think that 40 is perfect. Anything higher is hard to work with and have less that half the life of 40 because I can’t stand broken strands and popped wrap wire.

I Vape aliens here and there but truthfully think that a 4x.4 framed, wrapped with 40 is about perfect. Fraliens are wonderful too.

Celtic 7 and 8 loop braids are a close second. There not as warm, but there killer ramp up makes all the difference.


To all the coil builders that sell, where is a good place to start selling my stuff? I literally make such good braid. 8 loops, slentre, pretty much any braid I can tackle and with beautiful results.

Like previously mentioned, I’m a coil connisuear. I have researched and practiced my butt of. I have tried so many coils and can tell you that braid is the most finicky of all builds. You have to nail it.
Anyway, when I get done moving and going through this crap with my current place, I’ll be set up for fused builds, braid builds, and everything in between. I can knock out braids right now


Some reason it takes a calendar year to upload any photos on here. This was a good 7 loop full celtic


Yup, that coil did look cool and I was very happy with the pic.

They say that beauty is more than skin keep and that was one ugly coil on the inside. I didn’t play with it for long but I do remember repelling in horror when I puffed on it. It really did taste that bad and I didn’t bother trying to re-wick or solve the problem, just walked away with my pic. :smile:


Thats why i like them to


It was a sic pic tho


It takes some… pulsing to get the colors out… :+1:



Chunky motha fucka


That’s a beaut!


Very first attempt at a braid… 7 loop celtic in 32g SS316

not even sure if i’ve done it right lol

Anybody know how to estimate resistance for this on steam-engine.org?


Looks good! I think you’ll get close on steam engine if you set it as twisted with 14 wires.


It wasn’t quite the same… according to SE, I should have around 0.10Ω but it comes out to about 0.16Ω


Good to know! I suppose it’s better to end up a little on the high side than too low though.